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  1. a co-worker just gave me this recipe for anise cookies: cookies: 5 cups flour 10 tsp baking powder 1.5 cups sugar 1/4 lb butter melted and cooled 5 eggs 2 oz anise 2 oz vegetable oil 2 oz vanilla 2 oz orange juice grated skin of 1/2 large orange frosting: 3.5 cups of confectioner's sugar 4 tablespoons butter softened 1/4 cup of milk 3/4 tsp vanilla mix all ingredients. drop by teaspoonful on greased cookie sheet. bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes. cool on racks and frost or add sprinkles makes 4-5 dozen
  2. i'll ask around at work. lots of my colleagues live in mo'town.
  3. pnapoli

    NJ snow

    whew--it's cold out there. and windy. and there's a lotta snow. but it sure looks pretty. i wasn't ready for this storm, but then, i guess i never am. and it gives me an excuse to bail out of the office nice and early and catch up on egullet, so who am i to complain?
  4. dublin pub on pine st. is fun.
  5. no effin' way. complete with flying buttresses and stuff? wow. i've got to check that out. have you made it?
  6. pnapoli


    this is encouraging. i was so sad when blue sky closed, and when i heard that a chinese restaurant was moving into the space, i wasn't too optimistic. but after reading this, i think i'll check it out. thanks.
  7. this was one of my favorites for a long time. not so much lately, tho. i'm going to have to check out this Hop Hazard from NJ.
  8. pnapoli


    yup. had one last night. the mini-burger could be yet another burger club sub-genre...
  9. that is a good deal, and in fact, i was planning to get one of these for someone as a christmas gift, so thanks for the tip. do you know how long the sale is going on?
  10. had a very good one at lucy not long ago.
  11. pnapoli


    what happened?
  12. pnapoli


    rich, congrats! i haven't been back to CC in a while--is dock street still around?
  13. i may beat you to it. i will be down that way for a wedding this weekend, and from what i've heard about the food at the reception site, i'm going to need a snack
  14. be sure to report back about these. i'll travel far for good fish tacos!
  15. pnapoli

    Burger Club

    done. now, let's move on...have we settled on landmark for the next meeting? i wasn't sure if that was a definite?
  16. pnapoli

    Burger Club

    it was a segment on fox news or something. they interviewed the chef about the burger, showed the burgers cooking on the grill, and also showed a burger plated with fries.
  17. pnapoli

    Burger Club

    i dunno, elyse. it looked really damn good...
  18. is this the story that appears in today's NYT NJ section?
  19. that picture looks exactly like the BB's cheeseteak.
  20. pnapoli

    Burger Club

    rachael ray claims this place has the best burger in NY. elyse, it's $12--is that an unacceptable price point for BC?
  21. lucky you! i'm going twice next year so be sure to give us a nice detailed report of your adventures. and, speaking of adventures, don't forget to visit bourdain's contributions to the "most creepy and disgusting dive bar" thread (yes, i dug them up just for you): 1) Snake and Jake's Christmas Club Lounge, New Orleans. God, I love this place. Dark, skanky, Christmas motif, and naked people drink for free. 2) Checkpoint Charlie's, New Orleans. Get hammered while the blood and hair from last night are washed in the convenient in-house laundromat!
  22. have you been to The Petite Cafe in Nutley (BYO)? they serve dinner thurs through saturday. click on "menus" and then "dinner specials" to see their weekly specials (last weekend's are still up, but you'll get a sense of their style).
  23. pnapoli

    Burger Club

    thanks suzanne & tommy! thanks elyse! and please put me down for a pecan pie--what a great idea.
  24. twentyeight is gone. i've not been to liberte. chelsea grille is fine; i haven't been in a while because i got a bit bored with the small menu. have you tried orbis (watchung plaza)?
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