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  1. Sounds like fun, my Grandmother taught me Maj Jong years ago and dominos. Of course I did have to keep an eye on her. She was very adept at cheating My Grandparents, Mother and Uncle were on the last ship out of France. The wondered the seas for two years before ending up in Brazil. My Grandmother ah card sharked, and Maj Jong sharked.. for a couple of years, she never tapped into their nest egg. Of course on the cooking front she was putting it mildy, a horrible cook. I would normally help her during Passover and break fast so nobody got food poisoning I did however learn how to make Gefilte fish from scratch from her, with the old trusty grinder.
  2. Grate Zucchini Sprinkle lightly with salt and put in colander to drain Mix drained Zucchini with Bread Crumbs Parmesan Crushed Garlic Oregano Eggs One per about every two large zucchinis You can also add grated carrots Pretty much your standard Italian style fritters Fry in 50% 50% (50% OO , 50% Canola) Or For something a little different Hollow out your Zucchini Ground Meat ( I like lamb for this) Feta Mint or Oregano Sea Salt Crushed Red Pepper Eggs Mix the meat and stuff the Zucchini. Cook at 350. serve with your favorte version of Tzatziki
  3. I personally get mine from http://www.culinaryclassics.com. I have also used http://www.chefwork.com/. It really depends on what you are looking for and your size. If you are of average to small size you can also find a pretty decent selection at Acemart.com
  4. irodguy

    Cooking Shrimp

    Yep my sister and I made her husband toss it by eating sweet shrimp years ago. We kept telling him how good they were He just would not believe us. Something to do with me making him eat Wasabi Tabiko with raw quail egg just before that.
  5. irodguy

    Cooking Shrimp

    No question, but do remember it's not necessarily that you "bother" to purchase with heads on. The price for shrimp in Asian stores in 1/2 that of anywhere else, but you better not mind the heads.
  6. irodguy

    Frozen Salmon....

    Since your moving anyhow, cook the fish invite someone over you really don't like. Tell them that you can't eat the fish due to "allergies"
  7. irodguy

    Cooking Shrimp

    I normally go with heads on. I "dehead" before serving.
  8. irodguy


    Try some smoked paprika mixed into ground beef. You end up with a great burger. Taste like bacon.
  9. A nice Pork Roast What can I say, I am a Jew from Dallas who was born in Baylor (Baptist) hospital. Shalom yall Rodney
  10. Click here for the link. Looks interesting.
  11. irodguy

    Steak Marinade

    The real "secret" is to use a meat jaccarder. http://www.acemart.com/merchant.mv?Screen=...gory_Code=G14-7 You jaccard both directions one time. You don't want to do this to much or you will end up with ground meat. You then put the meat in your marinade. Since it now has the connective tissue broken down, the marinade is much more efficient.
  12. Even wild Salmon must be frozen first. If not you raise a high rise of parasites. Are you having a sushi party or just serving "home" Sushi? If you are doing a party you need to keep the fish on ice. When catering Sushi parties or doing my own, I often used cooked fish, chicken etc. When showing people how to "play" with their food you need items that can "take the heat"
  13. irodguy

    Lemon Verbena uses

    Very good topic right about now my Lemon Verbena is going nuts. Planning on using this for my chicken with lemon sauce.
  14. Don't forget those pouring spouts and a large variety of plastic squeeze bottles including the 3 spot. Just what you need for plate decorating :)
  15. A very thing cut of Salmon with Skin Seared Cucumber Salad 1 Cucumber seeded 1/4 cup sliced red onion 2 T Mayo 1/2 t Japanese Chili Oil 1 T toasted Sesame seeds 1/2 t Ginger 1 Garlic Clove 1/4 cup Rice vinegar 1 t sweetener (to taste depending on type used) Mix the Wet Toss the cucumber Cut the Salmon into bite size strips drizzle with a little extra chili oil
  16. I would try Taverna just around the corner from Fireside by Chips off Travis.
  17. Yep I should have warned you :) Every trip = $100 it seems. Last trip I purchased a really nice 12,500 BTU portable burner. And of course there is always the extra little stuff...
  18. You have to indicate what a "real pie" is. Is it what is considered pizza in Italy Venice to Padova. Very crispy crust and little cheese. New York- What we call "thin" crust but has no comparison to real Italian. Chicago - Good meal by the slice pizza but closer to Foccia Pie than what Italians call Pizza.
  19. Pound Flour Egg Wash Bread Crumbs (Deep Bowl) Let set for 1 hour in the fridge Cook in deep oil. You are going for a fry not a sauté. Make sure your oil is hot enough.
  20. irodguy

    seared tuna

    I have used the frozen Tuna at Sams a couple of time when I was entertaining the hords. It was okay, didn't smell and was fine for searing. I normally server with either Japanese chili sesame oil drizzled on it or a Wasabi vinaigrette. Most of the Tuna you purchase even at the local Fishmongers here in the Dallas area is in fact pre-frozen. When I want really fresh Tuna I go to the local Japanese restaurant supply and watch them cut it off the Tuna. Kind of fun when they have the big guys in to see them wrestle 6 or 700 pounds of fish.
  21. Yep Ace Mart www.acemart.com. They are located just around the corner from where we had dinner the other night. Depending on what you are looking for Sams Club also has great prices in their catering department.
  22. Texas Nobody seems to have mentioned 75% off books. They have a great selection of cookbooks with none of them about $5. I purchased several of the Culinaria series for $5 a piece normal price about $75 a piece. Their selection changes day to day. All books are new. http://www.75offbookstores.com/ They have locations all over Texas.
  23. The buzz on the Good Eats fan page is that the kitchen has been recreated in a studio, and has been in use since last fall. Not even the die-hard AB fans noticed the switch. Everybody just went...oooh, he got a new stove. He went with GE appliances instead of Viking in the new kitchen. Here's the discussion: http://goodeats.dyns.net:/viewtopic.php?t=6041 Last fall at a Central Market class Alton told us that the show had to move to a studio due to neighborhood complaints about traffic.
  24. Sorry but for middle of the road steak houses Saltgrass stands head and antlers above Ouback. Now when you talk about the other "white bread" chains such as OG, I find certain things ok about them. For instance OG is fine for a lite lunch of their generic Salad & breadsticks if I am in a hurry.
  25. Hmm I wonder if Sushi house is the bar that Ms. Lee of Royal East Asian Cuisine in Denton used to own. I know they had a sushi bar in the inwood & lovers area. Have not tried Teppo but, I have been to Tei Tei Robata Bar which is quite good. Overall it's still very hard to beat Masami for sushi.
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