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  1. As an Asian-American, I have seen WAY too many of my friends and relatives eating ice-cream, putting cream in their coffee, eating cheeseburgers and pizza, putting milk in their cereal, or just straight up drinking milk for that figure to be correct. 50% seems like a more reasonable figure to me.
  2. SS is a notorious tightwad. I'm sure he already had the $12 mil upfront. His two Continentals are absolute cash-cows.
  3. Bah, theres a woman in Philly who's been to Morimoto once a week, every week, religiously, since it's been open. And she says she hasn't had a dish twice yet.
  4. So the venerable Horizons restaurant of Willow Grove has moved to Center City. I've been to the old restaurant and it's good. Anyone scope out the new location yet? I hear it just opened.... 7th, between Bainbridge/South http://www.horizonscafe.com/
  5. May I inquire how this statement is derived? I would like to know what one can base on to characterize Chinese these days generally like cheese. No doubt that some do, but I don't think it's the majority. From my perspective, there are 1.3 billion people in China (per US CIA website). Most of the population live in rural areas and may not have heard of the western cheese, let alone have tasted it. If this observation is based on Chinese living oversea or those living in more modern cities such as Shanghai (9 million, <1%), Beijing (10 million, again <1%) and Hong Kong (7 million, <1%), still it is a small percentage even if every resident in Shanghai and Beijing and Hong Kong likes Cheese (which I doubt). ← How can you prove that all these chinese people don't like cheese? From the all the people I see eating pizza and cheeseburgers these days in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, I'm generally going to assume that most people probably like cheese. Even my 85 year old grandfather loves his Pizza Hut and Dominos. This is a stupid argument, but you can't argue me out my own inferences and observations.
  6. Thousand-year-old eggs. And Chinese people these days generally like cheese.
  7. I still don't get what sous-vide has to do with fu-fu. All the fu-fu I've seen has been made from traditional boiling of potatoes or plantains, not vacuum packing.
  8. The number one rule of a successful dinner party is to have enough booze.
  9. I like working out. I'll probably eat something like a banana and a bowl of oatmeal beforehand (AM)
  10. Chinese people don't refrigerate soy sauce. That's just weird.
  11. whoa, that japanese looking menu is outta control
  12. whaever just eat it. mayonaisse holds up to the longest of days.
  13. IKEA food court > Costco food court. True that.
  14. I don't scramble my eggs first. I just add them directly to the tomato beef mixture. I like it more stewey.
  15. Paradiso's menu has some of the same stuff as that Babboganoush restaurant that keeps getting mentioned. It's got the tripe, octopus,rabbit, short ribs, sweetbreads, branzino and osso bucco.
  16. I usually go to VP over V.
  17. I'm not even Italian, just from Philly. Am I the only one who calls it "gravy?" I use crushed tomatoes rather than tomato paste. However, I use a small 8 oz can. I also use the slow-cooked bone method popular here.
  18. Yeah, that's the right way to cook dumplings. Boil, water, boil, water, boil water, boil.
  19. Yocco's is the best. A-town is my hometown so I speak the absolute truth. edit: wait, this is an old topic and I already responded. My fault.
  20. classic, classic home cooking recipe. This one goes in along with eggs and tomatoes as a homecooking staple. The only thing I'd add is to whack it good with a tenderizing hammer or cross-hatch it with the back of the knife to make it nice and thin, if you like it that way.
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