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  1. Did not cook this week because I ended up having to deal with an emergency at work. But.. next week, I purchased a case of lamb shanks at Sams, so for a while it's going to be throw the lamb in the oven and come back to Lamb osco bucco. Just set the oven to 300, leave and in three hours when we get back.. There be osco bucco. What could be easier? Especially since I now have about 30LB of Lamb.
  2. Non fat half and half is very useful taste wise for making sauces, mashed potatoes etc., that don't require the fast component in normal half and half or cream. For instance I do a Garlic chicken with Garlic sauce, the age old recipe called for cream or half & half, I substituted non fat half & half in this case for taste. The original had a greasy aftertaste due to the cream. Back to a Kale note: Another nice Kale dish is Blanch the kale and then dry. Hard Boil eggs Mayo Hot Sauce Chopped spicy pickles Sweet Ham Mix everything together. Basically a kind of funky egg salad with kale. It's a very nice summer salad.
  3. Do a mashed Red potatoes with kale. Very tasty! Just do your normal Mash, personally I use EVOO and non fat half and half. Coarsely chop your kale and mix it with the hot potatoes.
  4. irodguy

    cooking w/ wine

    I feared box o wine until a chef friend of mine introduced me to Paul Mason. Taste wise it compares again most table wines. For large quantity cooking it's the easiest to deal with. The best thing I can say is taste. I was using a fairly expensive Marsala Florio $14 a bottle and the same chef friend introduced me to Perlino Marsala for $6 a bottle. In a blind taste test it beat the more expensive brands hands down. Again you would not think there would be that big a difference especially with a much less expensive wine, but taste tells the story.
  5. irodguy

    [DFW] Zyka

    Sounds good, I will have to try it soon. I have just started eating Indian food again. I was in Southern India for a month and got "burnt out" Not that I don't like Indian, but curry powder in the hash browns for breakfast was just to much
  6. irodguy

    cooking w/ wine

    I use Paul Mason wines. Really depends on what you are cooking and how often you use wine. I keep a few different kinds of Box o wine in stock. I use this for nomal daily cooking and catering. When I have friends coming over, I normally use something similar to what we are going to drink that night. If you are not going to drink the wine, then a good box o wine should serve you well. Again don’t go for the dirt cheap stuff. Also remember the rule that sauces made with Red wine need to be cooked longer. A short cooked red wine based sauce will taste nasty. Cook the sauce for ten or 15 minutes or longer it will taste great. You can prove this up by just cooking the wine alone and tasting it compared to the original at set intervals.
  7. For a tomato based sauce, I normally use canned crushed Italian tomatos. 1 Pop top can Italian crushed tomato 1/2 can anchovies 1/2 Cup Red Wine or so.. good pinch of salt good pinch of sugar 1 clove Garlic drizzle of evoo fresh basil fresh oregano Another good way for summer is just some evoo, garlic and fresh basil. Then top the dish with Lemoncillo Whipped cream.
  8. Olives Garlic Marinated Banana peppers Red Onion Anchovies EVOO Throw them in the food processor. Over medium heat for about 4 minutes. Throw in pasta, I usually us angel hair. As an option throw in some shredded pepperoni
  9. irodguy

    Dinner! 2004

    Tempura fried bay scallops and onion rings.
  10. Yes a mix of small cut up pieces. Don't remember seeing the seeds. I guess a return visit is mandated It was just more complex than I could figure out after one trip. But I will figure it out
  11. irodguy

    Menu Help Needed

    Another idea is do two batches of polenta. Batch 1 the day before. Spread it on a half sheet. Let it dry. The day of the party fry the poletna. You don't have to dip fry a simple pan fry works fine. Serve your fresh polenta with the fried.
  12. irodguy

    Menu Help Needed

    You could make the zucchini fritters ahead of time. Do a quick fry and freeze. Reheat at 450. Same kind of thing with the saffron rice. Make the rice, short cook about 14 minutes. It should still be stiff. Just before your guest arrive back on the oven with a mix of broth and half & half or cream. Let it could another 3 to 4 minutes. Rice will be ready to roll. You might also consider adding some almonds and green beans to your rice.
  13. irodguy

