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  1. Try Beefway Meats on Kingsway near Slocan. Windsor Meats is another option though perhaps not quite as budget conscious as Beefway.
  2. Took another quick scan through your list, grayelf, didn't see the North Shore's Tomahawk Restaurant on there. Also missing is The Well on Main Street between 14th and 15th, just south of Bert's. Haven't been myself but have heard good things and intend to get there sooner rather than later. Roundel Café isn't as good as it once was... I'd take the extra few minutes and drive to Seb's instead. And gracias for the shout out, Kentan!
  3. Choppers Diner, relocated to the east side of Nanaimo south of Broadway from its former spot on 1st Avenue. Organic free-range eggs, house-made preserves that are fantastic on rye toast. Have been meaning to get back there for their burger and onion rings. Grease with a side order of biker rock and roll.
  4. Hey, no fair... I thought you meant just sushi! I'm a big fan of the Zakkushi on 4th. Small and intimate. How can you go wrong with meat on sticks?! Takumi is in the former La Regalade Côte de Mer space. I was smitten with Takumi when it was still in Coquitlam; my two visits to the West Van spot were somewhat lacklustre. Dan on West Broadway is also very consistent. Lime on The Drive is solid, quirky venue notwithstanding. And I'm forever a fan of Kingyo. However, not a fan of En. Thanks for the shout out, fmed. I've just been hiding here in my little mouse hole, eatin' mah cheese...
  5. Whoa, has it really been that long since my last post?! That aside, I wanted to chime in on spots possibly worthy of an anniversary dinner: Yoshi's still does exist; however, Yoshihiro Tabo has been at the helm of Blue Water Cafe's Raw Bar since the summer of 2002. He's still extraordinarily skilled at his craft. Zest on 16th at Macdonald still gets good marks as does its more casual baby sister, ShuRaku on Granville Street Chef Nobu Ochi's sushi at Zen in West Vancouver also gets my nod. Let us know where you end up!
  6. That's never stopped friends from bringing me "gifts" from Salumi!
  7. Pork and beef jerky from Bee Kim Heng, without question. 4194 Fraser Street 604-875-8688
  8. Three times as much food as last year, easily. Forget the salads, Salvesen. Bran's what you need. You're welcome for the pork empanadas.
  9. Are you thinking of Tinland Cookware at 244 East Pender?
  10. That they do; dishes are quite reasonably priced. There's also some decent Greek food at Bouzyos Greek Taverna. And, if you decide to hang around The Drive at dinnertime, I suggest trying Café Kathmandu, directly adjacent to Pondok.
  11. New pizza place? I will have to check it out. Is it close to where the Waves coffee shop is being renovated? ← Yup... 1/2 a block south, a couple of storefronts away from Prado Café.
  12. Lombardo's Riddim and Spice (Jamaican) Harambe (Ethiopian) Yogi's for vegetarian Indian Stormin' Norman's for a mixed game burger Falconetti's if you're in the mood for good sausages Definitely Pondok Indonesian if you're willing to trek up to Commercial and 12th There's also a new pizza place slated to open soon between 3rd and 4th... I think it's Urban Grain but I'm not sure.
  13. Toast. Gotta be on the light side. If it's too dark, it makes me think of what a crouton would taste like slathered with butter and jam. No thanks.
  14. Torakris started a topic on this a while back.
  15. It makes me feel so good to know that I'm not alone in this. I hate ripe, mushy bananas (although they're good in cakes ). ← Me three. I like bananas when they've just lost their green. Anything much more than that and I'll wait until they're ripened, then toss them into the freezer for smoothies or baking. Apples too. If I take a bite into an apple and find it the least bit mealy, then that'll be my last bite. They've gotta be crisp or I'll forego them completely. Got any (recent) idiosyncracies to add?
  16. That's right! Will Ferrell grabbed a green apple from the bowl on his kitchen counter as he walked out the door each morning; you could see it in his mouth as he counted his steps across the crosswalk on his way to the bus stop. A brilliant movie with an outstanding cast, one of my recent favourites.
  17. CLUE: The lead character never liked cookies until he tasted these which had been baked especially for him.
  18. Seb's is named after Sebastian, the young son of Owner/Chef François Godbout. Their breads and preserves are all made in-house. It's one of the Mouse family's favourite brunch spots... glad you enjoyed your meal!
  19. The Fisher King? ← We have a winner ladies and gentlemen!! Love that film, such tender and horrific scenes in a comic wrap. ← I'll second that emotion, Henry. Great movie, indeed.
  20. New movie: In separate instances, a green apple eaten each morning, and a glass of milk and cookies "warm and gooey, right out of the oven."
  21. Lechon, or spit-roasted suckling pig, is a national delicacy of the Philippines. Because of a powerful childhood memory, I couldn't take a bite of it for years. When I was four and change, we lived with my grandparents, a period of time that I remember with great fondness. My Lolo (Grandfather) and Lola (Grandmother) lovingly tended their gardens and fruit orchard; one of my childhood chores was to help feed the chickens and a whole host of pets: cats, dogs and guinea pigs. One day, someone brought a pig to our home, and I adopted it as part of the pet menagerie. Little did I know that this little piggy was destined for a fate other than being my lifetime companion. A big party was planned for my fifth birthday with over 40 friends and family members invited. Any Filipino gathering, large or small, involves inordinate quantites of food, and I, as the budding foodie, asked early in the day what we'd be eating that evening. "Lechon," was the answer. "Oh," I said sweetly, "will Ninong and Ninang (my Godfather and Godmother who had a pig farm) be bringing one over?" "No, we've already got one." I don't know how long it took my little five-year-old brain to process that statement. What I do remember is the abject horror that overcame me when I realized that my porcine bosom buddy was slated to be dinner for us all. Needless to say, I was utterly devastated and started caterwauling immediately. When it came time to slaughter the pig, I ran upstairs and hid in bed; though my head was buried under a pile of pillows, that didn't entirely stifle the squealing. I still get a knot in my throat just thinking about it. Sigh.
  22. Well, no takers, so I'll wade in with a wild guess and say... Tom Hanks in 'Big'. ← Good guess, but no. It's a more recent movie than that. ← I'll add that this line was spoken towards the end of the movie during a $10,000/person charity dinner for Lou Gehrig's disease that was attended by the entire ensemble of characters. ← Tuesdays with Morrie? I know that the film dealt with the disease but I don't recall the quote. ← Sorry for the delay, but it isn't Tuesdays with Morrie. For nearly the entire duration of the movie, one of the characters thought that the charity dinner was to raise funds for Alzheimer's rather than Lou Gehrig's Disease. Also, on two separate instances, another character spoons into a tub of ice cream in front of the fridge and noshes on cookies while working at her desk as a coping mechanism for dealing with her insensitive husband.
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