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  1. Has anyone been recently? I'm going to be there soon. I've done a bit of research and while Verre sounds interesting, I live in London and spend lots of time in Western Europe where I can get this kind of food at a very high quality so am not that interested. There were a few places recommended to me - Chandelier, Fakhreldine (the original is here in London but I'm wondering if access to materials for mid-east cuisine is better in Dubai so am thinking of checking it out) and a few other persian restaurants... and the restaurant in the Royal Mirage, the name is escaping me. Would love reccomendations as well as advice about the spice souk?
  2. Not quite on topic but almost so - One Aldwych here in London makes a cocktail called Hello Kitty. Its made with Vanilla vodka and strawberry puree with a bit of black raspberry liqueur. I had to have it just for the name.
  3. Sackville, I tried it, this is lovely. There are probably a million versions on this you could do - stir fry in yuzu pepper paste for a different Japanese take. stir fry in ground fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin for an indian version stir fry in mexican oregano, bit of mexican chocolate powder and some ancho chili powder for a mexican version. you get the idea!
  4. Thats exactly what I do. Shio momi, boil, resalt and squeeze lime on. Still in the pods for me.
  5. Sackville that does look great: What did you do? Shell, toss with ingredients, and then roast in the oven? At what temp and how long may I ask?
  6. I had no idea, I might have to try that. I would trust a place like Divertimenti... and no, I'm not sure I'd trust my local butcher even though they have amazing meat and their knives always do an amazing job cutting... what they are cutting with are a far cry from Globals.
  7. Akiko

    Raw Green Mangoes

    I didn't realize you cook the mango for mango pickle! I'm loving this thread. I love mangos, pickles, and this type of condiment.
  8. Patti, that looks pretty good to me too. What was it you didn't like? Was the skin crisp? What temp did you fry them at? Is it the meat itself that you had a problem with? I posted a "chinese" version of fried chicken earlier in the thread. There is no breading but it is crisp and flavorful all the way through. I think the trick is you lightly poach (similar to Jinmyo's version on her "perfect fried chicken" thread. I did just an asian broth but I'd bet the buttermilk version that Jin uses would be great. Then leave air drying in the fridge over night (or two) to completely dry the skin. Its then pan fried or deep fried at a very high temp but only until you see the skin turn golden. Crisp skin, succulent meat. You can season it with sea salt and cayenne mix or roasted chili powder and sea salt, I'll bet it'd be delicious. I like the asian versions with szechuan peppercorns and salt or a dressing of black vinegar, ginger, green onions, sesame oil.
  9. Akiko

    Raw Green Mangoes

    What is mango kuchela. What do you do with this? Is it a chutney? And if anyone has a mango pickle recipe, I'd love to make this.
  10. There are so many different and delicious ways to do fried chicken! One of my favorite things to eat. I did one last week Chinese style. Gently poach a whole chicken in water with aromatics. Mine was asian style so I added - Shao Hsing, green onions, garlic, and ginger. Air dry overnight in the refrigerator (or even two nights). This step is very necessary for crisp skin. Cut chicken in half up the breastbone and backbone. Deep fry breast side down in very hot oil (I used peanut). Turn over once the breast side is golden and fry the other side. this is delicious sprinkled with szechuan peppercorn salt and some cilantro.
  11. Akiko

    Mos Burger

    I know, I love this sauce. Mos Burger and fries from First Kitchen are just about the only fast food I miss from Japan. In fact, its the only fast food I miss from anywhere in the world (except for papaya king hotdogs in NY and hotdogs in Chicago). Its funny, I'm looking forward to getting to eat at these two places (we're coming to visit this spring) as much as our high end dining!
  12. Butter and shoyu is such a good combination for all kinds of things - mochi, rice (I especially like butter-garlic-shoyu fried rice), mushrooms, etc. I also like the hawaiian way of popcorn with okaki and furikake.
  13. I completely agree. I made this last night for a first course. It is too sweet and there is too much of it for such a rich soup. Plus, its time consuming for the standard of result. If I do this again, I will leave out the honey... or maybe add something spicy.... like sizzle the veg with red curry paste before I add the stock.
  14. Kiem, I love spam musubi. There is a great book that outlines the food cultures of Hawaii and how they fused together called "Foods of Paradise". Spam Musubi is definitely Hawaiian. Have you ever had spam and pickle (regular cucumber pickles) musubi? Its such a good combination.
  15. I can't remember what it is called, but there is one on the corner where the street to the tube and the main high street (where the big grocery shops are) in Southall that is a good bet. The interior of the place has large brass elephants and is wonderfully over the top. There is also a sign that says they accept Rupees! The drinks were good and although we didn't eat, there was a group of indian men eating what smelled like wonderful food. If we hadn't just had a huge meal at Gifto's, I would have ordered something.
  16. kguetzow, The same person who recommended vignettes to me said there is a "bible" published in Korean. Its several volumes long and comes in a series of ringbinders. There are step by step pictures and he insists that I'll be able to figure it out (I don't speak or read Korean) from the pictures, but I don't believe him. It would just take too much effort to figure out what the ingredients and measurements are. But if you read Korean, I can easily find out the name. Do you already know the series? I don't think Dok Suni's recipes are good at all.... too basic, flavors not pronounced,it just doesn't deliver the wow.
  17. Has anyone ever tried Turtle? I'm curious to know how it tastes and why it is considered a delicacy. There is a restaurant in Kyoto called Daiichi that I've heard good things about, but with the courses starting at 2 man 2 sen yen I want to know what I'm getting myself in for!
  18. Hiroyuki-san, I have been recently using the yuzu koshou that comes in the tube. The one that is a paste form. I love it. My favorite new use is to pan steam broccoli, add zest of one lemon, squeeze some yuzu koshou onto the broccoli and then toss to coat evenly. cho oishii!
  19. Thanks, I had no idea what I grew up eating could have been two different fish called by the same name. I'm going to have to get a bunch and see if there is a difference in taste
  20. Okay, wait a minute. We're talking about Niboshi here which I've always thought were Dried Sardines? And that link is for Anchovies... Sardines and Anchovies... two different fish, yes? Or am I being completely stupid and Anchovies are actually a form of Sardine? Not that you couldn't use that recipe for all kinds of dried fish... I'm just curious about the differences between sardines and anchovies.
  21. Thank you! I'm going to try this. I'll let you know how well it works.
  22. Akiko


    Hiroyuki, that picture is making my mouth water. I usually don't like Natto mixed with anything but the karashi and tare that comes in the packet, add green onions and a steaming bowl of gohan on the side, but that looks incredible. I'll have one without the shirasu please.
  23. You are right, my calendar is wrong. I just consulted the internet and Winter solstice supposedly occurs at 4:42 PST am on the 21st. so for most of the world that is the 21st! I love hoshi imo. Does anyone know how you could do this yourself? Hoshi Imo is not sold outside of Japan (at least, I haven't found it yet), but sweet potato is. I'd like to try and do it...
  24. Oh, yes, I know. My wife has made a sponge cake in a rice cooker only once. It was more like mushi pan (streamed bun)... ← I love mushi pan! Could I use a mushi pan batter and my rice cooker to make mushi pan? I've never tried to do it before but this sounds like a great new use for my rice cooker...
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