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  1. Praise the holly macaroon Just in time for the high holy days.
  2. I have dropped quite a few fairly heavy items on mine without incident. They are "fun" to clean, but then again pretty much everything is. I would say they are okay at best. I am planning to do major kitchen surgery including bringing in Gas. For the meantime, I use the glass countertop for normal stuff and if I really need high heat I use a portable butane burner.
  3. It's very hard to enforce a NDA for anything cooking related. It's hard to prove that you copied somebody else's recipe. Depending on state it is almost impossible to enforce a "non funded non-compete" It depends if you live and work in a right to work state or not. We attempted to enforce one of these agreements a couple of years ago and were shot down in flames. The only real non competes can be enforced are those with a substantial amount of money involved such as a company buyout.
  4. irodguy

    New to Catering

    You really need to start with an idea of what she wants. Does she want "heavy appetizers" or does she want a full meal? Are you providing full staff? How involved does she want to be? You might end up needing to charge extra for her "involvement" She really needs to give you at least a general direction. I would start with getting the direction and possibly giving her some samples (of course price these in) Then price the groceries along X 3 + 15% for waste. Anything above this depends on what you are looking for. Is this an attempt for you to grow your business with her contacts? If so you might want to give her a screaming deal and tell her that's it's a special deal only for her. Good Luck!
  5. Wow thrown out of osso-bucco. What a moron, guess he never heard of oh customer service. Hey Rob if you are in Dallas I would be happy to make you a nice Lamb Osso-Bucco
  6. Well just fixed Lamb Osso-Bucco last night. It's always season for Osso-Bucco. We just turn the air down a little here in Texas. As it's gets cooler I normally make: French Onion Soup Scottish Lamb Stew "Heavy Vegetable Soup" - lots of meat Chili Manicotti
  7. irodguy


    I own and use a SS Bron, the only complaint I have is that it takes a little work go clean it. If I need to do a small batch of slicing, I use a knife. Both of these devices need practice. If you purchase a Mandoline for home use then don't take the safety off. Practice and when you get really comfortable toss the safety. When large batches of potatoes I slice until it gets kind of small then go on to the next one. Then I go back with a towel to complete the slicing operation on the smallish pieces. Yes I have sliced myself in the past, part of learning respect for your mandoline.
  8. I personally you my lean mean grilling machine to make grilled cheese. It works well and is pretty much the only thing I do with it. Grilled cheese... all of a sudden sounds like a good idea.
  9. I normally use kosher salt for cooking because of it's ease of use. Most of the other salts are condiments. I would agree on the Hawaiian Salt, quite interesting not horribly expensive as high end salts go, about $26 for 2LB wholesale. Try searing a nice piece of fish with a light sauce. Now add some large crystal salt. The texture and the salty crunch makes quite a nice taste experience. There are quite a few other kinds of salts including: Smoked Salts of various kinds, quite interesting and somewhat pricey. The are various French fleur de sel also Portuguese and Spanish versions.
  10. Yep I would go for the chopped pork in sauce. I normally sauté onions & garlic with some brown sugar tomato sauce or ketchup and some balsamic. Then add chopped pork. Makes a great wet sandwich, or baked potato filling. The pork fried rice also is a good idea. Just use whatever vegetables you have laying around. My personal favorite for this is cabbage, onions and something green.
  11. Yep my wife would be one of those people who lies about being allergic. She states that she is allergic to parsley and cilantro, in reality she just hates the taste. On the other hand she really does have a severe MSG allergy. The main issue that drives me nuts is when people, yes like my wife and other I have seen, order something then complain when it comes. It is perfectly fine to ask to leave something off, but sending something back because there is something on it.
  12. irodguy

