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  1. What are the light-colored nuggets around the fish... cuts from some bivalve? Intriguing!
  2. I think it's satire, or at least a prank.
  3. I can't think how you can chill it below the melting/freezing point without wet pieces freezing together. Unless you can spread them out on large, non-stick trays... is there a giant freezer available?
  4. I love the dried tart cherries from Trader Joe's. I haven't put them in my brownies but I make a killer chewy Cherry Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie with them. For the cookies I chop them coarsely but don't hydrate; if I was making soft-ish brownies I might steam or soak the fruit first. Today I think I will use the dried tart cherries along with dried apricots in Maida Heatter's California Fruit Bars, inspired by this post: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/147440-meeting-friendly-snacks-to-bake/?p=1959194
  5. I've had this problem. I think there's something about the rolling of the log that traps air inside stiffer, short doughs. With some recipes I think I get better results when I press the dough into a thick rectangle on a board, divide this into bars (square in cross section) and then pat/roll each bar a bit to smooth into a cylindrical log.
  6. I was pleased to see them at TJ's, but found them bland and a little bitter. I'll probably go back to Ortega brand from the supermarket. No local access to anything more interesting in my part of New England.
  7. We have an annual party where soup is the main food offering. Many guests (almost 100), quite crowded, most folks standing around. In the past I bought disposable rigid plastic bowls like these (though white): Plastic soup bowls. They were OK. I am thinking of trying these instead: Stalkmarket sugar cane fiber soup bowls. Does anyone have experience with this material? Most important features would be rigidity and not feeling too hot in the hand. I like the 12 oz size. The sugar cane fiber ones appear to be a slightly deeper shape, which would be desirable. Any feedback would be welcom
  8. Thank you! I've been thinking about trying this, in the absence of a pressure cooker. Do you use the baking soda? Do you roast the carrots uncovered and dry from the start? I am looking forward to doing this. No, I didn't use baking soda, as I've been roasting veggies for a long time without it. An oven is a good deal hotter and drier than a pressure cooker, so it's not surprising this worked. Baked in an open pan (ceramic, nearly nonstick) (not sure that's important, but it's how I do roasted veggies these days), dry except for the butter (which I reduced by half as a matter of person
  9. Thank you! I've been thinking about trying this, in the absence of a pressure cooker. Do you use the baking soda? Do you roast the carrots uncovered and dry from the start? I am looking forward to doing this.
  10. I have finally joined the 21st century and now I want an app for my iOS devices to support a grocery list that can be used on the iPad at home and the phone in the store. I am willing to pay a few bucks. Any suggestions? -Shopping Pro (Grocery List)? -Buy Me a PIe! Classic - Grocery Shopping List? -Any List - Grocery Shopping List & Recipes? and so many more! It's just the list management I care about; I have plenty of resources for recipes.... Thanks, Fern
  11. For "dry" ice, meaning water ice that is quite cold, you need dry hands, or gloves, or tongs. Or you could turn your freezer temp up until your ice is just barely frozen, but that's probably not the preferred solution. If you do get stuck, don't pull--put the ice-flesh complex under the faucet.
  12. Zout spray, also foam, etc. This works very well for us. Various enzymes designed to chew up various substances in food stains: fats/oils, proteins, etc. Much cheaper at supermarket or Target.
  13. SUCTION SINK STOPPER Seals against the surface around the drain, so fits almost anything. I think this is the super-simple version and that Angie's suggestion may be the same concept with a more substantial handle. I might prefer that bigger handle now that my fingers are not as strong and nimble as they used to be.
  14. The article is from the Business section. The intended audience is interested in the business development story, not necessarily in using the product. It does provide a link to the product website, marinatingstick.com, and it says the product is listed in Chefs Catalog and will be sold at Target. I would be interested to try it!
  15. I believe that "cream of coconut" could be interpreted as the solid that rises to the top of coconut milk or as a sweetened product often used for mixing piña coladas. In 1980s US, I would assume this recipe used Coco Lopez. Maybe the emulsifiers in the Coco Lopez make a difference? Sour cream can also have stabilizers (or not) that could affect the consistency. And who knows what sort of white chocolate might have been used in the original recipe? Now that I have thought about these so much, I am wanting to try them myself!
  16. Ruthless Rye--I love this! Haven't seen it yet this season but I will be looking.
  17. "How good is the temp control ?" "how do you regulate the temp of this thing and how might you check that with a thermometer?" I believe one has to approach this more like a grill or a broiler than an oven or a true fryer. There is not a stable volume of air/water/oil to maintain at any particular temp. There is lots of radiant heat = infrared radiation and the food cooks fairly quickly; take it out when it's done. (edited for formatting)
  18. Fernwood

    Dry aging pigeon

    I have gotten into the habit of salting poultry at least a day in advance. I usually keep chickens and the like salted, but covered, in the fridge a day before I know I will cook them. I suppose it wasn't necessary for this application, and I may try a period of aging without salting. I learned this from Judy Rodgers's The Zuni Café Cookbook. She has an excellent discussion under the heading "The Practice of Salting Early". I generally keep things wrapped so I don't call it dry-aging but early salting of all meat/poultry has become my standard practice, whenever possible. I do think it imp
  19. The cake is flavored with lemon zest and extract, plus lemon juice in the buttercream. I think the implication is that she likes the tang of buttermilk with the lemon flavor of the cake but that whole milk will work, if that's what you have. Or you might choose to substitute other flavoring for the lemon and prefer the blander milk. Edited to clarify the various lemon elements.
  20. I might think that, when shaken, the drink can be moved over a relatively large amount of ice quite rapidly. If a smaller amount of ice is submerged while stirring, the heat transfer to the ice is slower and there is more time for additional heat to be picked up from the environment.
  21. Fernwood

    Uses for sorbitol

    In medicine it is used as a laxative. You're probably looking for culinary uses but, a word to the wise....
  22. Oh, I love seeing all these inventive goodies! My French is good enough for some of the text, but clearly much specific vocabulary is lacking. I followed the link for le divorcé and then moved on to the page for their gland. Who could resist that name? But, not knowing what gland (Fr) actually means, I found the sharp-ended shape and creamy-green color vaguely alarming. Thank you for the Wikipedia link; I feel better now, even if it doesn't look all that acorn-ish to me. Fern
  23. Maybe something (perhaps otherwise imperceptible) has changed in your water chemistry?
  24. I generally do my pies in Pyrex and bake them sitting on a heavy aluminum pan. Do I need to make any adjustments in instructions for pies in foil tins?
  25. Thanks for all the advice! Today I ran to TJ's and tonight I have a crust thawing so that tomorrow I can bake something with it and Friday I can call the store to order a pile of them for next week. In an email to the teacher who coordinates the visit of the Chinese group I mentioned store-bought crusts, provoking the reply "No rolling pins???" I think we should have some rolling pins available but my goal is complete pies for all within the time allotted. Using the apples that the kids just picked is the heart (I was going to say core!) of the project and I think the less fuss with the c
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