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  1. If you will be staying at the 'M' streets your closest Central Market will be located on Greenville & Lovers Lane. From the M streets just go south on Greenville to Lovers. You might also think about going to the Farmers Market. The Farmers market is located Downtown off Pearl. For big taste it really depends on what kind of food you are looking for. If you are adventurous you can go to the Ross Avenue area and find great Mexican food. You could also go down to Bryan & Fitzhugh, on the NE corner you will find Jimmy's Italian Deli and the SW corner you will find May's Vietnamese and several other good oriental restaurants. I would advise this area for daytime trips more than nighttime. If you like Chinese you can go North on 75 to Arapahoe turn right and turn right again on Greenville ave. You will find Chinatown on your left side. There are many great Chinese restaurants there.
  2. I would fully agree with Jasmine and go there often since it's very close to my house. I would also agree with Zorba's (other than the entire check splitting thing). I do question Jaspers, what happened?
  3. Well you could just keep both It's not at all uncommon that I have both by KA & Delonghi going.
  4. Yep I need to ask if they can get the anchovies packed with peppers. Imported from Sicily.
  5. Get off 75 North on Beltline. Turn East on Beltline (right if you were heading North on 75) Then turn North bound on Greenville. About 1/2 mile on your right you will see the Chinese area. There are many very good restaurants. Maxims is good for Dim Sum at lunch or Seafood at dinner. Just past this on your right is the Chinese cultural center and many other great places. Another favorite is First Chinese BBQ which is about 1 block south of the corner of Beltline & Greenville.
  6. Love Lamb and if the weather would ever get cooler here in Texas it would be Osco bucco season. With the price of Lamb Shank being very reasonable by the case from Sams it always great to knock out a few shanks.
  7. Whole foods is ok but, they just don't have the exotics that Central Market has. That being said I find myself shopping for produce more at Carnival. It's amazing that the "low end" grocery has produce that much to the time is nicer than Central or Whole foods for a 1/4 as much. So now I shop at Carnival first and then pick up the exotics at central.
  8. There are plenty of vertical roasters available. I purchased my locally for about $10 or so at BBQs Galore. They work quite well either indoors or out. I normally use a can of Dr. Pepper since I am not much of a beer drinker
  9. In nuevo progreso Arturo's Restaurant was great last time I ate there. Now that being said this was back in the mid 70s, all though I hear it's still there and good. Steak, Seafood, Cabrito etc. In the day the entire town was Arturo's grocery, restaurant ........
  10. I rarely buffet, but generally I believe you get what you pay for. If you go to a $5 Chinese or pizza buffet its garbage, nothing worth eating stay far far away. Now for the however if you go to a $12-14 Chinese high quality lunch seafood buffet or Indian or a $25 dinner buffet the food is ok. In fact here in Dallas there are a couple of Chinese buffets that are very passable. Of course there were not many mentions of the venerable Sunday lunch buffets at the 4 star+ hotels. These generally range from $50 to $75 and often are quite good. There are also other specialty type buffets like the Courtyard of the Two sisters Jazz brunch, truly great food and one heck of a value. Now all this being said all of these are indulgences and only can be done once a month or two. Being already overweight, it's far to easy to eat to much without noticing at any of these, but that's another thread.
  11. Their prices seem to be pretty good but the produce is somewhat nicer at both Central and Whole Food Plano. They do have pretty decent loss leaders no question.
  12. The older Brennans are now all together in Houston .. read this article for details ... In this type of a crisis, the inequities become even more visible ... especially with 24/7 coverage ... very sad. ← Sorry but if you and your family has worked for years to build a business if possible you guard it. While there are poor people without food, the looters for the most part consist of the felons that were let go. It just makes sense that the quarter did not sustain much harm. It was built when it had to withstand floods before the current technology. I can also see why the police would guard the quarter first and foremost. If New Orleans is ever to be a viable city again, it's must rebuild and bring back it's tourist trade.
  13. Yep it's owned by a friend of a friend of mine. I keep planning on stopping by. Will have to try it for lunch.
  14. Well since for all practical purposes Tex Mex arose in Dallas about the same time as San Antonio. Not counting the "authentic" Mexican in Dallas as restaurants like El Ranchito, Herreras and Rositas. I simply have not had any better Mexican in Austin or San Antonio. Now while the best BBQ is in the hill country there are several decent places here. Smokey Joes and all though I cannot tell you the name there is a great one over on 175 all though you have to brave the area. In Ft. Worth you have Angelos, Risckys and if you are looking for a fun dive try "the smoke pit" And oh yah I personally think North Main is fine. Yes and while Rudy's is out of Austin it's still here. The thread was tex-mex & bbq in the Dallas area not necessarily "local joints"
  15. I would highly suggest the Gem in Carmel it's the "locals secret" I used to book reservations there every year for Concorso/Pebble weekend. It's very resonable and great food. Yes there cassoulet is great as is everything else.
  16. Thanks syrah girl...........I hadn't considered the Post Ranch. We're going down to Big Sur one day and plan to stop at Nepenthe (for old time's sake ) .....................maybe dinner at Sierra Mar? I'll look into it. ← Yep I would also suggest a stop at Nepenthe. There is better food but not better views.
  17. Have you tried something crazy like filling the entire thing with oil? It might just make it slippery enough. The idea of expansion might also be viable, maybe hot water.
  18. Here in Dallas Cowboy Chicken has it hands down. I have been going there for years. I have yet to have a bad piece of chicken from them.
  19. The largerst employers are pretty much tech companies in one form or another. This includes defense, telcom and various other "hi tech" For Dim Sum in Arlington Arc-en-Ciel on New York @ 807-469-9999 In Richardson Maxims http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?_page...L&item_id=13596 In Garland Arc-en-Ciel on Walnut & Kingsley
  20. irodguy


    A nice pesto. For instance a sweeter nut like a Pecan and Cilantro makes a good Pesto for use with roasted meats. Breading works great Macadamia nut chicken or Pecan is rather good. Now I normally make a slightly sweet sauce with vinegar & maple syrup and more nuts.
  21. In Italy you just break it into chunks and eat it with some nice Lambrusco.
  22. Here in Texas very few establishments don't take cards. The only well known "good" place that I can think of is First Chinese BBQ. They are simply good enough that they can "get away with it" My favorite Kaloche shop did not take credit cards until recently. I was amazed when I walked in and they had "we now accept cards" When I asked they told me that many people walked in and back out when they told them no cards. Their business has gone up nearly 70% with cards. I can understand this, it's a rarity that I ever have cash in my pocket. Now I do have two or three cards and a couple of different debit cards on me, but no cash.
  23. The probem with purchasing Ghirardelli chips elsewhere is cost. When making 20 dozen cookies for an order it's simply to expensive to go with anything other than the "chip of the day" @ Sams.
  24. irodguy

    [DFW] Zorba's

    We went for lunch today and they let us pay with seperate cards without issue. Now all I have to do is spread the word at the office. There are people who were so irritated by their previous policy that they have not been back in well over a year.
  25. irodguy

    [DFW] Zorba's

    Ah were you sitting in the old section by any chance pretty much right next to the desert counter? If so yes we were right next to you.
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