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  1. quiet1

    Cheese Fondue

    ‘Because of all the fat spitting - can’t think of any common food item quite as likely to spit hit oil at you.
  2. The problem is we don’t eat badly ever, and we like holiday meals to feel at least a bit special? Not like tasting menus and things, but not stuff we have everyday, either. Or at least a special element, like one year I did really good steaks and for once bothered to make bearnaise sauce. On request we had roast potatoes instead of frites, but usually I don’t make bearnaise sauce when we have steaks.
  3. quiet1

    Cheese Fondue

    You might get away with cutting the juice with fizzy water to tone down the sweet and add the needed acid, maybe? We’ve made fondue using up odd bits and bobs of cheese and drinks by using mostly cheddar type cheeses and a very good hard apple cider. (Or one time we had Perry which was also super tasty.) Didn’t notice the fizz doing anything untoward to the cheese. You do need cheeses that will stand up to the sweetness though. I run with “would I just eat a piece of this cheese with a piece of apple/pear/grape?” as a starting point.
  4. I have no idea what we’re doing and feel completely behind on baking. My SO’s son goes to his mom for Christmas late afternoon/evening so a traditional dinner seems not on the cards for the whole family. We’re thinking maybe a brunch? Anyone have a good egg casserole recipe? Eggs and some meat and pancakes or waffles and fresh fruit? Doesn’t sound fancy enough though. Christmas Eve is likely to be our larger spread - my mom wants to try her new fondue pot and don’t tell my SO but he’s getting a new Raclette grill and cheese early, so I need to think of accompaniments to all that c
  5. Oh, really? I did some looking but I felt like I was seeing soy in everything, maybe some of the ingredients lists were old. I’ll see if I can find a local place so I can check the ingredients on the actual package I’m buying. My mom is one of those people who is extra sensitive, I know a lot of people are fine with soy lecithin. Thanks!
  6. I want to make some truffles this year but my mom can’t have soy. Does anyone know of any good chocolate that doesn’t have soy lecithin in it? Valhrona seems to.
  7. quiet1

    Cheese Fondue

    I’m just thinking what we’ve tried with Raclette, which is definitely quite salty. I like it with some kind of meat, but it has to be a very thin slice or maybe a sprinkle of chopped up bits rather than even a big piece. I think the flavor combinations would be somewhat similar since it’s from the same region. That said, our whole house has a much lower tolerance for salt in general now since my mom’s been on a medical low sodium diet. None of the rest of us are watching sodium particularly but it’s just easier to cook lower sodium and have lower sodium ingredients in the house, so
  8. quiet1

    Cheese Fondue

    I think for the Spam, rather than dipping it, I’d treat it as a sort of condiment and cut it into small slices such that after dipping a bread cube you could stack a slice of Spam on top of the cheesy bread before sticking the whole lot in your mouth. We did fondue one year for Christmas dinner and it was pretty successful. I did one cheese and one hot broth (because I was fairly sure we’d end up with horrible burns with hot oil) and I pre-cooked the meat so it was just shy of done, such that by the time it’d been heated to piping hot again in the broth, it was cooked nicely. We’re
  9. It has just now occurred to me how well my grandma would’ve fit in around here- she stored pots in her oven and did all her cooking in an electric gizmo. (An electric roaster in her case, but I bet she could’ve been persuaded to try other stuff.)
  10. I’m hoping for a meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid.
  11. quiet1

    DARTO pans

    Mine made it! Dunno what I was thinking with Tiny Pan but it is much lighter than the big ones. The paella pan looks like it will be quite useful.
  12. Does anyone have an excellent mail order source for cheese? I am specifically looking to get Raclette in non-huge amounts. Like, we do not need a quarter of a wheel.
  13. quiet1

    DARTO pans

    Same. So we will see when they turn up.
  14. I had a thought - if the idea is for the people to have it as a souviner, printing it on folded up card may not be the best bet as it’s then hard to store since even if you try to flatten it, card tends to want to hang on to folds pretty firmly.
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