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  1. Well, no takers, so I'll wade in with a wild guess and say... Tom Hanks in 'Big'. ← Good guess, but no. It's a more recent movie than that. ← I'll add that this line was spoken towards the end of the movie during a $10,000/person charity dinner for Lou Gehrig's disease that was attended by the entire ensemble of characters.
  2. Well, no takers, so I'll wade in with a wild guess and say... Tom Hanks in 'Big'. ← Good guess, but no. It's a more recent movie than that.
  3. Here you go: "Is it just me, or is this food really small?"
  4. Kumusta ka kababayan! It's great to see another Filipina blogging... I look forward to learning more about Korea through your eyes. And a special hello from my little one to yours. Though I'm not Doddie, I hope you'll allow me to recommend Memories of Philippine Kitchens by Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan of New York's Cendrillon restaurant. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this cookbook and am really looking forward to attending to a cooking workshop tomorrow evening with the author.
  5. Thank you very much for the photos and detailed descriptions, Mooshmouse! I want one of those triple tiered platters! What order do people typically eat the items in? savory, semi-savory and sweet, I guess? ← You're right in your guess of savoury, semi-sweet and desserts as the order in which people usually eat High Tea treats; as such, the Secret Garden's tiered arrangement is the most logical. Sounds like you put together a wonderful spread, Rona... your friends are fortunate to have been so elegantly pampered! And you're welcome for the photos. Hope you're feeling better; wrap up in a warm blanket and, with any luck, all will be well soon.
  6. During a trip to Puerto Vallarta last November, I got absolutely hooked on Sabritos (the Mexican equivalent of Lays) Chile y Limón flavour and am considering buying a hard-sided suitcase to bring home a gross of them next winter.
  7. Chef Colleen McClean, former Chef de Cuisine at Feenie's. Whoops... typo.
  8. I'm a fan of their spicy wontons. If you like your dan dan noodles on the soupier side, then you'll like the ones at Chen's. And be sure to save room for dessert... I often have cravings for their black sesame pastries.
  9. I wasn't looking in the yogurt section when I was there yesterday, but you might want to try Minerva's Mediterranean Deli at 3207 West Broadway. They carry all manner of Greek foodstuffs. Phoning ahead might be easier: (604) 733-3954.
  10. The Birdcage! "Are you afraid of my Guatemalan-ness?"
  11. I vaguely remember seeing mini-cakes the last time I was at Ganache; however, I could be sadly mistaken. Still, it's definitely worth a call. You could also try Haas.
  12. You're right, Sheena. It's banana ketchup, just like strictly tomato-based ketchup except lighter and sweeter; as you've already noticed, Judith, it comes in regular and hot varieties. Aside from traditional dipping use, it's also an interesting addition to marinades for a lighter, fruitier note and as an accompaniment for grilled meats, particularly chicken and pork.
  13. Chen's Shanghai Restaurant 8095 Park Road (604) 304-8288 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Heads up that they're closed on Wednesdays. Happy dining!
  14. I remember these from my childhood in the Philippines; we used these to winnow rice, separating the grain from the chaff. I also used it to scatter grain for the chickens.
  15. According to Andrea, Indian food is a no-go.
  16. Well, there's Portobello Ristorante which serves classic Italian fare; now at 1429 West Broadway, it used to be a Kitsilano restaurant in the current Mistral Bistro space. Also Bin 942 at 1521 West Broadway.
  17. It is Airplane, referring to everyone gets food poisoning. I think the answer to this was something like, "I remember. I had lasagna."
  18. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Oh, did I like the food in that movie.My favorite lines: "Would you like something to eat?" "No, thanks, I'm not hungry." "I'll just fix you something." ← I like the scene where they come to the house with a bundt cake and everyonejust stares at it and repeats the word "Boondt" completely mystified at the very cake in front of them. How about when the kids tease her and say Mouse-caca for mousakka? Great movie!! ← Bingo! Another line I like from that movie: "Nicko! Don't play with food! When I was your age, I didn't have food!"
  19. "What do you mean, you don't eat no meat? That's okay. I'll make lamb."
  20. ...your son turns to you during dinner at a friend's house and says, "Next time, can you ask Auntie **** to roast the cauliflower like we do at home instead of putting this goopy orange sauce on it?"
  21. If you're willing to go the small plates route or think that $38 for a three-course prix fixe is a good deal, how about Cru? They open for dinner at 5:00 p.m. and are quite good at expediting if you let them know that you're on a tight pre-theatre time frame. It's tough to say no to their syrah-braised beef short rib with mac and cheese for $15!
  22. Heads up Dejah and any other Chinese-Canadians: during CNY, Purdy's sells gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins that are of fairly good quality milk chocolate, better than a lot of the generic ones that I've tasted. I've tried those coconut-flavoured lucky candies; they're okay, but I much prefer the strawberry ones. Like Domestic Goddess before me, I'm also a Rooster... Earth Rooster to be exact. My husband is an Earth Pig and our son is a Fire Snake. Keep up the great blog!
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