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  1. The best meal I can remember was at a place just across the border in Mexico. I believe the little town's name is Progreso and the name of the restaurant is Arturos. It was in about 1974 had frog legs, tenderloin, lobster and a bunch of other stuff. The tab was only about $8 a person or so as I remember.
  2. The only problem I have with starchef is the fact that it takes a while to load suppliers, ingredients etc. It's awesome once you have all that done. But it is more work than you average home chef wants to do. Frankly I am using it to do job costing as much as menu and recipe control.
  3. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=49068
  4. Wow what low tech answers What everybody needs is one of the new refrigerators with the build in touch screen that is networked. It keeps track of everything that is in your fridge. Then all you do is download tonight's menu and it figures out what the variance is and orders it online. You simply go to your neighborhood store and pick up your prepacked items. Of course if you combine this with your recipe / menu software all you will need to do is push a few buttons. No more messy hand written notes or white boards etc. Now all I need is the between 6 and 8 k for the fridge. Plus extra network lines to the kitchen and oh yah enter all my recipes into the recipe software.
  5. If you add vegetables just make sure and adjust your salt. They will soak up the salt and your boil will taste like cereal. A few years back we did a big crawfish boil. I used pro-spice bags, a large bottle of cayenne etc. I used what I considered a bunch of salt two large handfuls of kosher salt. Well it tasted totally bland. So I asked our in house expert born and raised in Southern Louisiana. His question was "how much salt did you use” I told him a bunch two handfuls. He started to laugh and told me to use more like a box. So we did this with the "left over" 25 Lbs. It rocked!
  6. Large amounts of corn like several baskets of chips etc. I get a sinus headache due to allergies.
  7. Most LDS don't care about Caffeine as such. It used to be that they did not drink cokes, but since the church purchased the coca cola bottling plant in Salt lake it's ok now.. Now most do not drink coffee or tea. But do drink an extreme amount of hot chocolate.
  8. Try StarChef http://www.chef365.com The light version is around $50 and has all the features I talked about and then some. The full versions also do things like print menus etc.
  9. Most of the better cooking software programs will 1) Allow you to enter suppliers 2) Allow you to enter quantity and cost for ingredients 3) Auto calculate cost per smaller measure 4) Allow you to enter recipes including servings and measures 5) Calculate the cost per serving 6) Generate shopping list 7) Generate Menus The nicer packages will auto gen purchase orders and keep inventory. Again these are not even really the professional packages which can do much more. These are fairly basic $50 or so software. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you just want to keep recipes then by all means a database or for that matter a word processor or cards works just fine. If you are either running a restaurant or small catering business then the unit costing power of even the cheap packages makes great sense.
  10. Yep I would agree on Scotty P's onion rings. Of course the best thing is that they are just around the corner from my house
  11. irodguy

    caesar dressing

    So no egg? I like your Garlic quantity
  12. My personal favorite is Balls Snyder Plaza. Head and antlers above the rest for the burgers all though their shakes are pretty run of the mil. Closely followed by Snuffers. Head an antlers for their cheese fries and Queso, pretty good burger. Closely followed by Scotty P's Hamburgers. Good mix of very good burger and cheese fries
  13. Back in the day I always stopped at Leslie's Chicken Hut in Waco. Ok that was when I was a UT many many moons ago..
  14. Any yet one more 3 Ears of Corn Stripped 2 Cups Onion finely chopped 1/4 Cup Green Pepper finely chopped 2 t Jalapeño finely chopped 2 Garlic Cloves minced 5 oz non fat half and half 2 T Canola 2 T Butter Salt, Pepper Hot Sauce Optional Heat up the Fats Sauté the all dry ingredients except the corn until soft Add the Corn and sauté for about three minutes until it just starts to loosen Add the Half & Half lower the heat and let it reduce by about 1/4 Remember to strip frequently to avoid burning
  15. Gemini salad tosser here. No glop on top for me. Do a variety of dressings of my design for the most part. Tonight was a rice vinegar with Garlic and Ginger. Not feeling to great so I need to spice to kill this cold.
  16. Yep sounds like a sexist thread to me The answer is I do all the cooking that "we" or guest eat. I have trained the kitchen to attack my wife on site. The only wife friendly appliance is the microwave. The dogs and I don't eat her cooking for fear of food poisoning. We were stupid enough to eat her idea of meat tomato sauce. The dogs and both of us were sick for two days.
  17. For the Romas Caprese simple and the best thing to really enjoy the taste. Since they are home grown the sweetness of the Romas will be great. For the cherry tomatoes, I would slice them throw some garlic and Oregano and very lightly sauté with some evoo. Great fresh pasta sauce. I do this all the time with grape tomatoes.
  18. Oysters are dying? What town are you in? No dying Oysters but rather people. Here in Dallas we had two separate deaths at a local seafood chain due to tainted Oysters. Several of the local chains now decided to server Pasteurized Oysters.
  19. After the Oyster deaths here in town, I am now only eating pasteurized oysters. Very slight difference in taste, but huge difference in safety. Also in my opinion the only truly safe oyster for a Diabetic like myself to eat. As a side effect of eating at places that are serving pasteurized oysters, they only have to cut the rubber band and poof they pop open normally fairly easily.
  20. irodguy

