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  1. ... I kind of want one just so it can loom ominously on the countertop.
  2. Dispensing fine salt

    The Peugeot brand grinders do a fabulous range of 'grit' including a very fine powder, if a grinder will suit the salt in question.
  3. 'For some reason I've always just assumed cranberry sauce would freeze poorly.
  4. I try to make orders fairly easy for the kitchen, but with certain medical conditions you don't have much choice unless you don't go out at all - right now I have to get sauce on the side often because I can't tell if the sauce is going to upset my stomach - my mom often gets sauce on the side because she has to watch her sodium and usually the sauce is where a lot of the salt is when you are talking about an otherwise plain grilled piece of protein. (Although pet peeve is places that marinate their protein but don't say so on the menu. For one, that throws off my mom's order because she usually tries to pick something where the most the kitchen has to do is leave off the sauce, and if she gets a surprise marinade then she can't eat it, and for two, it drives me nuts when I am expecting a nice unadulterated piece of steak or chicken as a foil to the tasty-sounding sauce and instead the steak or chicken has some odd flavor from being marinaded. I mean, sometimes it's good, but it's still not what I was expecting.) Worst thing I've done probably is we went out to a place that does daily pasta and asked for the daily pasta special to be made vegetarian, which they said they could do. The whole table (about 6 of us) got that, though, so the kitchen could do a 'batch' rather than trying to fuss with one portion. (They do the pasta with a table side service and we go there quite often, so we knew approximately how many people a pan of pasta serves and ordered accordingly.)
  5. Beef. The new chocolate?

    I admit, if the meat was good quality I'd buy that as a joke gift for my ex-vegetarian housemate. He'd get a kick out of it.
  6. Hm. If I made pasta and salted it, I could better control exactly how much sodium ends up in the finished product, which would work better for my mother...
  7. The benefit to a cut-to-order service would be I could specify what I needed for what I had planned. Slices, fine dice, etc. For general purpose these days I do buy the pre-chopped sometimes, although my skin is much better so usually I chop my own as I need them unless I'm doing a huge batch of something. As far as freshness, if you're calling yourself a vegetable butcher I'd better be able to pick out exactly what vegetables I want you to chop for me, same as I'd be able to select specific pieces of meat at the butcher and have it ground.
  8. I might use such a service for certain things - onions bother me a lot so when I had psoriasis near my eyelashes I used to ask family or friends to chop a bunch of onions for me and I kept them in the freezer so I could use them as I needed. Worked fine for cooking with. (Psoriasis = raw skin, raw skin + tears = owwwwwwwwww.)
  9. Electrolux buying Anova?

    Yeah, we usually have someone home because of people working from home a lot, so there may not be someone watching it but there is likely someone who could be asked to go restart or pull the food and stick it in the fridge or whatever. Even the housemate's kid could give it a poke if he was home.
  10. 'What quantities did you use? I couldn't find anything with measurements.
  11. Well, but starch isn't the only thing in potatoes, or other vegetables for that matter. Yes, you have starch, but you also have the nutritional profile otherwise of the potato or the broccoli or... So it is a way to add variety there. Especially with kids probably.
  12. They seem like they'd be best as part of a blend of tots to reduce the overall potato intake - same serving size, but some are broccoli or whatever. Then you'd still have a normal vegetable or salad along side.
  13. Electrolux buying Anova?

    'The trouble with starting it from work is it has to sit out ready to go until then. That's what puts me off using the timed start function on things that have it. Someone needs to figure out how to keep the ingredients at a safe temp until cooking starts.
  14. Ingredients via Internet

    Not in my area yet, but when I lived in England and was basically stuck at home with my disabled husband (he couldn't be home alone and going out with him was a multi-person production not wasted on groceries often) the online grocery delivery services that started up were a huge benefit. Occasionally we got something odd, but overall it worked out well, and it was nice to not have to rely on asking people to pick something up while they were doing their own shopping, since when we'd do that we tried to keep it to stuff easy to grab, not fresh produce that requires picking out good specimens, etc. I can see the one issue for me being that with the delivery I did still like to go to the store on occasion to browse and see what was up - online it can be difficult to find the information you want (or impossible, in the case of feel or smell) and that meant I rarely bought stuff from delivery that I didn't already know about. New varieties of produce and the like would wait until I went to the store myself.