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  1. Any idea what time they open for breakfast? It sounds like a good stop after dropping my son off at school.
  2. Wow... three of us ordering the same menu items on the same night! The coincidence is remarkable, really! I, too, was impressed with the crab on sticky rice; next time around, however, I'd like to try the version with lobster as I've heard that's it's even better than the crab. The spicy chili crab served with garlic chips also sounded unbelievably good, and I'm a big fan of what I think is called deep-fried garlic-chili "silver" fish on their late-night menu. Keep the choy sum, though. It's too floral tasting for me.
  3. Prado's organic free-trade espresso blend and ChocolaTas. Breakfast of champions.
  4. Dude, you were the second person to eat the xiao long bao and you still burned your tongue. Next suggestion.
  5. A dessert I'm particularly fond of at a local izakaya restaurant is vanilla ice cream topped with sweet adzuki (red) beans and crushed senbei (rice crackers). So, take your pick... vanilla ice cream or senbei.
  6. Roasted figs drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  7. But did you consult the locals for recommendations before you did your stumbling?
  8. Dear Miss Rachel, thank you for sharing your heart and your home with us this week. It has, indeed, been a privilege and we are truly blessed.
  9. Replies based on first submission, yes? So we're still at chimichurri sauce. And we're also endeavouring not to repeat as noted in jackal's list on page 6 and forward.
  10. Last summer, I fell in love with the combination of ultra-crispy frites with... chimichurri sauce.
  11. Ooh ooh! Instead of Doritos, the "Hint of Lime" Tostitos work, too. And definitely, definitely NOT with low fat sour cream. ← Genius! Sheer genius! And bang on with the full-fat sour cream. Nothing but the fattiest will do.
  12. At least it's already chopped up. The whole ones put up a helluva fight as already noted by Domestic Goddess. I've seen someone eat a baby octopus (on TV) and he had to keep peeling the tentacles out of his nostrils and off of his face.
  13. Bean sprouts wrapped in a tortilla with slivered scallions, barbecued ground pork, cilantro, hoisin sauce and... water chestnuts.
  14. Doritos. Dipped in sour cream. For breakfast. That is all.
  15. Not that I recall. The olive kernels were still a pale greyish-green in colour with no distinct roasted flavour. Aside from use in Ma Lai Goh and soup, are there any other applications for them?
  16. One variant of Ma Lai Goh that I've tasted at dim sum incorporates "olive kernels". Is this common?
  17. Patrick or anyone else who may have tried this recipe, what's the proportion of smoked paprika that this recipe calls for?
  18. Further to tangaloor's comments, West Restaurant also features a vegetarian tasting menu; I've always been a big fan of David Hawksworth's cooking. Already mentioned upthread, Cafe Kathmandu is another of my personal favourites. There's also Chai Gallery on West Broadway in Vancouver which features ayurvedic cuisine and Yogi's Vegetarian Indian Cuisine on Commercial Drive. Enjoy your visit!
  19. Sadly, no. I foresee inviting myself over for dinner to either my Mom's house or my Aunt's in the very near future. And you go, girl, on two counts: the dried anchovies and the breakfast choices of champions! I love it! It's miraculous how that happens, isn't it... how those little fish just wriggle their way onto the stove, all by themselves. Okay, Grub, here's a question for you. Anchovies on pizza: yay or nay?
  20. Mooshmouse: The linked picture seemed to have been removed from the site. Would like to take a look at these dried anchovies otherwise. Chinese variety? Japanese? Others? ← Hmmm. That's curious. Here's a tiny version of the original photo which happens to be of Korean myolchi. In the Philippines, we call them dilis; if you scroll down to the second image on this page in the Market Manila blog, you'll see another photo of them. When making them at home, Filipinos either oven-crisp them or pan-crisp them. They're usually accompanied by a dipping sauce of garlic-and-chili-infused cane vinegar and eaten with a monumental pile of rice.
  21. The best Ma Lai Gou I've found in town so far at dim sum is steamed to order... it smells the best when it's piping hot!
  22. Resurrecting this topic because I've currently got a craving for these... tiny dried anchovies. My five-year-old son loves them too -- eats them like potato chips -- but husband has forbidden me to cook these at home. Even if I quick-fry them outdoors on my barbecue's gas burner, he swears that I'll kill all wildlife within a 1-mile radius of our house with the smell... "Birds will start dropping from the sky!" he says. Looks like I'll have to head out for some Korean food if I have any remote hope of getting any dried fish action... or see if my Mom will cook them for me! Sigh.
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