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  1. i'm going to second orbis - good idea, scarlet knight! btw, it's byo, if that factors into your decision in any way... here's a link to their website, but don't place too much emphasis on the menu posted here since their specials often outnumber their standard menu offerings. http://www.orbisbistro.com/ have fun!
  2. had the pumpkin ravioli yesterday...it was very good.
  3. Neptune Oyster Bar in the North End. It's small and loud and crowded and you'll wait, but it's worth it.
  4. yes, the food is excellent and has a fun vibe. there's a thread here somewhere. enjoy!
  5. they've got a big ad in Exit Zero this week saying "we're back...new management, new chef, new look, new menu". the new chef is formerly of Moonfish Grill. i'll try to get over there next week.
  6. hey Scarlet Knight... have you tried Frescos (next to 410 and same owners)? i went recently for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. i thought it was better than 410, which i used to like but now, not so much. and the service was great, too. haven't been to the Pier House (the former Water's Edge) yet but it's on my to-try list for the summer. the menu doesn't excite me much but i keep seeing the chef on the local cable channel (the show that promotes all the Wildwood restaurants) and his segment has piqued my interest. let's see...what else...not sure if your comment about the Ebbitt Room was directed at the food or the atmosphere, but if it was the latter, did you know you can order small plates while sitting on the front porch -- might be a nice alternative if you like the food but find the dining room to be a bit much (which i get, btw but i think the food is great ). oh yeah -- how about Union Park? i've only been once but thought it was quite good, and i've really got to get back there to try their burger, which sounds tempting. decor-wise, it's sort of a fuddy duddy hotel dining room as you'd expect, but the vibe made up for it -- a little loud, but relaxed and fun. have a great time! go Rutgers, yo
  7. The Real Enchilada in Avalon... anyone been?
  8. at first i was lukewarm about Lucky Bones, but now i really like it -- for what it is, that is, which is basically better-than-average pub grub. and others must feel the same, since the place is always crowded, even in the dead of winter. it definitely fills a niche on the cape island dining scene.
  9. just noticed this post - very cool - thx for posting about this place. whereabouts is it? a goole search proved futile...
  10. love the C-View. wings are great. enjoy your weekend!
  11. i think the owner decided to open a much more casual place -- Island Grill -- which is just off the mall.
  12. thanks Katie. i think you're right. i'm bummed...i liked it. well, the good news is that Sea Salt up in stone harbor, which looked like it had shut down, is still around and will be opening this weekend. btw, anything new and exciting going on at martini beach? is the menu still oriented toward tapas/small plates?
  13. no signs of life at Copper Fish yet...most other restaurants are already open or opening this weekend. does anyone know if they've closed?
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