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  1. Never been to 28 Church in Montclair. Am I missing out?
  2. Speaking of North Bergen...a guy I used to work with recommended a place called Stephen's Cafe on N. Bergenline Ave. Never got around to going. Anyone know anything about this one? Thanks.
  3. We went to Wild Bull tonight. The food was pretty good. Had a crab cake and caesar salad followed by a cheddar burger and beef brisket sandwich (which was huge). I remember not too long ago there was a discussion about where to get a really big burger. Well, this place has a 10 oz. (I got the 6 oz.). Service was good and the hostess was very friendly, which was kind of a pleasant change. They have valet parking but we parked on the street. It's in a very strange area--pretty desolate--I think the closest open establishment was the "gentleman's club" around the corner (near the farmer's market)...
  4. I see the appeal. It's oddly addictive.
  5. Tommy, what's up with that "mmmmm. pie juice." link? That is some weird, er, stuff.
  6. Definitely let us know what you think. I've been meaning to try this place for a while. Thanks.
  7. My husband & I ate at Fink's last weekend (first time) and thought it was really great. We both got chicken sandwiches, in fact. I am pretty sure I recall seeing some mention of the cooking process on the menu, but maybe it isn't included on the takeout menu. Very cool place.
  8. Any information about this restaurant? Also, since I am posting, does anyone know where the chef at the former Cavalier Cafe in Clifton is now? Thanks!
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