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  1. I have a week to plan a project making 25 apple pies with 60 teenagers, half of whom are visitors from China. The kids will go apple picking at a local New England orchard, then assemble pies to take home to host famlies to bake that evening. Now, my family thinks I make a mean apple pie: RLB's all-butter crust, apples from said orchard, a well-practiced routine in my own kitchen. Next week we will have 1 1/2 hours in a middle-school classroom to prep the apples and put the pies together. I do expect to have 8-10 American parents present to mentor the youths; I am familiar with the pie-mak
  2. We have some plastic glasses (not sure what kind of plastic) that we no longer use for gin & tonics because the lime wedges caused the surface of the plastic to get cloudy. I believe it is the lime oil.
  3. We will be overnight (a Thursday) in Williamstown at the end of June. I would love to hear 2012 suggestions for dinner in the Williamstown/North Adams vicinity. Adults + teen, all (good) food appreciated. Fern
  4. Wild blackberries grow like crazy in our back yard. The extremely dark color makes it difficult to judge the ripeness by eye though, with experience, one does learn the subtle signs. When ripe they are yummy right off the canes but cooking them brings out a spicy quality that fascinates me. I'm with Annabelle: If I had just a modest amount, I would probably make a fool. Fern [Edited for punctuation]
  5. I often make the dough into logs before chilling. I like being able to form and wrap closely right away, rather than putting sheets of portioned dough into the fridge and having to package it later (busy home baker). The logs can be cut or even just broken into pieces if you make them narrow. It's easier to smash the lumps down a bit to the desired silhouette than it is to scoop out refrigerated dough.
  6. Varier's Where to buy page for the US has online retailers at the bottom. Here is the results page for "move stool" at the Backcare Basics site. Actually, Backcare Basics seems to be based in Needham, though I don't know if they have a showroom. Now I want one! Fern
  7. I love those Sandy Chilewich mats! (If size/resolution permitted you would see the same one under the platter in my avatar image.) Those were the first products of hers I ever saw. I ordered a few from the MoMA catalogue and when they arrived they were so handsome that I immediately ordered several more to fill our large table. Modern, elegant and practical. Fern
  8. Fernwood

    Granulated onion?

    Doesn't Penzey's also do several versions of onion, as powder or dehydrated chunks? MelissaH I just discovered Penzeys toasted granulated onions--yum. Super convenient for quick dip/spread mixes. They have "Californian white onions, granulated", as well. Fern
  9. PET PEEVE! And (in an effort to stay on-topic) we could count that as a mispronunciation, though I think it is really some other kind of cognitive error. Fern
  10. Just curious: What does this mean? What was the "chocolate" then?
  11. That link describes the ventral nerve cord which is located toward the "belly" side (inner curve) of the body. Looking at THIS image, I think it is the shrimp's circulatory system (heart, dorsal artery). HERE is a clearer illustration. Although it is a crayfish, I am pretty sure the anatomy is close enough.
  12. Reviewed here by Rose Levy Beranbaum. She seems to like it, with a couple of caveats.
  13. Also, those used to be half-gallon containers and then I think they were 52 oz for a while, but I guess that's probably another topic.
  14. I used to buy a lot of Edy's and I started reading the ingredients when I noticed the absence of "ice cream" on the labels, sometime this past year. I will have to look again when I am at the store but, the way I remember it, the flavors that my children wanted had whey, and some sort of vegetable oil, and that was when I said "ick!" and bought a different brand, something that was still "ice cream". The flavors in question surely had cookie dough or peanut butter cups or similar junk mixed in, so maybe I was looking at an ingredient that was part of the add-in, rather than the base, but I d
  15. Have you done it? Does it work to add a little gelatin to sweetened sour cream? I'd like to pipe it to decorate the top of a cheesecake. Thanks, Fern
  16. Erin, This recipe sounds yummy and I want to make it! As posted on Epicurious, it calls for 10 oz of chicken for 4 servings. Would you please look at the recipe and tell us if you use more chicken in proportion to the other ingredients? Also, I am a little blank about the prep for the cucumbers, "sprinkle the cucumbers with a few pinches of salt, rubbing it into the flesh, then rinse. This lessens the aroma of the cucumber and gives it a good green color." I am guessing these small cucumbers are not the same as the standard American supermarket ones, but do we assume that they are peeled b
  17. I came across this one just a week or two ago and printed it out to paste inside my pantry door. From the Fantes Kitchen Wares Shop website. I can't vouch for the information, but I like the format. Maybe some eGulleteer who knows the field will look it over and tell us if we should take it seriously. Fern
  18. I am looking at a recipe for Crab Curry which specifies separate quantities of "brown crabmeat" and "white crabmeat" to be treated differently in the course of preparation. I didn't know what brown crabmeat is, so I googled a bit and found many references, most of them on British sites. (The recipe is attributed to Jamie Oliver.) On this page Gordon Ramsay describes how to extract white crabmeat from claws and body, then he says to "scrape out the brown meat inside the main body shell...." It sounds to me as though white could be equivalent to "lump crabmeat" in US retail. Is brown crabme
  19. Decimal check: 0.1 mg/kg would be only ~6 mg for that 135 lb person. Based on your formula, if just 1% of the tonka beans' weight is extractable coumarin, you could be getting something like 28 mg/oz in your bitters, putting your content per teaspoon very close to the "tolerable daily intake." But that is only a hypothetical exercise; I have no idea how much coumarin might be extracted from 225g of tonka beans.
  20. For Easter dinner I am trying to channel a dessert my godmother used to make decades ago. We all remember lemon filling, meringue, almonds on top. I think there was a layer of cake involved, as well. Googling around, I came across this recipe for Blitz Torte. It may not be quite what my godmother made, but with a lemon filling I think it will be close enough. Well, it would probably be close enough, but I can't resist the temptation to tweak a bit. I would like to make the cake layers almond-y. I think I would like a bit more meringue in proportion to cake. Can I bake a meringue topp
  21. I baked the Peanuttiest Blondies for the first time this weekend. They were delicious, and very well-received. While they were baking I was a little surprised at how much they rose, but this evolved into a top crust that set up crunchy and levitated over a chewy moist base, with a substantial air gap in between. It all tasted great, but it made them awfully hard to cut neatly. Did I do something wrong? I think I was quite faithful to the recipe (I used Skippy creamy for PB and mini-chips for chocolate). I prepped the pan and put it on a baking sheet as specified, though I don't think the
  22. If you have America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook it explains it. I can't remember the reason off hand but I believe it has to do with the method of combining ingredients. I'll try to look it up in the next day or two. ← I would really appreciate more information about this. Fern
  23. I wonder if this correction for altitude remains valid as the target temperature gets higher and higher. My understanding of the physical chemistry is that an adjustment is necessary to compensate for the fact that water boils at a lower temperature as the altitude increases. Could it be that there are other processes occurring in the cooking candy that are not subject to the same correction and may weigh more heavily in the results when the target temp is farther away from the boiling point? I'm just speculating, though I'm sure there are food scientists who would have detailed answers. I
  24. Thank you all! I was wondering whether Seven Minute Frosting was a reasonable choice. I'm not sure I've ever actually made it, but it looks totally do-able. Two questions: 1. Does anyone have advice about the Kitchenaid version (make warm syrup, beat eggwhites separately to start, add syrup while beating), vs. the traditional hand-held mixer over the stove approach? 2. If I'm covering a light-textured chocolate cake, should I be doing a crumb coat first? If so, do you think there are any compatibility issues? (Is the 7MF going to slide off of a layer of something else?) Thanks again, Fe
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