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  1. Three cheers for sauerkraut!! There's an unbelievable gourmet hot dog vendor in town (hmmmm, isn't that somewhat of a foodie oxymoron?), and dear husband often asks me if I'd like a side of hot dog with my sauerkraut after I'm finished garnishing...
  2. Oh, dear God in heaven. As Bill the Cat would say, "Ack!" That is all. (well, except for cognac pate...)
  3. So, here's the antithesis of a currently popular thread. Which foods or food combinations do you absolutely love that other people either hate or can't understand? Stemming from the Asian tendency to balance sweet and savoury flavours in order to enhance their taste, my husband gives me the hairy eyeball when I scoop myself some ice cream and pair it with a side plate of thinly sliced corned beef and extra garlic mini dill pickles. Or else substitute the meat and pickle plate for some kind of salty crunchy snack like Japanese or Filipino chips. I know, I know. Bizarre. And I wasn't even pregnant. Go figure that my food cravings actually evened out somewhat while I was with child...
  4. Will you marry me?? If you're a man, that is. Well, given that I'm a woman, I'll at least sit in a soft comfy chair and have a cuddle with you! Really though, it's nice to have found a kindred spirit... I always get the weirdest looks from people when I tell them that I don't like root beer. Care to make your union polygamous? Or just let me squish into the chair with y'all? Cause I don't like root beer, never have. Makes my tongue numb. Dr. Pepper is just a big vanilla-y yawn. :::moves over to make space::: But of course... there's always room for one more root beer hater! Perhaps we could be the first three charter members of The Anti Root Beer and Dr. Pepper League. Bear in mind that there's strength in numbers and, given that our numbers are few, we must unite! Man, I'm starting to sound like a suffragette. And why is it that all the Dr. Pepper and root beer haters who have responded so far are women? Is there something inherently masculine about these drinks that we don't know about? Does it really make your tongue go numb?!
  5. And there's the kicker. At least you have two ends of the spectrum. Here, all we have to choose from is a variety of turo-turo places. Gotta tell you, I damn near split my pants laughing when I read "Elvie's Turo-Turo". Not to say that these places are bad; however, to echo your explanation of jschyun's sentiment, they're certainly not better than what I can whip up in my own kitchen. I don't cook Filipino food at home all that often, but the only time I ever really get a craving to go out for it is when I want something that's too time consuming to do myself... or when I can't convince my Mom to make it for me! There used to be a hip eatery here that billed itself as somewhat Filipino, but that consisted all of two dishes on a "pan-Asian" tapas menu: the requisite variant of lumpia, and then some kind of adobo recipe. And even that closed down late last year. Is Cendrillon about the same? A couple of Filipino dishes in a sea of multi-ethnic Asian entrees? Given the large Filipino populations in both California and New York, not to mention Dallas and Chicago, it makes infinte sense that there are a multitude of restaurants to choose from at both ends of the spectrum. Fortunately we have no shortage of bakeries and stores here, of which the largest is, obviously, Goldilocks. Your point about increasing cross-cultural awareness of Filipino food is probably what I'm really trying to get at. It's such a diverse food with it's interplay of Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, and native influences that I wish more people could experience it. All the friends I've introduced to Filipino food love it, no matter what their ethnic background, and they're always amazed at the amount of food that we prepare for our family get togethers. And so much for a low carb diet in a Filipino household... bread, bread and more bread baby!
  6. Will you marry me?? If you're a man, that is. Well, given that I'm a woman, I'll at least sit in a soft comfy chair and have a cuddle with you! Really though, it's nice to have found a kindred spirit... I always get the weirdest looks from people when I tell them that I don't like root beer. Now. As for this suggestion to get teeny weeny brussels sprouts instead of bigger ones. Isn't this tantamount to asking someone "Would you prefer to have 3 highball glasses of arsenic-laced wine or just 1 large pint?" They're disgusting no matter how leetle they are!! In discussing this with my cousin, he suggests that brussels sprouts are probably what stinky feet would taste like...
  7. Clearly, the same rocket scientists who think that Catalina and Thousand Islands salad dressings are haute cuisine. I'm with all the gin haters.... aaaack. Scotch whiskey isn't high on my list either. Non-alcoholic beverages? Root beer and Dr. Pepper are completely deplorable. A mere whiff of root beer is enough to set my gag reflex in motion. Then there are the infamous brussels sprouts. Every Thanksgiving, I'm forced to prepare these vile mini stink bombs for our family feast and eat my annual quota of 3 to placate the rest of my brood. Drowned in gravy, of course. One of my standing food policies, especially at dim sum, is "No Feet, No Faces, No Organs". Absolutely positively nuh-uh. There's almost nothing more gross than watching someone polish off a bowl full of duck tongues or chicken feet or tripe... barfarama. Of course there are a select few exceptions. Come on, who could live without cognac pate? But go figure, I absolutely love raw oysters.
  8. After much forum surfing and coming up empty, I'm forced to ask whether anyone outside of the Philippines has ever dined in a Filipino restaurant? Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, all of our Filipino restaurants are essentially cafeteria style where you can pick and choose from a variety of entrees. Weekends often feature specialty dishes, and restaurants are often combined with Filipino bakeries and/or food stores. I lament the fact that there aren't any eating establishments that do justice to our cuisine which is so varied and diverse. Comments? Experiences? Favourite dishes?
  9. Mooshmouse

    Ethnic Pop

    Hear, hear. I'm a big fan of Royal Tru Orange and Fanta Orange, both from the Philippines. Also quite like San Pellegrino Aranciata for it's not-so-sweet taste. And then there's Ting. Hands down, my favorite international pop. Costs a fortune per bottle here in Canada, but I always order a bottle whenever I go for Jamaican or Caribbean food.
  10. Wow... the days of Saltimbocca. Am showing my age when I say that my husband and I had our first date there, oh, 11 years ago. I, too, remember the early days of seared tuna paired with a buttery Chardonnay, though I'd much rather have a refreshing pinot gris/grigio now. Would be interested to hear what anyone else has to say about Coco Pazzo. Piccolo Mondo is such a classic, often overlooked restaurant with wonderful food, an impressive wine list and always impeccable service. Haven't been there in a few years and am long overdue for a return visit. Although Villa del Lupo is good, I'd choose Piccolo Mondo over it. Quattro is more casual and 'homey' if that's the flavour you're looking for. Bis Moreno and Cioppino are still on my 'To Do' list. There's my two cents. Let us know what you choose.
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