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  1. oh dude, what an awesome name. there was a little burrito cart at telegraph where it hit the campus. kim's i think it was called. your burrito was served to you open at the top like a snow cone with a fork sticking out of it. by some strange coincidence, right next to this cart was another cart that served damn good steamed pork buns.
  2. oh, they have panini all right. don't forget the original location on bellevue ave. i am addicted to their panini--i have to have one a couple times a month. try the turkey, provolone, pesto & balsalmic. that's amore!
  3. i think the entire NJ contingent should show up in a convoy of camaros. pS: varmint, you got a ping pong table?
  4. i believe francesco's in west paterson has a patio. it kinda overlooks some body of water, not sure what. maybe the passaic river? oh, and, the hood of my car in the white manna parking lot.
  5. generally, yes. but i will try...for pie... mmmmm pie.
  6. thank you Elyse. i feel much better now about the deep fried oreo that i ate last night at the state fair. PS: good luck! that sounds cool. i'll try to stop by for a pie, but don't know if i can make it by 7. you'll probably be sold out long before then, anyway.....
  7. katie, thanks for the info. god, that's terrible.
  8. "Sloppy joe. Slop, sloppy joe. Sloppy joe. Slop, sloppy joe. Yeah. Sloppy joe. Slop, sloppy joe. Yeah. Sloppy joe."
  9. had a nice chicken souvlaki and very good hummus here today. friendly and attentive service. will be back!
  10. it's been several years since i've been to manayunk but i was there today and was very disappointed to see that the food market that i once loved is now a restoration hardware i asked around and was told that this happened a few years ago. does anyone happen to know if the mexican place that used to be in there has relocated elsewhere? unfortunately i can't remember their name...
  11. i'll tell you what the last beer in my bar fridge is. it's home brew in a grolsch bottle. an acquaintance gifted it to me. i'm afraid of the beer. but i like the bottle quite a bit.
  12. i'm in, assuming i live that long. a 2-week sabbatical sounds like just the ticket....i gotta look into getting me one of those....
  13. Wow....the diner lives again. i always thought this place had potential to be something really cute. i was starting to worry that mexicali rose was gonna buy it to annex their existing overflowing place. i'll definitely check it out. hope they can make a go of it.
  14. great flautas, great guac, great chips. my only complaint with my chicken tacos mexicanos was that they used cubes of chicken breast instead of a combo of shredded dark and white meat (which was used in the flautas). but they were still quite tasty. my favorite 'authentic' mexican remains taco taco in NYC, but this was good. i'll be back to try the mole soon!
  15. oh boy.........i am so there.
  16. i missed this thread the first time around. has anyone ever byo'd to Formia in Bloomfield? I went recently after not having been in a while, and had a pretty good meal, but it would have been a lot better with some good wine.
  17. supposedly the town is planning to make the parking lot behind Church St into a parking deck, but i've been hearing that for a while and so far, nuthin'... the hahne's situation is just ridiculous, tho. montclair already has a great bookstore and 4 movie theaters, but think of the music store that space could accomodate!! :sigh:
  18. Thanks for the tip Rachel! Sounds like a cool place to check out
  19. I think we called this a power hour in college. johnjohn ahh.... the hundred club (shot a minute for 100 minutes). the highlight of any winnebago road trip. you didn't want to be driving next to the 'bago when the 100 club was in progress, mm-hmm.
  20. I always liked the pumpkin dip, myself. sara: try your hand at making the shrimp yourself! check it out: zocalo "shrimp from hell"
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    Beer strength

    thanks bigbear! very interesting site.
  22. pnapoli

    Beer strength

    hmmmm, haven't had the pleasure. care to elaborate on these?
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    Whereabouts in montclair will it be located?
  24. If you didn't make it, y'all missed out. WOW. I had Mitchell's whole hog 'n slaw, and Big Bob Gibson's pork shoulder 'n beans...unbelievable, or, to quote the guy in line behind me (back for fourths) "this is proper sh*t." music rocked as well.
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