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  1. no no! but on a chicago dog, ketchup would be as much a sacrilege on your sausage as what you're suggesting above! Even ketchup that has curry powder in it! hmmm, I went to hasir (that is what its called isn't it?) and no pita or naan type flatbread... just lots of meat and veg. I missed the bread... but that "turkish pizza" is sounding lovely.
  2. Can anyone tell me more about this? Exactly what is lahmacun? Monsieur Vuong is good, very fresh vietnamese... but yes, there were four things on the menu the last time I was there. Two of which they had already sold out of! I think the place we went to for currywurst is Fritz & Co outside of KaDeWe, nice. But being from Chicago, I wanted my currywurst in a bun. I'll have to go to Konnopkes this time around, thank you for mentioning it! Similarly, I wanted my doner kebab in a pita bread... Does anyone know of a good stand where they do this "street style" and give you naan or pita to wrap your meat in? And separately are most of the doner kebab places the same? Or are there a few that standout? I'll be there in a few weeks too. We missed Lutter & Wegner on our last trip and I've been wanting to go. Is it good? Or just well known? But I will definitely go to Monsieur Vuong and have to have a currywurst as well as a doner kebab, leisurely cafe at Cafe Einstein, and the chance to buy Dolphin masala chocolate at KaDeWe.
  3. Hiroyuki-san, we get these in London and I always assumed that they were part of the nameko family because of the sticky quality of the caps (especially once they are cooked). the ones you find here are not shaped with the flat cap like the ones in the pictures from your link, but much more like the classic rounded cap as a shimeji or almost like the nameko's. funny that they are not related...
  4. I don't know how things are in England, but in the United States you would likely hear people say, "Coffee jelly? What's that?". Most Americans just aren't familiar with it yet. ← I have never seen it here in the UK. Hiroyuki, thank you so much for posting that ratio - 10g to 500ml. I'm going to use that and 500 ml of espresso blend coffee and see how it goes. Is coffee jelly usually made with gelatin? Not kanten? Its been so long, I can't remember whether the texture was that smooth glassy texture that you get with Kanten or wobblier gelatine jelly. My in-laws are coming over for lunch and they've never been to Japan, the only Japanese food they ever eat is when I make it for them so I'm curious as to how it'll be received!
  5. Forgive me if we discussed this and its buried somewhere in the topics... I can't find anything on it. This is one of my favorite desserts so I was really surprised to find that I don't have a recipe for it. I love cohee zeri, especially the one with a bit of cream on top. Does anyone have a recipe they could share with me?
  6. This is not really a where do I get, although that information would be useful as a second step! I wondered if any Uk-ers owned an electric deep fryer that they would recommend? I've been looking for one but quality seems to vary so much, I'd really appreciate a personal recommendation. Thank you!
  7. gyoza stadium in ikebukuro? (was that what the place was called?) in my opinion was terrible.
  8. Austin, are you talking about Denpasar night market?
  9. Robert, if not a comprehensive post before thursday night, can you just tell me thumbs up or down? I have a reservation for this weekend and have heard such mixed things... Its too expensive a meal to have and get something mediocre. And even more to the point, when you only have a few meals in milan, you don't want to waste one! Very much appreciated!
  10. I should have done my research earlier! They are booked solid but we're on the waiting list and I have my fingers crossed. Has anyone been to Cracco Peck for a meal recently?
  11. Yes, I've had pork versions of sate lilit, as well as chicken.
  12. Did you ever post about your meal here? I can't find it! If not, would you say that its a must meal if we are in the area? Is it easily driven to or easy to take the train there? Thanks in advance!
  13. dried sweet potato , freshly shaved bonito (it makes such a difference), a few bottles of great soy sauce (we just don't get the selection outside of japan), meltykiss (which I had a really hard time finding on my last trip, has this gone off the market?), Hoba miso... I could easily pack a suitcase or two of food stuff if I could get away with the weight limit!
  14. Akiko


    My mom's best friend shared with me a recipe for goya salad that has become a staple in our house. one bittermelon sliced in half lengthwise and then sliced very thinly into half moons (like torakris's picture of the white goya above). Salt and leave to drain while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. Carrot julienned and drain a tin of the best canned tuna you have. Squeeze the excess water out of the bittermelon. Arrange the carrot and tuna on top, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and pour some chuka dressing over. Its delicious and very addictive.
  15. ingbakko, you didn't have an off day, I agree with you on what you said about retro, I had previously said this Although I'm sad to hear you say it, I had been hoping the cuisine would progress more. There's a lot of ambition in those dishes but food quality and again, his technique, its just not there yet. The place I still crave, is Chandelier I'd love to go back and eat some more mezze and have a fresh juice, or two, or three.
  16. When I was in Japan in the spring, the soup making store sold me some little square sheets of what she said would turn into tororo if I put it in my miso soup. Have you seen this? Is it basically freeze dried tororo? Can I put it in cold soba tsuyu and will it still turn out okay or does it have to be hot?
  17. Okay, I could be biased about returning here for Sheesha, it was incredibly hot the night I was there and I felt ill after smoking sheesha (for the first time, I really enjoy water pipes usually). Is it true that one sheesha is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a tidbit that I overheard the table next to me saying. I really have a hard time believing this, sheesha seem so light... like inhaling flavoured air.
