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  1. Amazingly enough, the time has almost come and I'm tremendously excited... I don't want to miss anything, but as I'm only there for a week, I'll have to make sure I pack in as much as I can. I'm definitely going to go to Bukhara and Dum Pukht. Should I make reservations for these two places? Especially since I want to sit at the counter at Bukhara? I'm also going to try to get to Masala Art, should I make a reservation here too? And we will be going to Parthewale Gali, I love Paratha. Are there hundreds of varieties here? Any I should be looking out for? And Mongo, I want to go to Chopsticks. Can you tell me the location for this? Or is it better for me to ask the concierge at the Imperial (we're staying there now). Does anyone have a textile store/stand recommendation from me? I'm looking for sari type fabric (the irridescent, see through, deeply colored material embroidered with silver or gold thread) in unusual quantity. I want to make a few dining room table covers as well as hang two lengths over the front of shelving we have in the dining room... and maybe more material to make long cushions out of to put on the benches at said table. - I'll be in Jaiphur too, is it better to buy this kind of material here? My trip will be so much richer for having had the advice of everyone who contributed to this thread, thank you so much.
  2. Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey, the flavor and the perfume are both remarkable. You really must try some, although it can be difficult to source, you can order it online.
  3. Akiko

    Dinner! 2004

    Soba, what is halo halo?
  4. Akiko

    Dinner! 2004

    Susan, that Pork Chop looks incredible. Thanks for the link, I'm going to have to try that recipe some time.
  5. It is the perfect thing to feed children...kids love ketchup, I have trouble getting my nieces to actually eat their fries. They use them as sticks to dip into the ketchup and suck the ketchup off. I personally love omurice... not that I make it the traditional way with the ketchup rice. Try... rice fried in butter with bacon and garlic, add chopped celery if you like or a bit of pickled mustard greens if you want a little bit of that bitter kick. I then make the omelette, put the rice inside and shake shake shake the pan to create your rolled over omelette. You can put a squiggle of ketchup on top as an homage to the original version!
  6. Okay, you can say Gah! but you know how happy one of those would make my niece? She doesn't live in Japan, she lives in Chicago, but if I made her that powerpuff bento and sent her off to school, it would cause more of a stir than that scene from "eat drink man woman" when the little girl opens her lunchbox that the old father has prepared for her. But gosh, what a waste, if that isn't made out of leftovers and you have to make all that stuff just to cut those tiny pieces to make your bento....
  7. I don't have the bottle in front of me, so I don't know the name, but I wanted to post this before the weekend in case any of you are going to Borough. There is an olive oil stand in the part of the market that is open air (where the chili guy, olive, green tea, and sometimes cider guy is). Their olive oils are all decent but there are a few that are quite remarkable. I bought a bottle of the naturally pepperiest olive oil I have ever tasted and have been making incredible dressings with this... I bought it two weeks ago and I'm almost out! Its so good, I crave it. Anyway, you can taste all of them for yourself, there are little dishes of the stuff with bread cubes. Highly recommend. I'd also recommend the one that Brindisa sells, nice and fruity.
  8. Papaya King makes a spicy sausage... which is truly one of a kind. I don't think Gray's does anything like it. Have one along with your regular dog.
  9. Sandra, you are right, the sauce and egg one is Katsudon. At Japan Centre they also do my husband's favorite - Katsu Kare, which is tonkatsu with Japanese curry poured over. They do a very good job at japan centre. My mouth is watering...
  10. Carlovski, this is pretty common on the dinner table at more than a few Japanese American families! This made its appearance at most of my dinners growing up and is actually pretty good. Try it.
  11. You have all sold me. I've never tasted this dish, but I want to. Does anyone have a mole recipe (or 2 or 10!) they would be gracious enough to post here? I am imagining, smoky, earthy, chocolatey, and spicy.. is that right?
  12. Vienna, I hope you are ready for the price differential, which put a damper on many of my meals here the first few months. Even when it was better than I could get in NY, it was always SO much more expensive that it was hard not to factor that into my enjoyment. Especially now with the exchange rate... I hope you can try to set that aside. 3) St John - you really shouldn't miss this. I think it is a place you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world and brings "british cuisine" right where it should be. Game, unusual cuts of meat, marrow bone salad, LOOOOVELY english dessert... or I should say Pudding here. And the restaurant has a certain hip factor to it. 4) Ah, now Indian Cuisine here is also something that is done better than anywhere in America. For Pakistani go to New Tayyeb. Personally, I was not pleased with Zaika, thought they "anglicized" the food. I agree with fusion but I don't agree with dumbing things down. Mela is very good but they are doing a "special ayurvedic menu" for the next month and I haven't been so I can't say anything about it. May be interesting for you to go try it though, when else would you get the chance to sample that sort of a menu? 5) I love Ping's. For comparable and possibly better go to the baker street branch of Royal China (but be prepared its MUCH more expensive). But I think Hakkasan shouldn't be missed, its another one of kind sort of place, very trendy, very hip, but also very good food. The only places I can think of that do comparable dim sum are in Hong Kong... or Yank Sing in San Francisco. Have fun!
  13. Sadly, its no longer there. My husband and I trudged our way over to be very disappointed. I'd love to know what happened and where he's gone...
  14. Does anyone have information or links they can point me to concerning Mallorca? It looks like we will be spending a few days at the Mardavall Spa hotel in Costa D'en Blanes...and other than the hotel I know nothing about Mallorca or the area we are staying in. We'll have a car, are there restaurants, sights, food markets, food products I shouldn't miss?
  15. Monica, Thank you for that! I am printing it out to read with my husband over dinner at Zaika tonight!
  16. Akiko

