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  1. I also like the MyWeigh 7001DX pretty well. It has real buttons but their action is quite stiff, a little uncomfortable for me. Everything else about it is just right for my purposes. Here is some fairly recent activity on this topic:
  2. Just to clarify the (bio)chemistry here: The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide which produces bubbling can be catalyzed by some metals and various inorganic compounds as well as by the enzyme catalase, which is found in most tissues of most living things (animal, vegetable and bacterial). It sounds as though your cutting boards were nice and clean but if they had bubbled, it could have been an indication of food residue, rather than bacterial contamination. Many pathogenic bacteria make catalase and some important ones do not. When catalase-positive bacteria are exposed to hydrogen
  3. I have been pretty happy with the My Weigh 7001 http://myweigh.com/product/7001dx/ which weighs up to 7000 g. I believe that My Weigh 3001 is very similar (up to 3000 g). Both have available ac adaptors and the auto-off interval can be changed or disabled. My scale seems very consistent: a certain measuring cup weighs 247 g, over and over again. I like all its features; my biggest gripe is the "action" or touch of the buttons, which is rather stiff. I believe I bought mine from Old Will Knott Scales http://www.oldwillknottscales.com/buy-my-weigh-scales.html They have either one for <
  4. Exactly what I was thinking, particularly as I made two versions of the Marian Burros recipe http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/9035-the-original-plum-torte just the other evening. (One was almost the original, the other a slightly denser version that has evolved in my kitchen, good for baking in 9x13" pan, cutting in squares and taking to potluck events.) The annual appearance of those little plums in our market is always cause for celebratory baking. It's a versatile concept. Yours looks great, Franci! There's not much I like better than sour cherries.
  5. I would try simmering water with a handful of baking soda in it. This has worked for me with otherwise insoluble residue on stainless steel. [Do not mix baking soda with vinegar, lemon juice or other acid, as many will suggest. This just neutralizes all of the base (or acid) and at least some of the acid (or base)--just because fizzing is exciting doesn't mean it is effective.]
  6. Oh my, I must make this for my son. Question for Chocolot or other PC cheesecake veterans: (I tried a search but... don't get me started!) This recipe calls for 50 minute cook, 10 min wait/"natural release", then manual release to check doneness. If not set, "cook the cheesecake for an additional 5 minutes." At that point would you do an immediate manual release? Could fast vs slow release affect the texture of the cheesecake? I'm sure that once I have a few PC cheesecakes under my belt I'll get a feel for these adjustments but I'd love to hear about your experience.
  7. Everything but pizza--we do have great apizza! Well, we've had enough quality French, Italian and Spanish that those usually go farther down the list, though a menu like Le Pichet's, that highlights regional ingredients, still gets serious consideration. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  8. Thank you. Apizza Scholls does sound good! Of course, now Jaymes has me thinking about oyster stew....
  9. Thanks so much, each of you. I will need to do some reading and mapping to 'digest' your suggestions!
  10. Thank you, FP. I had at least made note of each place you mention, so I am happy to have the endorsements. And I will take some time to look at Eater (and then probably some more time... it can be down the rabbit hole there ).
  11. Three days in Vancouver at the end of June (first visit to BC). This will be the end of two weeks of hotels and restaurant food, so I expect we will be looking to keep things light. We are particularly interested in local cuisine and in others that are poorly represented at home in Connecticut (most)--I think in Vancouver this might especially mean Chinese of any variety. We will be staying in the West End on Robson Street but we are interested in seeing other neighborhoods. I know it's not an inexpensive city and the CDN/US exchange rate makes everything look pricey to me, so I'm having t
  12. Our first time to Portland (2 nights), then Seattle (3 nights), in late June. This is part of a two-week trek; with so many restaurant meals, we're trying to avoid completely overloading the metabolism and the wallet. We live in Connecticut; when we're traveling, we like to eat local favorites as well as ethnic cuisines that are not well-represented at home (most--but we usually keep our pizza-eating in New Haven). We love seafood, meats and vegetables, cocktails and beer, etc. So I'm more interested in casual than special-occasion, dinner entrees maybe $10-29. No car but we're happy to ta
  13. I will be in LA x few days later in June at the beginning of a two-week West Coast trek. My husband will be attending a conference so I will be on my own for part of the time. We are staying at the Radisson at USC (S. Figueroa) and will have a car. Coming from New England, we are most interested in things we don't get at home, especially good Korean and Mexican. With two weeks of restaurant meals ahead of us, I prefer to focus on places that are not too elaborate or pricey, let's say entrees in the $10-29 range. We will need an easy dinner the night we arrive (assuming tired/
  14. I weigh everything because it's more efficient than measuring cups, both for the measuring and for the clean-up.
  15. Does the CI recipe call for 3 cups cream, or 2 cups? 3 cups cream + ⅔ cup sugar reduced to 2 cups seems like a lot of reduction to me.
  16. The difference between a2 Milk® and "ordinary" cows' milk has to do with the chemistry of the protein beta-casein. The marketers do not claim any lower lactose content. However, the a2 Milk® website suggests that many people who believe themselves lactose-intolerant are not and may "have a sensitivity to the A1 protein." "If drinking ordinary cows’ milk gives you digestive issues, you may just feel a difference with a2 Milk®." (Despite my cynical tendencies, I'll say) I haven't seen enough of the literature to have an opinion about the science behind the marketing. P.S
  17. Those cherries are one of my favorite items from TJ's. I use them in a variety of baked goods and I think they are delicious by themselves. To me the flavor is balanced; the acids are also concentrated in the drying, I would think.
  18. I have recipes that give me the same feeling...
  19. Thank you! The fragrance of Cascade Platinum (pods) in all my silicone utensils has been making me nuts. [Store-brand detergent worked fine in the 1993 dishwasher but I couldn't get acceptable results with the "improved" 2014 model until I upgraded and upgraded again to the over-perfumed pods.] I had tried baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, etc., and the kitty litter has worked better than anything else. [If anyone can recommend an unscented dishwasher detergent that really works....]
  20. I'm sure this is great, if you like bananas (I confess that I don't). You are probably more knowledgeable than I, but I have to ask the canning safety question here. Bananas are not as acidic as some fruits, I think; maybe more sugar makes a safer recipe for water bath canning?
  21. I think they've been in our (CT) store most of the fall. We had some in October, I think, and they seemed as I remembered from last year.
  22. Anna wrote about "poached" eggs in Part 1: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/151807-instant-pot-multi-function-cooker-part-1/?p=2028707. Someone might think I have been reviewing the topic in anticipation of a Christmas gift and someone would be right. Only my "imaginary cooking friends," as my DH refers to you all, could convince me to acquire another bulky appliance that I have never laid hands on. Stay tuned.
  23. These little Corelle plates have a permanent place beside my stove, ready for service as spoon rests or other incidental uses. When one goes into the dishwasher, there's always another on deck. (Why certain members of the household persist in leaving goopy utensils on the counter inches from the plates is just one of those eternal mysteries....)
  24. I learned it from the very same product! TJ's: It's not just a grocery store, it's an education....
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