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    Kershaw Shun Knives

    I purchased a 10 inch Shun Chef's knife @ the Chef's Catalog sale here in Dallas. I looked at them at the summer sale and then purchased one at the october sale after kicking myself for not buying it in the summer. It's a GREAT knife. I have a complete set of Henckel and several Wustof knives including the 10 inch extra wide chefs and assorted Globals. The Shun is much sharper and more exact. I have large hands and have no problem. The only thing that I wish is that it was a tad wider. I really wish I would have purchased one of their santoku knives also. They were both on very deep discount at the sale. I paid $75 for the 10 inch chefs and the 7 inch side santoku was on sale for $125. Now what you need to ask for is a Chefs knife and a Santoku
  2. irodguy

    Turkey soup

    Personally I strain my stock and then eat it as a comfort food / light dinner. Just some of the stock with what ever I have in the fridge and orzo. The Orzo puffs up and absorbs the stock great stuff Last night was stock + a little left over turkey + orzo + carrots + onion + garlic.
  3. While I have not been to the Houston Yacht club, I go to Keels and wheels every year at the Lakewood Yacht club. I can attest that their Sunday buffet is always quite good. Almost makes me wish I had a yacht instead of cars. But not quite.
  4. Yep same here when one of my cousins who keeps kosher was in town. Also use smoked salt and some extra Garlic. Of course the next night I took them to one of our local steak houses that was not kosher. The happily ate the prime. ← edited for content
  5. Yep same here when one of my cousins who keeps kosher was in town. Of course the next night I took them to one of our local steak houses that was not kosher. The happily ate the prime.
  6. irodguy

    Sandhill Crane

    My friend is a member of all the sportsman conversation groups. I am sure he would not be hunting these critters if there is a problem with under population. Now that being said he is a bubba with lots of fire power, but a considerate bubba who eats what he shoots. Last year he bought me back 2 wild Turkeys. Now those were great!
  7. The answer is yes you need a salamander. Now that being said you need to make sure you have insulation etc that will work. They do have a tendency to get rather warm.
  8. irodguy

    Sandhill Crane

    Yep I had noticed that one. I think the going thought is that we will roast one in a similar fashion and then smoke one.
  9. irodguy

    Sandhill Crane

    Well as long as you don't get caught Just kidding. Sandhill's are not endangered. So yes in the state of Texas you can bag up to six. My friend has a lease West of Dallas. Evidently the farmers hate the critters, they eat quite a bit of grain. Now there is evidently a rule that you have to use steel shot instead of lead. This is the same friend who always bring exotic meats to my events. So he is hunting for some new "perfectly normal beast" this weekend.
  10. irodguy

    Sandhill Crane

    A friend of mine is going hunting this weekend. He is planning to shoot an extra Sandhill Crane for me. I was thinking about roasting it like a goose. Anybody have any other suggestions?
  11. This is also a pretty good choice for light to medium size jobs.
  12. You just need a "real" immersion blender http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?act=mo...cmd=si&img=5588 I have the 20 inch model. I freqeuntly use it to make large batches of Tomato sauce. I don't cut anything up to speak of and then hit it for a few seconds with the blender. I also have a kitchen aid for small batches, but don't use it often.
  13. There area also these little guys. Not cheap but kind of nice if you have a Stainless work table or back splash
  14. In reality there is very little difference between using an outside Gas Grill and your oven. I personally cook the bird exactly the same in a roasting pan to catch the drippings. The only difference is in heat adjustment due to the outdoor temp. Indirect heat is best. I would not let your neighbor use your fryer. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen. You could of course fry his bird first early in the morning. The same oil is good for multiple birds.
  15. If you would be closer to Dallas I would tell you to throw it out immediately. I would be right over to take it and dispose of it properly. Seriously there should not be a problem.
  16. I happend upon these a couple of years ago at one of the Chefs sales. They are great! I have used the various coated pans and did not like them. Frankly a plain old sheet pan was much better. But now that I started using the doughmaker pans no looking back
  17. irodguy

    Feeling Schmaltzy

    Yep Latkes made with a combo of schmaltz and grapeseed oil
  18. The Sherrif came to test my bullet proof vest with a 458 revolver. He had loaded with steal tipped munitions. Went through the vest through the sand in the trash can and into the back of the building He obviously wanted to stop charging bull elephants if they were loose He did tell me to mention his name if anybody tried to ticket me on the way back to Texas. The entire experience reminded me of something from the movies.
  19. I suppose it greatly depends on the kind of food you like. Montreal San Francisco New York Turin Italy London -- A very welcome site after a month in India All for different reasons.
  20. There is no comparison between my Mauviel and Allclad. The Mauviel holds it heat much better. It's simply awesome stuff.
  21. Yes love a really good praline, of course being a diabetic they don't love me But seriously I would love to pick some up for friends here in Dallas.
  22. Ah but Grapples are in season The dogs and I love the little buggers.
  23. I know they are based in Abbeville (my home town ), but I'm not sure if they do tours there. I seem to remember them haing a store front where they obviously carry all of their products. Call 1-877-U POUR IT Also in Abbeville is the Steens Syrup Mill. They used to do tours, but you will have to contact them for the schedule. Lots of cane trucks around there as well. (800)725-1654 And Abbeville also has a Riviana rice mill. Not sure about tours through there. ← Yep firming up to be quite the food tour I was planning a abbeville stop anyhow for lunch I toured much of the state many many.... years ago. I was in the bullet proof vest business fresh out of high school. It was quite interesting meeting the sherrif in Lake Charles @ the Police supply But that would indeed be another story. It was a different time and place back in the mid 70s.
  24. So looks like it might be worth a trip since we are pretty close. So does anybody know anything about Cajun Power?
  25. For a rather large "brunch" I have always enjoyed Court of Two Sisters.
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