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  1. We had a short discussion about Bitter Melon once in this forum... I have no idea where it is buried... I haven't eaten this in a long time and wonder if I am "old enough" or more euphemistically put, my palate is now sophisticated enough to enjoy this. I did hate it as a child. Someone told me to soak it in saltwater to remove some of the bitterness? I think someone else told me soak it in milk? Has anyone ever done this? As a good okinawan girl, we make goya champuru... which is stir fried tofu, pork - bacon, and bitter melon.
  2. Akiko


    Am going home to make zaru soba ... don't have any tororo so will miss that... but in my desire to jazz it up, I will be setting out nori, sliced egg, wasabi, sesame, and some tuna... kind of hiyashi chuka meets zaru soba I'm rather excited, haven't had either in a long time
  3. Pinga, that sounds lovely, what went into the gazpacho?
  4. The sushi place in Ealing is called Sushi Hiro... I have heard that it is the ONLY place in London to get good sushi... but alas, I still can't fit its strange hours into my schedule and have yet to go. But they will probably do a sushi or sashimi platter for you to take away if you call and order in advance.
  5. Adam, We're not staying there... I like spas so we are staying at the royal crescent in bath But I also like mythology and folklore so we're taking daytrips to Glastonbury and go to Stonehenge on the way home.... we plan to walk up the tor, stroll at the Chalice Well, and go to the Abbey... anything else you think I should see? so far we have Moody Goose, Rajpoot, and pizza on our itinerary.. I don't like caves but I do like the sound of Wookey hole inn so we'll try and swing by for a meal!
  6. Akiko


    Tokaris? Baby star ramen on okonomiyaki or maki? Is this ramen noodles? What do you mean? This reminds me, Tommy, if you like crunchy asian salads. Have you ever had red cabbage ramen salad?
  7. Akiko


    I could see why you might do this.. add an additional very contrasting texture. Especially if you were to say, add panko to poke... OOOH! Thanks Tommy, I'm going to try this. Or if you were to add it to your maki you could come up with several lovely rolls... similar textures to French roll (shrimp tempura maki) or spider rolls (soft shell crab maki) I'll let you know how it comes out!
  8. Just finished "Orix and Crake" the new Margaret Atwood book. It's really really good, if you like her writing, this is the best science fiction that she's done. She creates this world where they've done a lot of genetic food modifications... they have this fast food called "chickie nubs"... ooh, made me shudder every time they were eating them.
  9. I've been holding off responding because I wanted to think about this but I find that by the time I get around to thinking about it again, I've forgotten the ones that originally came to mind... so I might end up posting more than once.... Best Dim Sum - Hakkasan (thank you Simon you were very right about this, although Chris thinks the place is too clean and hip to be considered dim sum) Best meatastic meal - BoDeans Best absolutely great food - New Tayveb Most overrated restaurant - Petrus Best Foie Gras - Club Gascon Best dinner for two - Clark's Best lunching for business or nice lunch with the girls - Foliage Best place to pretend you are having a 3-hour lunch in Paris - The Capitol Best place to have sushi - unfortunately, I'm still looking Best restaurant that you can always get a seat at - Mju (it really boggles my mind that it doesn't do better than it does) Best finds at Borough Market - treacle and or honey bacon at the Ginger Pig, belly tuna (in the red box) - that olive oil (thankyou MissJ and John for the rec) - rosemary manchego - serrano ham bones to make stock out of from the Spanish place, tomatoes from the isle of wight, comte cheese, the new butter seller next to turnips, the tortilla chips from the chile guy, and the fact that besides the other wonderful things that the mushroom place sells - they also have things they keep in the refrigerator and if you can't find what you need all you have to do is ask and they magically bring your request to you... I was really happy the other week to find that they had bean sprouts.
  10. I'm very excited about the pizzeria... we will definitely find that, I'm always hoping to find good pizza in the UK. Is Rajpoot better than the Indian restaurants in London? And, Paul, what do you mean Moody Goose is more adventurous? Creative in their food? Or an adventure as to what you might get?
  11. We are heading off to spend a long weekend in Bath a few weeks from now... and then hop over to Glastonbury while we're in the area, as I've never been there. Does anyone have any eating suggestions, restaurants or local products? Of course, I've heard Cheddar is not far away, which makes me laugh because a few years ago in America there was this Wendy's commercial where they interviewed the residents of Cheddar on how they felt about Cheddar! (this was to market their new cheddar burger)... it was very funny, anyone else see it?
  12. You can eat persimmon skin? I had no idea... does it taste good?
  13. I tried to make dolsot bibimbap on my electric stove (no gas burners in my building), and my bowls developed huge cracks... no longer usable as they leak water.. So maybe that is why you need the flame tamer...
  14. OOh, Am going to go this weekend so I'll let you know if the food's any different... (I'm going for lunch so we'll see)
  15. And does anyone have the cookbook? What do you think of it?
  16. HEY! There's a lot to be said for a good grilled cheese sandwich... Thanks Scott, I know better now about eating at Hush...
  17. Akiko