    Seville Oranges

    Can you describe the taste please? How is a seville orange different? Thank you Moby, I'm going to be visiting Waitrose this weekend in search of the oranges... which one were you at?
  17. omedeto-gozaimasu! I can't wait to hear about it, I'm sending my family and friends in Chicago the link so they can try it!
  18. For me, books and movies always enhance my appreciation of a place and its culture. So no, you don't need to see or read Pride and Prejudice or Bridget Jones Diary before you come to England, but it might give you a better appreciation for the City of Bath or a the woman in the pub who asks you for a fag. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to stereotype, I like to see through many views. I think we'll be taking trips out to Agra and to Jaipur... anything I shouldn't miss? Thankyou again, this thread has gotten me very excited.
  19. Margaret, More reason for me to lament ever having left New York City (although I do love it here in London). There are many things Japanese I miss from NYC and hear that you seem to be getting more and more Japanese things. I don't know where all the Japanese video stores renting recent dramas and shows are hiding...
  20. I think we will be staying at the Hyatt Regency, my husband has some work that he will also be conducting over our five days in Delhi... so two of these days I will be exploring on my own. Chris is very camera happy so we'll probably be going to Agra and Jaiphur over the weekend so he can get his fill of those sites as well. I'm going to print all this out and go over it with him on the weekend as we begin to plan. Does anyone also have movies or books that might educate me culturally? I loved "A Suitable Boy" but was very troubled by "God of Small Things". Really enjoyed "Monsoon Wedding"... I think that is the extent of my cultural knowledge. I'm going to the book store today to pick up "Interpreter of Maladies" as well as look through their travel section on Delhi and see if I can find "flavours of Delhi".
  21. WHY DON'T THEY BROADCAST THESE THINGS ABROAD!!! I'm very pleased to hear that its still on, and sad that I can't watch it! I love monja yaki... It would have been hard for me to vote for anything else, except if I knew if was going to lose and I'd be watching everyone else eat!
  22. OOOH, I love Mango. Is there a particular kind I should especially look for (some variety that I could get nowhere else?). Or dishes made with fresh mango in them? YUM YUM YUM, I had no idea it was the beginning of mango season in India.
  23. Mongo, I'm completely fascinated by what you are saying, and what makes it more interesting is that you are almost speaking in a foreign language for me! I can't wait to get to delhi and mispronounce all these things and get smiled at (at least I hope they'll smile and not get annoyed). But at the moment, I'm finding the thought of Indian-Chinese especially intriguing. I know Japanese-Chinese (they particularly make a spicy prawn dish with the prawns still in the shell that I love) and Korean-Chinese (zha zhan myun, I butchered the spelling but its the noodles in the black sauce, and excellent orange beef or gampoongi at places like this) But can you describe Indian-Chinese for me?
  24. Does anyone remember Dochi no ryori? Is it still on tv? Do you know if I can buy tapes of the past episodes?
  25. Thank you Monica! I just found the article and am printing it out. For anyone else interested, here is the link to Mark Bittman's article. mark bittman in new delhi I look forward to other advice and experiences!
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