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  1. Hmmm... peaches. Well, occasionally I grill peaches and serve them with thyme-roasted pork loin chops.
  2. Well, among other things, I use nuoc cham to accompany... grilled beef.
  3. Drove past Green Village yesterday afternoon and noticed them taking down the exterior signage. Looks like the demise of another restaurant... has anyone heard anything to the contrary?
  4. Vinegar as in a sweetened cucumber-vinegar salad, so... Vinegar!
  5. Heads up all: it's Vacherin Mont d'Or season at Les Amis du Fromage. Get it while it's runny! (Courtesy of today's CityFood)
  6. Damn, double damn and triple damn for having my PMS stint coincide with Halloween! I've already destroyed the evidence so I'm uncertain of the exact count, but (so far) today I consumed two mini Oh Henry bars, one mini Caramilk, one mini Kit Kat, one mini Mr. Big (there's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one) and one treat-sized bag of Doritos. Breakfast was a treat-sized bag of mini Chips Ahoy and a mug of coconut tea... with an Ambrosia apple to mitigate the junk-food guilt.
  7. You know you're Filipino when.... ← Almost perfect. Two things missing: the garlic and chilies in the vinegar, and the mountain of rice to go along with the crispy-fried package of bacon!
  8. Though I realize that I'm cross-posting with Chef Fowke on the Vancouver forum, online bids should be e-mailed to info@rarevancouver.com.
  9. Kerry, look at the right-hand side of the text on Rare's webpage and you'll see a scroll bar. If you keep scrolling down, you'll see a list of items up for auction. Bids should be e-mailed to auction@rarevancouver.com. Other items available for auction that aren't listed on the Rare website include... whoops... I didn't realize that I couldn't include specifics on grape-centric auction items. PM me if you're interested and I can provide you with the details. Though I don't have minimum dollar figures, online bids are also being accepted for these items. Edited because I put my foot in my mouth/keyboard
  10. I've just returned from a day of volunteering and coordinating the crew of non-kitchen people who gave up their Sunday for the privilege of helping out with such a worthy cause. Dinner service is just about to commence, and I wanted to remind everyone that the Live Auction is currently up and running. Bids will be accepted for another two hours until 9:00 pm PST. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who put in their time and effort. Tina, though we've never met in person, my family's thought, prayers and love are with you.
  11. It has, quite some time ago. Was there something in particular that you were trying to source?
  12. Here's a quote from Eat! Vancouver's website, found via Google:
  13. I'm a huge fan of the newly revamped CityFood Online. Though the current site is only a beta version -- Rhonda May's article on the new format is here -- it's very well laid out. Clear, easy-to-navigate interface, fantastic graphics.
  14. Sam, as noted in your linked Wikipedia entry, blachang is also known as bagoong alamang in Filipino and can be readily purchased at any store selling Filipino food products. Aling Mary's on Main Street at East 11th Avenue (right beside Josephine's) and Aling Pining on Fraser Street between East 27th and 28th. Note: Upon re-reading your post, I'm editing to add that bagoong alamang still might be a bit too watery for your purposes. Are you looking for cakes of shrimp paste or the jarred variety? Bagoong alamang is the latter kind.
  15. It's restaurants like this that really underscore my mourning for the demise of Da Francesco. Sigh.
  16. Ah, see, it's all a question of semantics. I consider dim sum in Richmond and dim sum in Vancouver two completely different animals. Kirin Cambie would be my first choice on this side of the bridge. South of the Fraser, however, is an entirely different story.
  17. Read a really lovely review of this place in the October VM, along with several others of ethnic places. The first person that I thought of when I read the SR piece, I was surprised to discover, was the author of that review and several others in the excellent article! ← *curtseys* Thanks for the nod, cayenne!
  18. Rocky, you already know what my suggestions are in response to LEdlund's original list of queries, but will add that Gyoza King and Jang Mo Jib (both on Robson Street) are my picks for late-night eats in the downtown core. If you're struck by an after-hours craving for dim sum, hit Shanghai Bistro on Alberni Street for spicy wontons and mango pudding. There's also Brix in Yaletown, and this thread on Vancouver Late Night Eats also offers a whole whack of ideas. Happy eating!
  19. Cafe O at the Opus Hotel for a shot of espresso from their beautiful Synesso. I believe they're currently running Hines beans.
  20. Not yet -- Mr. Mouse and I stopped in late this evening for some dessert, a drink and a chat. Chef Daniel's target opening date for the new restaurant is October 1; in order to free up time to work on the renovations, the existing location is now only open for dinner (at 5:00 p.m.). And yes, the restaurant's name and phone number will remain the same after the move. Enjoy your dinner!
  21. Hmmm. Let's see. Ketchup. Malt vinegar. Hot banana ketchup. Calamansi mayo. But not all at once.
  22. Bang on with the address. Huge outdoor patio that'll be fabulous next summer. ← Are they taking over the space of an Asian restaurant there? ← You've got it! Mekong something, I think it is.
  23. Bang on with the address. Huge outdoor patio that'll be fabulous next summer.
  24. The Sweets And The City thread should provide you with plenty of ammunition. Ganache Pâtisserie is my spot of choice for pastries, and my favourite place for a chocolate fix is Chocolate Arts on West 4th in Kitsilano. Their Carmelita chocolate is sugar nirvana.
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