    Jewel Bako

    I have been on a crazy business trip and haven't been able to check the boards or post... I'm in egullet deprivation but I did want to log on and quickly write... we were at Jewel Bako a week or so ago and I hadn't been following this thread so was surprised to find Kazu gone... I remember Tatsuya as Kazu's number two. The meal was still wonderful, Tatsuya takes a different creative direction than I think Kazu did and I need to go back a few times before I make more of a commentary... but Kazu seems to be more experienced as well as more "old school" although definitely not traditional... I mean old school in a good way. But what I'm dieing to know is WHERE IS KAZU?? If he is still to be found in NYC... then there is another place to get excellent sushi outside of jewel bako and sushi yasuda....
  18. They give you takuan with your chirashi? it's pickled daikon... and I love it, but no one gives me any takuan with my chirashi I don't know why... but my grandmother as well as most of my hawaiian side of the family calls this co co
  19. Kanisu and takosu. Any good recipes/quantities out there for your sunomono?
  20. Locanda Locatelli had it in normal sized bottles....I shudder to think what it costs if the 100 ml is 50 euros
  21. Thanks to the generosity of another egulleter I got to go to dinner at Locanda Locatelli last Friday. The space is beautiful, but I really love modern romantic... clean lines, dimly lit, lots of candles and flowers, beautiful cracked glass and lit up reception desk... Giorgio was there being very friendly, coming in and out of the kitchen making sure people were enjoying their food. But while the food is the best Italian I've had in London (I haven't had that much italian in London though) I'm not sure it deserves all the hype. I'm sure if I wasn't expecting the best Italian meal outside of Italy, I would have been more impressed but... my expectations ruin a lot of meals for me... We started with a courgette salad and a fennel salad with wind dried roe. They were both excellent. The fennel had been marinated in wonderful olive oil and that wind dried roe was so flavourful. And the bread basket was also excellent with more great olive oil, I didn't get to spy what kind they use... the waiter kept the label facing away! Probably not on purpose, my bad luck, i just should have asked. I wasn't hungry enough for a pasta course and a main so we split a pasta and shared the steak that everyone raves about. Pasta was homemade tagliatelle with goat kid ragu... it was just okay. Steak... I have to admit, the texture was like nothing I've ever tasted (and I've had kobe beef.. texture is not like this). It was like butter.. they had marinated a very tender steak in more wonderful olive oil... however, I'm from the midwest, I like my beef flavourfully tasting like beef. And this tasted more of olive oil than anything else. Too much of the wonderful bread we couldn't manage dessert. But they use a lot of something called... Amedei chocolate? Is that right? Does anyone know anything about this? The meal was not expensive, I'd go back for more vegetables and to try their fish and other meat, for the beautiful space and wine. But for the best Italian meal of this type?.... go to New York and eat at Babbo's.
  22. I love tatsuta age, does the egg white make it even crispier?
  23. It amazes me how many different ways to do this.... I've never had a recipe but have thrown things into the marinade as I please.. but after having, too salty, too strong soy taste, too sweet... I've started to watch my quantities to tweak to taste. The best teriyaki sauce I've ever had was at my local japanese restaurant where I grew up (long gone). But I generally put in soy sauce (regular) sake sugar ginger garlic green onions, and sprinkle sesame seeds in the end. Sometimes chillis go in if I'm in the mood for heat. I just read the masterchef recipe which is equal soy, mirin, sake, a little sugar... and that is it. I can't imagine teriyaki sauce without a little ginger. How do you make yours?
  24. Does Bombay Brasserie have a private room? I sort of remember dining in a room off the main room that looked like it could be closed off... Akiko
  25. I'll let you in on the secret (although its probably not really a secret, it may have even been mentioned here before), I haven't tried this yet, but the PA's in my office say that what works for them is to fax a reservation request on company letterhead. And then locanda locatelli calls them back! try it! Akiko
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