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  1. I am comped something every time I go to a particular Sushi bar. I bring them lots of business and have introduced many of the people at the office to Sushi there. In return there are always several extra pieces of Sushi that just arrive. It also depends on how friendly you are with the restaurant's owners / management. I go to one place where they keep trying to comp me. I explain that I want them to make money and stay in business and insist on paying.
  2. Also (okay I know this is heresy!) you can freeze it. I gather bits of left over meat in the freezer until it's Demi making time. Then I make a large batch. I freeze it in small containers ready to make a sauce on a moments notice.
  3. irodguy

    Le Creuset

    Yep I have found the same thing, but in my case I have a Le Creuset outlet in Allen, just a couple of miles north of me. I purchased my large Dutch oven for 50% off because it was a discontinued color. Which is funny because it was the Green that I really wanted.
  4. I can attest to the performance of Mauviel. I have the 2.5MM thick cuprinox line. I started with the purchase of a 3L Saute. It is simply the best saute I have ever used. Once it heats up it stays at a very constant heat and delivers excellent performance. I have all the normal All Clad, Caphlon and Le Cruest stuff as well. I simply believe the Mauviel to be superior for day to day cooking. You might want to take a look at out Pot Addict thread and see what people had to say: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...&hl=Pot++Addict When in doubt a Mauviel and a Falk Culinair and see which one you like better. Here are a couple of "deals" on Mauviel http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PA...PROD_ID=1003104 http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PA...&PROD_ID=842293 http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PA...&PROD_ID=842294 Good Luck
  5. irodguy

    Le Creuset

    Lodge now has an enamel line. We saw them today at the Chef's Catalogsale. Quite nice, but not all that much less the Le Crueset. I have been quite successful in the past purchasing select pieces off ebay. The new stuff sometimes is not really a bargin, but you can pick up used pieces that are perfectly good for quite reasonable.
  6. I would have to qualify that "best eats" all depends on what part of the country you are from and what types of foods your are exposed to. Dallas has the full spectrum of foods, from top grade Steak Houses to most every ethnic food you can think of. I always fall back on favorites like Aurora, the Mansion at Turtle Creek, Mi Piaci, Ferrari's, Bob's Steak House and although I have not been there yet word has it Lola. Now if you don't have ethnic foods available to you I would through in Seoul Garden for class Korean table BBQ over hot coals. For classic down home Dallas I would still recommend Celebration on Lovers near Love Field. They have been serving down home Texas Chicken Fried Steak and such since I was a child.
  7. I have seen them two ways 1) With heads on they are little bitty not more than 1/2 inch long 2) With heads off and kind of split looking. Both of them were refrigerated.
  8. The bottom line is "once they suspect tell them" In this case his employees suspected he was selling. Once it's out there as a rumor the extra smoke breaks, pilferage etc. will start. The only way to keep loyalty is to purchase it. You give them bonuses to stay.
  9. I have had Dried Anchovies served with some kind of sauce several times at Korean restaurants. I see them for sale in packages both at the Korean market and the Chinese markets. So how do you prepare them Korean style. These are served as a side dish with Bolgogi etc.
  10. Sea Salt Garlic Crushed Red Pepper or Cayanne Oregano Thyme
  11. 'scuse my ignorance Laurie - What's Tellicherry pepper? ← Most spice experts agree that Tellicherry pepper is the best of the black peppers with Malabar pepper rating second. Both grown on the East Coast of India, Tellicherry is a large very, very black peppercorn, with bold flavor, whereas Malabar is slightly less black, smaller and less pungent. Pungency is the hot sensation produced in the amount by constituents of spices such as pepper, chilies or ginger which also contribute to flavor.
  12. I would second the Cauliflower, it's a great recipe. I have served it to several vegetable haters. I have done a make your own Pizza party for 14 people in the past. It works quite easily. You just leave your oven cranked, in my case it was set @ 500 Degrees on convection. You make several precooked crust, just to a light brown. Then you line up the ingredients, and let your guest go at it. Everybody has a great time and it's cheap
  13. I would have to stick with a Pizza / Pasta bar. People who "don't eat vegtables" are probably not going ot big on middle eastern or Indian style food either. But everybody like Pizza.
  14. You could do one of the new wave New England type pies that uses Potatoes instead of crust.
  15. That would indeed be where I formed my impression. A friend of mine had "sugar free" candy due to being on atkins. I had three pieces and spent the next few hours ah in discomfort
  16. I would have to agree that maltitol while it works well does very bad things indeed. It will indeed contribute to weight loss due to many trips "down the hall" The Da Vinci website looks very interesting. I think I will stick with Splenda for the moment. I might also try Stevia. Stevia works great for foods that are slightly acidic but don't know how it's going to work with Zabaglione.
  17. Sounds like a nice spread. Another idea to spruce it up a bit is to make or purchase some Olive Tapenade. It makes it look "gourmet" but really doesn't cost all that much.
  18. If you learned them at school, in most cases they are considered public domain. This is not always true but common use. While not culinary school, there was a similar issue with software development some years ago. The courts ruled that it was indeed public domain. This is in fact one of the reasons that people don't share their secret recipes or for that matter algorithms in a class room environment.
  19. Sams and Costco both have $30 or so chafing dishes. Sams also has wire frames were you use disposable steam try and disposable serving pans. I have 8 sets of these that I use for events. They work great and if they get to mangled just throw them out. I purchase the half sized pans for $3.65 or so. Works perfectly for almost any occasion and looks ok. For a really dressy event I would splurge for the $30 dish, but for most events the wire frames work perfectly.
  20. I want to make up some sugar free zabaglione. Any ideas of what sugar substitute might work best? edit: ooops not really sugar free but greatly lower in sugars.. I will of course still have some sugars from the Marsala. Just trying to cut back on the sugars a bit if it will not radically effect the final product. So what to use? Splenda? Whey Low? Stevia? Edited for clarity
  21. So what's the difference between "wild plums" and domesticated plums? I purchased some Wild Plum wine in Arkansas. It's great stuff kind of taste close to Japanese plum wine. I am going to take a bottle with me later this week to a BYOB Sushi bar here in town. I am thinking of planting some fruit trees this spring. Is there a tree specifically called a "wild plum"?
  22. irodguy

    Dinner at LOLA

    Yep sounds interesting indeed. I had made a mental note to try it after meeting the tasting room's chef's wife @ the Slow Foods Event. She raved about her husband being brilliant
  23. Last I remember from talking to Aussie friends was that they considered Roo a varmint basically. This has been a few years ago, but not that many. There was of course also the Mc'ds Roo meat in their burgers issue a few years back. Who knows if they do it now they might be able to advertise it for health reasons.
  24. ok maybe i didnt get it wrong cuz i know i hit the right button the second time... but just so ya'll do know..it should be under ladyyoung98 i think somethin g might be wrong with the board
  25. oops...i think i hit the wrong button and wound up getting my reply under irodguys name...sorry about that dear....lol now let me paste it under my own name which is where it shoudl have been to begin with..... sometimes i make a list and sometimes i dont..funny thing is that when i dont make a list...i generally remember to get everything i needed anyway...and when i dont make one...well im sure u can figure it out......
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