    Perfect rice

    For making short grain rice the secret is letting it rest. Wash until clean, let it rest for 30 minutes and then use the knuckle trick or just to with 1 to 1. I make a Texmati rice: 1 Cup Texmati Rice (Washed) 1 Large Onion (Diced) 2 Cup Chicken Stock 1/4 Cup Sherry 1/4 Cup Almonds (Optional) Salt Pepper 3 saffron threads Green Beans or Sugar Snaps etc. 1 T EVOO Finish with a little Butter or Cream In a Large Sauté add EVOO Sauté Onions until soft Add Rice Stir Fry Until all Liquid is gone Add Sherry Stir fry for a couple of minutes Add everything else Cook for another 15 minutes Finish with Cream or Butter (Optional)
  13. Take the same cut of Rib eye try it with and without and you will be sold. It's take a rib eye and makes it into tenderloin. I do wash all my meat before using it but that's just me. And yes I have personal experience with high end steak houses uses a Jacarder.
  14. irodguy

    Grilled Cheese

    Thinly sliced Sourdough, Cabot 50% Cheddar, Bacon, and a little shake of EVOO on the bread. The real secret is my grill, yep a genuine George Foreman It's about the only thing I use it for.
  15. Most high end steak houses Jaccard there meat. You can purchase a decent Jaccarder for about $30 or so. It makes all the difference in the world in a cut like a strip loin or sirloin. Some cuts like tenderloin don't really need it.
  16. While I cannot speak to wholesale baking, I can speak to wholesale supply in general. It is almost a constant rule that very large customers always push the envelope. Now this of course depends on what you consider large. The basic reason in my business was that the very large customers were very adept money managers. They invested in short term paper their payables. They basically screwed their suppliers for an extra 30 to 45 days and they made money on the interested. They new that their suppliers had to just grin and deal with it. You generally just have to decide how much risk you are willing to take. In our case the numbers where 50K+. Eventually I got hot and heavy about collecting late fees; this ended our dealings with the company in question. In the long run I am not sure if we were better off because of this or not.
  17. irodguy

    Grilling Corn

    I slice the kernals off the ear of corn, toss with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and spread it on a lightly greased baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for about 15 - 20 minutes. About halfway through I toss everything around. The kernals dry out and the flavor becomes intensified. In fact you can even do the full husk method in the oven. Just throw the corn in husk and all. When done you can either strip the corn and toss with evoo, salt and Balsamic, or just brush on some evoo and salt. You are not loosing anything by not using butter. I personally use EVOO not do to dietary restriction, but strictly for taste.
  18. Funny you should mention the "organs" Several years ago a friend on mine and I were eating Dim Sum. We tried to order something and the young woman pushing the car said in very broken English "that not for you" So we flagged down the manager who is a friend of mine. We explained that we would eat anything! We routinely ordered chicken feet, jelly fish etc. We asked him what the heck it was that she did not want to serve the "Gringos” he explained to us that it was taro caked soaked in pig’s blood. Next time the cart came around we explained "Not for US!!!"
  19. All the locations are great. I have been to them all at one time or another. I have mostly been eating at the Plano location since they have opened. Personally I love their spicy squid. I also have been known to just order water spinach and some rice. Great food.
  20. I fully understand, it's the same thing I say when friends talk about the great "Italian" pizza place that opened. The guys are Italian etc.... Of course when I go it turns out they learned pizza making in New York and it's far from "Real Italian Pizza" It's why I make my own.
  21. What I am talking about is really "American Italian" In Italy I normally have had salad with a sprinkle of EVOO & Balsamic or something similar. This is a dressing normally served in home style Italian restaurants stateside. I believe a mix of Tomato Sauce or Paste, EVOO, Red Wine Vinegar and spices. Many restaurants serve very similar dressings on their salads. I have gotten close but missing something.
  22. irodguy


    Yep good as Sushi or lightly friend with tempura batter and sprinkled with salt and hot peppers.
  23. irodguy

    Grilling Corn

    What I normally do is grill it in the husk. Then to serve I cut the kernels off and toss with EVOO & Balsamic and a hit of Hawian or other large grain sea salt.
  24. The have truly great burgers. They have just the right greasy dive factor It's very interested going there after work. The mix of bikers and suits is truly a thing to see.
  25. Does anybody have a good recipe for tomato based Italian salad dressing? What I am talking about is the dressing that is served in many of the "home style" Italian restaurants. I have come up with something similar but not quite correct.
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