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  1. re: moto - the one year thing must be a relatively recent decision. see also the young woman at cyrus in healdsburg ca. she is not so "avant garde" but it could be work well for you. she staged at moto i believe http://www.cyrusrestaurant.com/clemmons_bio.htm
  2. maggie: don't know where his card is off hand but you can try emailing albert adria i think it's albert@bullitaller.es or something like that. will find card if interested if not then seems that the pc at moto would be a good choice-can't remember his name is leslie (?) still with you? we met at ferber class a couple years ago. best rob (chattanooga native)
  3. pride mountain winery has what you are looking for in a tasting experience (scenery, friendly, good wine, picnic areas, non touristy) yes bouchon is good try terra in st helena as an alternative or martini house stop by model bakery for a quick and inexpensive lunch (disclaimer: i work there) you can drop by at around midnight if you want to see the ovens have fun. the bay area is a wonderful place to experience.
  4. artisanbaker

    Cab Franc?

    california: pride mountain and kenefick make quality versions
  5. i bet she detected "Ricans" what is it... 10% of satisfied customers will tell the world about their positive experience while 90% of dissatisfied customers will tell the world...
  6. Taylor's makes great (if overpriced) hamburgers imo. They are a great success due to many factors like the protection offered by the business regulations of St. Helena, and the fact that they are well liked in the community. According to Joel Gott, the Ferry building location was the best investment he ever made. Now, if I could only get them on to my buns...
  7. Is he still open? Anyone with the latest there? Thanks!
  8. Joe Wender (married to Ann Colgin) and TK are making the Wine Garden a hamburger joint with half bottles according to a reliable (insider) source.
  9. See Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman for rye recipes/formulas. Top notch book.
  10. they make a good hamburger for the record pinot closed
  11. see if you can get an appointment at vineyard 29 in st helena
  12. i've found that the better quality wines seem to endure a couple 24 hour periods, perhaps a testamony to the tannins' quality rather than quantity. the fruit seems to enjoy a shorter "peak window." an expert may be able to explain better...
  13. you should try "emailing" chef and "asking."
  14. maybe if he used great bread he would have gotten the 4 stars?
  15. Laura Cunningham has been promoted to Director of Operations and is now deeply involved in the design and opening of the French Laundry Inn slated to begin construction in 2006. -Napa Valley Life Magazine January/February 2006
  16. brannans if just for the bread...
  17. not exactly south, but the pastry chef from this place staged with me last october; it's worth a peek at the page http://www.wildgoosetahoe.com/?page=Home
  18. artisanbaker

    Sharp white wines

    see 2004 jayson chardonnay
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