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  1. let me guess: you were at capogiro, right? umm, well, if you're in northern NJ, geloti on union blvd. in totowa makes good gelato, although the flavors are not as exotic as what you had in philly. they also have a store on bloomfield ave in one of the caldwells (north, i think), although i've never been there so i don't know if they serve gelato, although i imagine they do.
  2. no truffles, rosie. and i don't recall seeing them on the specials menu. maybe next time... yeah, i know...i almost didn't post about this given that i have no idea if the source is reliable. it was on the website for beekman wines (they're in glen rock too). here's the site if you're interested.
  3. cafe beethoven on main st. in chatham is nice. also, drew university in madison has an on-campus coffeehouse called 'the other end' cafe.
  4. yep. it's really that simple. bought some at whole foods (montclair) yesterday and threw it on the grill tonight. sooo good.
  5. we had a very good dinner at rocca on saturday. i know you're all sick of hearing about how great this place is, so i'll try to keep it short . we started with the mussels (discussed above) and a white bean soup that was on the specials menu. the soup was delicious, flavored with truffle oil and garlic. it struck me as more of a 'winter' soup, but given that it was kind of chilly that night, it was actually perfect. the mussels were also good, although to be honest i found them to be on the skimpy side, size-wise. the last two times i've ordered mussels (at landmarc in NY and at marco & pepe in JC) they've been unusually plump and succulent, so i guess i've been a bit spoiled... for entrees, we ordered another special, housemade penne pasta with monkfish, baby spinach, and artichokes in a tomato-garlic broth, and the much discussed spicy calamari. as much as i enjoyed the pasta, i could not stop sampling mr p's calamari. as rosie notes, this is a 'do not miss' dish. since i want to be a pastry chef when i grow up, i almost always order dessert. rosie had warned us away from the lemon cake, so i went with the tiramisu, not expecting much (since no one makes it better than i do, ha ha..). anyway, i was pleasantly surprised by their nontraditional take: it was composed of a layer of very light, moist chocolate sponge cake, topped with a thin layer of chocolate mousse, and then a layer of espresso cream. it really worked. service was attentive, if somewhat formal (our server addressed us as 'lady' and 'gentleman'). i had a nice chat with one of the owners who came over to fold mr p's napkin when he got up. for those who live or work in the area, he mentioned that they've recently introduced a prix fixe lunch. btw, i just read on another website that they've apparently applied for a liquor license.
  6. rosie, you're so right: i had these last night and they were wonderful. we also really enjoyed the margherita pizza (so light!) and mr p had a pork tenderloin special (served with a barbeque white bean ragout and shoestring sweet potatoes) that was also delicious. the service was great: warm, friendly and attentive. the only off note was the butter crunch white chocolate bread pudding: it had an odd bitterness that overpowered the more subtle flavors. the cappuccino gelato that it was served with, however, was perfect. there were so many things on the menu that i'm eager to return and try. but tonight i'm going to rocca...
  7. i'm going to try to get over to this place soon but was wondering if anyone else has been here yet? this is the tiny former diner that borders the NE corner of the park.
  8. david corcoran rates Petite Cafe 'Good' in tomorrow's NYT.
  9. i know this is a long shot, but does anyone happen to have the recipe for blue sky's chocolate brioche bread pudding? it used to be posted on their website. i've misplaced it. thanks.
  10. pnapoli


    so has anyone been there since the sale?
  11. eff kearny. i've lived in the UK, and i've been to the places in kearny, and well...i think you will be disappointed. what you need to do is get over to Marco and Pepe in Jersey City and have some lobster fish and chips. not the same thing, but so good you won't mind.
  12. also Ghenet on Mulberry (near Puck Building). was only there once, and it was a while ago, but i remember enjoying it.
  13. congratulations. and what a cool idea... i did some window shopping for ya: these are pretty, and kind of wedding-y. more info on them can be found here this one is also pretty, and comes in different colors. more info here this is really striking, even without the dome, but it ain't cheap. more info another option if you're into butterflies. more info ok, just one more. more info
  14. bodega. try the barbacoa tacos. hell, try any of their tacos.
  15. tehuitzingo, 10th ave around 48th or 49th. not expensive. and you'll get a great bite to eat there too.
  16. i can't personally vouch for it, but someone on this thread mentioned Vila Meats in Caldwell, a few miles west of you just off of Bloomfield Ave:
  17. best wishes and thanks for many excellent meals.
  18. got over to libby's. that's a good dog. the sauce was delicious, but i was a little surprised at the thinness (which john had noted above, but i forgot). anyway, i got the works but also added some fried peppers, which seemed to rock my server's world, although she got over it pretty quick. but it was good, i tell you. damn good. and the 'local flavor' was equally enjoyable.
  19. totally. last year was a great time.
  20. i am planning a trip to amsterdam and would like to hear others' impressions of the following restaurants (as well as any other places you recommend ): - Blauw aan de Wal - Voorbij het Einde - De Kas - Chez Georges - Van Vlaanderen - Summum thanks!
  21. no problem. i am really glad you posted about this place or i'd never have known. i'll be down that way in a few weeks and will definitely check it out. NC-style que is my fave.
  22. dat be the one. thanks for the link. and robert, if i get over there, i will definitely report back.
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