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  1. Bojangles at 5 in the morning never fails to impress me.
  2. I don't clean until guests have gone. I have a dishwasher, but I rarely use it. If I'm going to be rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, I might as well just wash them completely.
  3. I use the chinese style cleaver for everything. Don't even own a western-style chef's knife.
  4. It's usually a little easier to get a table for a large group at Tangerine, now that the place is a bit aged, rather than Alma or Angel.
  5. If I catch you eating pizza with knife and fork, ima gonna punch you!
  6. How do Asians consume rice at every meal, yet still stay thin?
  7. Plain, with pickled cucumbers
  8. The department store Target is correctly pronounced Tar-jay
  9. 700, Abbaye, N. 3rd, if I remember correctly are all pup friendly.
  10. Ten Stone has good food, and an above average beer selection. Their pulled pork sandwich and brie fondue are the best things on the menu. I like Nodding head: I normally go there for Sunday lunch. Good burgers and French toast. Monks is deservedly legendary, but gets sooooo crowded and smokey on Thurs-Sat. The red light mussels are great. Roosevelts has a three dollar beer and burger special. Nothing special, but damn cheap.
  11. In your opinion, which bars in Philly have fantastic food?
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