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  1. Rated by where I enjoy going as apposed to "best of the best" 1) Paparazzi in Plano. Truly great high end Italian at reasoanble prices. Also great steak. Also probably one of the most child friendly higher end restaurants in the area. 2) Simon's Sushi Plano - Simon is an artist 3) Zorba the Greek. There food is great even though they won't split the check so we no longer go there for lunch in mass.. 4) Lola - Always interesting 5) Seoul Garden - Great Korean and the only place I know of that does table bbq with hot coals. It's a bit hard to find by the quickie mart, and parking espeically at lunch can be kind of ah interesting.. 6) Cafe Pacific - All though I don't go often it's always great 7) Taverna - All though I have to get Mi Piacci a heads up as great Italian, I eat much more often and enjoy Taverna. 8) Scotty P's - Great Burgers and fab onion rings. What can I say it's 3 blocks from my house. 9) Chow Thai Pacific Rim Plano - Very consitant and quite good 10) Babe's Chicken. What can I say you just can't go wrong with great fried chicken!
  2. They are currently located in "part of" Sigel's @ the Quadrangle
  3. Yep Balls has always been up there for me. I will tell you that Scotty P's in Plano, Frisco, Southlake is very close. Close enough that I rarely drive to Snyder plaza anymore. Now new on the DFW Burger market is Cheeburger Cheeburger. It's a chain out of Florida. Dallas located on Inwood & Lovers.
  4. The difference between the Vita Mix and normal blenders is basically the difference between using a shovel and a bulldozer. They simply are much higher horsepower than regular blenders and have metal gears were normal blenders have gone to plastics in many cases. Now that being said I saw another commerical blender demo at Sams that looked like it would give my old Vita Mix a run for the money. It was about $250 with a "life-time" warranty. I don't remember the brand name..
  5. As a member of PETA I can say that vegetarian Chili isn't..... People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
  6. Ah yes but if you buy an Aga, you have to go to Aga class also. So while your at it a nice vacation in the UK would be good
  7. Yep made the mistake about telling a friend of mine from Lubock about "Cincinatti chili" His comment is "their ain't no such thang" It's Cincinatti Tomato Stew, that those "yankees" just got confused.
  8. Ah Mushrooms.... Hangum Boys.... Sounds like a good recipe but I would not pass it off as "chili" @ least not in West Texas...
  9. My favorite cajun hot sauce. They also make Garlic juice which is handy to throw in your gumbo.
  10. I normally stop at Krebs on the way to Arkansas and then on the way back if possible. There are actually many Italian businesses in Krebs. Krebs is just outside Mcallaster on the way to Lake Eufaula, on the edge of the Oklahoma hill country.
  11. I have been pretty much off caffeine for the last few months. I have been drinking caffiene free soda and water. Every so often I have to hit the Ice Tea when I know I want to stay up late, but that's a pretty rare thing. I find that I am sleeping much better.
  12. I have purchased several items from http://www.culinaryclassics.com. Looked great still wearing them. I have also looked at but not purchased from: http://www.allheartchefs.com/chefcoats.html.
  13. A Steam Injection Oven Complete set of copper cookware ( okay I am getting close on this one ) Complete set of Shun Knives Woodburning Pizza oven -- One of these day 10 Quart Mixer Larger Prep Table - Working on this one Walk in Cooler (and the space for it )
  14. Why make a double batch? Depending on what you are using it for the final sauce doesn't take more than 10 minutes anyhow. I always just make enough. If I am cooking for an event I might make several batches over several days, but always make up a fresh batch. Just not worth worrying about.
  15. Very nice looking pan. As a "Potaholic" I would buy one to replace my older / stirfry smoker.
  16. Now that is a good idea . . . having that display, I mean. I find that CMs and the big HEBs have just so much stuff that it makes me dizzy. I may be making an excursion into town over the weekend and may make a stop there just to check it out. Then I can go looking in my HEB for stuff that I am interested in. There were a lot of odd blank spaces on the shelves at the HEB. It was like they were reshuffling the stock, to make space for the new stuff maybe? But if they don't restock that blood orange soda I'm gonna GET A ROPE! ← I was in CM North yesterday wanting to pick up some Blood orange soda..there is none to be found. The warehouse is even out. SIGH.... Maddie ← Lucky for me Plano CM has plenty I bought a bottle last night and going back for another tonight. I might have to start a chapter of BOSA
  17. Yep Parker & Custer. Been there for many years. Next door to the Gym where Carly Paterson was trained
  18. Ah yes I read the article, quite interesting. All though not "in Dallas" my favorite Italian sausage is http://www.loveras-italian.com/ in Krebs Oklahoma. Now in Dallas I must admit I used to love Al's. Pretty funny really in a previous life many moons ago, I used to own the pay phones outside of Al's I have purchased sausage from Kuby's for many years as well. There is no question that they will be within the top two in any local Sausage contest. It does surprise me that Hirsch's did not do better. I frequently purchase sausage there mainly because they are two blocks from my house I simply don't see a big enough difference between them and Kuby's for normal sausage purchases. Now if I am having a cookout Kuby's is still my prime choice, that is if I am not in the mood for a road trip
  19. Are you stripping the greens off the stalk? The "Green" Parts are normally not bitter but the stalk is often quite bitter. This can be helped by grilling the stocks, but most of the time it's easier to toss them. A nice sweet dressing 1/4 cup Walnut Oil 1 tsp Mustard or a little more as necessary Maple syrup about 4 T Balsamic to taste 1/3 cup Feta
  20. Wasabi Mashed Sweet Potato Thinly sliced Cucmber with Rice Vinegar & Chili Oil Ok I know you didn't want to go full oriental but I personally love Seaweed Salad
  21. Either a California roll or just some creative Maki. Don't mess it up with a lot of other "stuff"
  22. Ankimo - Monk Fish Liver When in season it's the best thing going. Aji - Spanish Mackerel if fresh it's great Blue FIn Toru - It's butter in your mouth Anago - Sea Eel Salmon Skin Maki Tempura Maki with Teriyaki Sauce Wasabi Tabiko with a raw quail egg - Very yummy My current favorite is a concoction that a local Sushi bar make. A "BTS" roll (Better than Sex) will not quite but close
  23. You could always purchase the start chef's from Falk and a piece from Mauviel. A-City on Ebay has decent prices on the Mauviel pro 2.5mm line. I would concur that you don't want the "tabletop" line.
  24. Well then again I can categorize the perfect burger as "Jamie's Hamburgers" in the Dallas of my youth. It was the burger that the original Chilis attempted to copy but did a bad job. The fellow who started Chilis had a club in the same shopping center as Jamie's. They cooked on hickory and always got the burger just right.. I am still trying to copy it to this day.
  25. Yep I would eat Sushi daily if i could afford it as well. In fact there have been weeks that I wound up eating sushi everyday for an entire week. It was great!
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