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  1. aww, too bad. i only went here occasionally but always thought it was better than boston market. and the guy who seemed to run it was nice.
  2. i really liked U Zavoje (was there about a month ago). click here for the Prague Post review (it's from 2004, but it gives you an idea). cool place.
  3. do try it, FrogPrincesse! my good friend Jay owns The Linkery and i can vouch for the quality of the sausages. you can read more about the restaurant and the sausages in particular at their great website
  4. so has anyone been here yet? need to know about their steak frites... and mussels....
  5. They have Yuengling, and that's all I need. ← and good Guinness.
  6. that's odd...pretty much all of them around here do. i can't remember the brand that i ususally see (i feel like it's "__ flake", but it comes in a box (about the size of a cereal box) rather than the paper sacks that flour ususally comes in. you can also compensate by adding cornstarch to all-purpose flour. one cup sifted cake flour = 3/4 cup sifted bleached all-purpose flour plus 2 tablespoons cornstarch.
  7. it's going to be called Moonfish Grill. not open just yet -- i think it's supposed to open in about 2 weeks. i've heard there's supposed to be a sushi bar and that it will be more casual than Daniel's.
  8. this place is long gone. it's now the Black Duck (which is certainly worth a try). yeah, this place is becoming a favorite. i was there last weekend, in fact, and had a really good "spanish clams" app in addition to their great crab cakes. They offer some wines from a local vineyard (don't bother) and you can also BYO. and...i'll join everyone else and plug Louisa's. if they are serving bluefish -- get it! you do have to call early in the week to get a reservation, since it's tiny and very very popular. you're probably out of luck for this weekend. enjoy!
  9. right? i discovered Rita's (in Bloomfield) last year and developed an addiction to those things...favorite is strawberry-kiwi.
  10. the only place that comes to mind is Lisboa BBQ on Bloomfield in Verona. but you said 'phenomenal', so...
  11. thanks and good luck in whatever you do.
  12. pnapoli

    Il Forno

    anyone know what's going on with the bellevue ave. location?
  13. i still miss Blue Sky, and especially the bread pudding. but a while ago, Rosie was nice enough to procure the recipe for me click here and scroll down thanks again, Rosie! PS: i recently had a really good banana bread pudding at The Blue Pig in Cape May.
  14. pnapoli


    here ya go (www.restaurantblu.com)
  15. you're much closer to Stage Left than we are. that's got to make you feel good, right?
  16. i ordered sushi here once and was very unimpressed. i do, however, recommend Zen Sushi.
  17. thanks for the heads up. looks wonderful.
  18. this is a bit out of your way, but probably worth it: Vitamia's in Lodi makes an amazing italian sausage bread. they also offer many other italian specialties (notably a large selection of excellent ravioli, pasta and sauces). the folks are so friendly, too.
  19. rosie, i'm glad you wrote in. i too had a really good meal at orbis about 6 weeks ago after having not been there in several years. your post reminded me that i need to go back soon. i loved that they offered so many specials -- was that also the case the night you were there?
  20. - Louisa's (byo) - Copper Fish (also byo but offers some Cape May wines) (best crab cakes in CM, imo) - Black Duck (byo) (try the "pu pu" app platter) - the Lobster House raw bar (not byo) - Sea Salt (byo) (located about 15 min north in Stone Harbor). there's a recent thread on Sea Salt around here somewhere... nice for lunch: Freda's Cafe, the Blue Pig (at Congress Hall) nice for drinks and tapas: Martini Beach fun for drinks and music: the Boiler Room (at Congress Hall) speaking of tapas, the Ebbitt Room recently began offering a small plates menu (seating is on the Virginia Hotel's front porch). have a great time!
  21. i was in cape may recently and read in one of the local papers that Restaurant 1919 has closed.
  22. hi glenn. it is illegal under federal law and FCC regulations to send an unsolicited advertisement to a fax machine. as someone above noted, the fines associated with violations are steep -- $500 per incident -- and, if a court finds that you've done so willfully or knowingly, the fines can be tripled.
  23. anyone been to lateral in nutley lately? noticed that they were fairly busy on sat. evening.
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