    Menu Help Needed

    How about a zucchini fritter. You you’re left over glaze as a reduction sauce over the fritters. Another thought might be saffron basmati rice.
  14. So is grilling outside an option? Are you totally against cooking anything or could you at least do some quick pasta? Pasta salad with Rotini, olives, tomato, herbs and proscutto Salad of Cucumbers, Lemon, Tomato, Red onions, EVOO & Feta (greek country salad)
  15. It was not a stewed dish but rather slices of eggplant with garlic and pomegranates, all though on the latter you just saw very small pieces of Pomegranate. The Syrian dish sounds closest.
  16. Does anybody have a good recipe for this? I had this at a middle eastern place. The eggplant appeared to be roasted with Garlic and Pomegranates. I could not quite identify the other ingredients.
  17. irodguy

    Dinner! 2004

    I don't know about that. Wrapped in apple smoked bacon popped in the oven @ 450 and then just before they are ready sprinkling on brown sugar. Hard to beat
  18. There are a couple of bottles of some kind of dressing in my fridge. They belong to my wife, for the times I do Asian dressing. Most of the time I either make a Maple Balsmic with Feta (one of my trademarks) or Fresh Ceaser. For one of my Asian dressing I do break down and normally use prefab mayo If nothing else I do the Lemon and EVOO or Balsamic and EVOO.
  19. irodguy

    fingerling potatoes

    I have used them several times for oven roasting with rosemary. They turn out very yummy.. Great side dish for Lamb.
  20. irodguy

    Dinner! 2004

    Seared Salmon on Cucumber Salad Toped with Japanese Chili Oil and Tabiko
  21. The non wood, metal, rock, synthetic etc. all shares the same general problem. There is bacteria every where in the air etc. If you use non wood, you not only may do bad things to your knife, but you also stand a much higher chance of contamination. Wood has natural antibiotic properties. When I am using metal or a large marble for dough, I thoroughly clean it before and after use. While with the wood boards for a quick job, I normally grab cut clean, not so picky about the pre-cleaning.
  22. I purchased a Calphalon One chefs pan to play with. While I am still concerned that it will eventually warp, it is pretty decent non stick. Is it as good as a real Teflon pan, nope. But it is reasonably good when compared against SS. I was able to get a decent sear without issues and it cleaned nicely.
  23. Here in the burbs of Dallas (PLano) we have a bakery that is going on 30 years old. They still deliver the old southern favorites. The big however is they cannot compete with Central Market quality wise and cannot compete against Sams and Costco price wise. This being said another decent bakery just opened. Also even with the Atkins craze I have been slowing building a market for my cookies. It's also amazing how many catering jobs start with "what kind of sweets" Of course the great old German bakery that was the mainstay here in Dallas growing up went out of business several years ago. At least we now have several Russian Jewish Delis to get poppy seed cake from. The bakery tradition has never been what it is in Europe. I still remember fondly being in the Train station in Venice. A middle aged Italian gentlemen doing the "pee pee" dance excitedly asking me with the bathroom was and telling me he was from Ferrara so I asked him if he was a baker, he answered of course as I pointed him toward the men's room
  24. There is acutally quite a bit of interesting Italian Jewish foods. One of the oldest synagogues in Europe is located in Modena. It's very interesting to see the tradition of boiled meats in Emilia Romagna combine with Jewish foods of the region.
  25. I have a large group coming over after services this Friday. I am making Greek Salad Hummus Pita And for something completely different make your own pizza. I will do the dough Friday morning so it's ready to "roll" I will make some fresh Italian sausage out of ground turkey. I have a large batch of marinated Banana peppers, so ready to go... And of course some of my Chocolate Almond cookies and Gelato. Of course I will probably freak out Friday morning, go to work late and make a bunch more stuff. "raid the cupboard"
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