    caesar dressing

    Yep no reason to ever use bottled. It's really easy to make. Rather than exact I always tell people to play. Start with A Blender 1 Clove Garlic 2 Egg Yolks or a small box of egg beaters also works ok Lemon juice or vinegar your choice Either anchovie paste or about 1/2 can of anchovies --Edited -- That would be half of a 2 oz can of cento anchovies -- 2 tsp mustard -- I use spicy brown Shot of hot sauce ( I use chili paste ) your choice again Shot of worsteshire optional Grated Parmesan (A good hand full) or just break a piece off of a block and let the blender do the work A light tasting Olive or Canola or Rapeseed oil drizzle it in until you have creamy sauce. Just play with it, if you like more Garlic add more, if you don't like hot sauce use pepper etc... There are recipes out there all over the place, it's basically up to you to play with it until it's "yours" Once you have got this down, then change it up and make it into a creamy Italian. Kill the anchovies add herbs, kill the Lemon juice add red wine vinegar.
  21. My wife does some kind of strange North Eastern dish of strawberries & sour cream. Personally my favorite dish Seared Salmon over cucumber salad with Japanese Chili oil drizzled on it. Simple to make and very tasty.
  22. and your street address might be??? If your ever in Plano, Texas drop on by. Made 4 shanks last night and even my uber picky wife loved them. She had two helpings very unlike "Ms. Picky" All my friends warned me about marrying somebody from Baaaahstin
  23. irodguy


    2 lb Ground Turkey (I prefer mixed, not white) or other ground meat 2 eggs 1 cup grated parmesean (use block and food processor) or grated Romano 4 Tb Oregano 1 Tb Worcestershire 1 Head Garlic 1/2 cup bread crumbs or more as necessary 4 TB good balsamic 1 TS red pepper flakes Tomato sauce Chop and fry garlic until medium brown in about 3 TB olive oil Add the garlic and olive oil to the meat Add everything else. Stir ( with your hands ) until everything is integrated. Add olive oil to frying pan (about 1/2 inch deep of oil) Roll the meatballs and carefully put them in the pan. Brown them on all sides. Add the meatballs to a deep pan and add tomato sauce on top. Cook the meatballs @ 350 for 30 minutes.
  24. irodguy

    Let's Chew The Fat

    Saute - EVOO or EVOO + Butter Searing - 75/25 Canola EVOO Pan Fry - 75/25 Deep Fry - Peanut EVOO - With basil or oregano etc. for sauces Salads - Mainly Walnut or Sesame Baking - Not that's an interesting one. I did use Plugra until about a year ago on my first really big order of cookies, and with the particular customer trying to get me to drop my prices, I switched to ah.. Sams "Mid America Farms" butter. The funny thing is that I had my trustied taste testers tell me that they liked it better than the Plugra cookies. So ever since I am "Plugra Free" ok accept in pie dough . Lard for Gnocci Fritto and meat based savory pies. Read my lips no margine .. The closest I get is butter mixed with EVOO for bread.
  25. irodguy

    Dinner! 2004

    Cucumber Salad Lamb osso bucco with Demi Glace and Marsala Roast Potato Golden Kiwi with limoncello whipped cream
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