  18. If you haven't been to Chandelier yet, GO. Not only are the meze great (grill is decent but not as good as the mezze). This is a highly enjoyable place to have sheesh (they don't didn't do the apple thing when I was there but had a good hubble bubble list!) and just chill out watching the lebanese and arabic people hanging out. Besides, there is a very interesting fountain (think mini bellagio ). Lovely way to spend the evening. I wouldn't recommend anyone go to Fatafeet for any reason.
  19. Arbuclo, I have a huge belated thanks to give you as your information helped me to enjoy Dubai so much more than I would have. We went here on our first night and completely idiotic of me, I left my notes in the hotel. I have pictures of every dish we ate but no longer much of an idea as to what those dishes were called, so I'm not going to post them. I was shocked to see that it was Stephane helming the kitchen. My husband and I know him from NY when he opened a restaurant called Suba. Retro takes him one step farther in ability and ambition. We enjoyed it, but I still don't think Stephane is at the top of his game. I think he's got great potential and he's being very innovative but the quality of the food and/or his technique is not there yet. I don't mean to be negative, I agree with everyone else, its definitely one of the best restaurants in Dubai. My favorite meal of the trip was at Chandelier, I'd eat there again and again if I were living there. I really enjoyed it, not just the wonderful food but the atmosphere, people, service, and of course their luscious juices and the sheesh. Exactly the kind of meal I wanted to eat in Dubai. We went to Fatafeet which I actually found to be mediocre to poor. And had a lovely Persian meal at... darn it, those notes were so important to my memory! In one of the hotels there is an upscale Persian restaurant.... I think it was in the Hyatt? Arbuclo or Chef's Office if you happen to have the menu from May and can post it here, I'll use that as my reference and post pics of all the dishes. Other than that I can only apologize for my faulty memory. When I come again I'm going to seek out more Lebanese and Persian! I did come back with a load of spices -sumak, zaatar, lemon powder, etc. Still not sure what to do with the sumak! Except eat it straight, I love the sour tang. And soon I intend to try my hand at yoghurt making.
  20. Akiko


    I don't know if I've said this before... but I used to fry natto on a yakiniku grill (on the portable gas burner) with small pieces of bacon. The flavor is lovely, you get some nice charring all around. But the smell is horrific. I did this in the days when I was single. My husband would never let me do this now.... He doesn't even like to kiss me after I've eaten natto
  21. I picked some of these up when I was in Japan in march and they are very good indeed. I gave them as omiyage to some friends here in London and everyone is craving more.... If I could find a way to buy these from a website that sends them overseas, I'd buy a bunch!
  22. I'd have to agree, I'd do Pearl, especially if it is not on your expenses! It makes for a great business lunch. If you decide to go to Matsuri, unless you are a fan of Teppanyaki, I'd suggest sitting in the Dining Room. It might just be me, but I am not a fan of Teppanyaki in restaurants, I just don't get it, I consider that kind of thing home cooking. They do good tempura, excellent katsuage, and very decent sushi. You can make a good meal coursing out different types of food. Don't get the pickles though... very average.
  23. Arbuclo I'm not in Dubai for very long! My husband does a lot of consulting in Dubai and is always back and forth. I decided that since this particular consulting assignment takes him over the weekend, I should get to go too. Your recommendations are already too many for me to get to in my short 3 days. But since hubby is there at least 4 times a year and thinking of opening an office there, I'm sure this will not be my last visit. I have in the recent past been completely fascinated by Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, French, British, Chinese/Sichuan, Mexican, Hawaiian, Indian, and my native Japan's cuisine but Middle Eastern is completely new territory for me. I'm fascinated by the spices, laban, and the other things that were on your food blog and things that I'm stumbling across in my research on Dubai. I have a feeling this is the start of a new love affair... and I already have too many spices and cuisines than there is time to cook in a year! We're staying at the One and Only Royal Mirage and I'm looking forward to just walking around that place and being on the beach (has been dreary and rainy in London recently). Is it already too hot?
  24. I just printed out your entire foodblog on here. I had no idea, and its the best guide to Dubai that I've seen yet. The only book-guide I could find was the Lonely Planet one. I've actually been surprised at how little information I've found about the city when its such a big tourist destination. Arbuclo, that meal at Retro sounds amazing. I didn't think I wanted to eat anything like that in Dubai since there is so much of that creative food going on here in London and Paris and New York, all cities I'm in a lot for work. But I just might have to have a meal here. In fact, I just asked my husband to make a reservation. Middle Eastern food is the type of food I'm least knowledgeable about. What is Zaatar? My husband is in the hotel industry which is why he's so often in Dubai but he spends all his time in hotels and really knew nothing about the food scene outside of where he goes for meetings. He hasn't been very impressed by the inside of the Burj, he says its much better to look at it than be in it. Do you think its incredible on the inside? I wasn't planning on going in.... I heard that you have to buy an entrance ticket? Arbuclo, thank you so much for the information, its going to make my trip so much richer.
  25. Arbuclo, that sounds lovely. What kind of food is it? Thank you for the other suggestions, and can I ask you one more thing? Is Dubai really as good for shopping as everyone insists? Any stores or things that I shouldn't miss buying? I've heard all about the Gold Souk but people have also been telling me that I should find a place to buy pashminas. I definitely want to do that, they make good birthday presents for the other women in my family!
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