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  1. Yeah, that's where Aman's is. I go there because I think it's quality. You should've gone right next door to Il Cancun. The mexican isn't quite as authentic as the Taqueria, which I love as well. But they give you more food for your money, especially after the Taqueria increased their prices over the last year. This place gives you a staggering amount of food, and I think it tastes pretty good.
  2. This is hilarious, because in my opinion, I'd rather be drinking something that tastes like a bottle of Dasani (Miller Lite), than a beer than tastes like Tijuana urinal cake (Corona).
  3. Even though you couldn't taste any obvious sweet notes in the dish, I bet the dish contained tien men jian, sweet bean paste... If you taste garlic, ginger and scallions, its "yu shang", or "fish-flavored". Ginger, scallions, garlic, sweet bean paste, and a little bit of toban jian (spicy bean paste) Try this and see if it better replicates what you had...
  4. stephenc

    Nasty Ingredients

    Last time I tried eating a tablespoon of nutmeg, I started hallucinating and seeing penguins. It's really good in eggnog though.
  5. stephenc


    Depends on how you cut vegetables A santoku is somewhat of a hybrid between a classic chef's knife and a chinese cleaver. So if you do a lot of "chopping" instead of push slicing or rocking, it may be a better choice than the standard chefs knife. It's also a lot more maneuverable than the Chinese Cleaver, though it's not as versatile.
  6. I make this with julienned melon slices and very little oyster sauce, if any. You can also do something similar with zucchini, which isn't indigenous to Asia, but is found all over N. America. It's a very light dish.
  7. I would ditch the hoisin sauce and replace it with more chili-bean sauce (do-ban) or hot oil/bean paste. But that's because I like my mapo tofu to be swimming in a pool of red. Oh, I also like to use medium tofu and cut the tofu into smaller cubes, but that's just a style thing.
  8. My favorites are any of the 6 or so Mexican restaurants within a 5 block radius in Norristown.
  9. anyone know of a bbq place north of the mason-dixon that serves brunswick stew?
  10. The funny thing is that the chinese name of that dish, tsung yo bing, would be translated directly as "scallion oil pancake", which doesn't sound very appetizing. By the way, that scallion oil pancake doesn't look very good. It needs to be thinner with more scallions.
  11. I use ketchup instead of tomato paste. It comes out tasting a little sweeter.
  12. Standard's tough to get a table on weekends. The tactic is to have someone hover in the second room and grab the big booth under the "postcard' painting right when someone leaves. If Standard is completely completely packed, you could always walk 20 min or take a 3 minute cabride up 2nd street to Johnny Brenda's, which have the same owners as the Tap. Alternately, you could put your name in at N 3rd, go down the street to Abbaye, Tap, Liberties, W&J, Fire, or Pat Robertson's for a drink, come back in time for your name to get called. Abbaye normally isn't completely packed. Azure also has cheap drinks and bar-type food. Wherever you go, you're in a pretty good area to bar-hop.
  13. Za Jiang Mien 炸酱面 http://chaxiubao.typepad.com/chaxiubao/200...oved_my_ja.html
  14. Not really. Their beer lists are around the same size. Tap has more locals, Abbaye has more imports.
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    I suspect if you walk in any restaurant with that attitude, you'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy. ← Money doesn't grow on trees for me. Thank you for the insightful comment however.
  16. It's good. I eat there. The Chicken Pot pie is great. In that area of town, I like Abbaye's food the best, followed by the Tap, followed by N 3rd.
  17. stephenc


    Damn. 60 bucks a person for tapas. These better be spectacular tapas.
  18. Not really, but I think 'fey' and 'effeminate' are pretty synonymous.
  19. C'mon, do you you really think Philly would have a bar that fey?
  20. Dude, taco bell is awesome. It's also the most sanitary fast food place because nothing is actually cooked on the premises. I think Dateline did a report on all the national chains a year ago, and Taco Bell was found to have the least health violations of all the nationa chains.
  21. Looks like we have a bunch of pei dans in this forum.
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