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  1. i would be happy to contribute some "memoirs" but many of the details i can't remember due to blackouts. (i'm from tn!)
  2. ok so i finally ate one of these a couple months ago and i really like them. the place i went to is called teddy's red hots and it's in darien i think or maybe downers. i will have to eat at johnnies before we move because i've heard it mentioned by several in the community here. i like it with sweet and hot peppers, beef/sausage combo!!
  3. Great work everyone. I might offer an alternative to the above recipes: developing the dough to full development. I will provide a link with a picture of a fully developed dough. It will provide a lighter, more delicate texture than the above methods. Where I work now, we underdevelop the dough, so there is definately no right or wrong way, unless I work for you! :) http://www.nzbakingsociety.co.nz/dean2.html
  4. neither novacart nor qualita break the cases of little ones , only the larger ones
  5. yes i believe it's fast setting/reversable. reversable meaning that you can melt it after it is set and it will set again. gummy bear pectin need not be reversable since it will not be remelted. also gummy bear pectin need not be fast setting since it will set in a mold. according to m. canonne of french pastry school, there is differing degrees of setting rates as well as differing remelting possiblities.
  6. last time i went to paris i ate a tartine at a random bar that happened to be open at 4am. i remember that it was quite good, which says a lot because i had consumed quite a large amount of reisling. it was made on a poilane style bread, and i think that it was indeed a poilane loaf. i don't think that they are that hard to find in paris. i remember seeing them on the menu somewhere else. i'm not sure if i would say that they are "all over paris," mais qui cherchent, trouvent.
  7. it seems to me that the customer's demand will directly determine the longevity of this movement and i would venture to say that it is largely industry folks' curiousity fueling the current trends. it is novel for us and i think that unfortunately too few have the talent/palate to execute timeless examples. i can't imagine the labels fading into one (cook for example) anytime soon. there aren't enough "imaginative customers."
  8. 1. tussinex 2. mulled red wine (vin chaud/glogg)
  9. http://www.expatica.com/source/site_articl...h+bread+revival here's another link about bread culture and the current bread movement
  10. perhaps contact the folks at http://www.chocovic.es/ or you can try contacting the el bulli taller or oriol balaguer for more ideas. my curiosity has landed me tickets into some fine "laboratories." perhaps some natives can offer more suggestions.
  11. i don't think charlie trotter uses good bread, but he is an excellent cook and does offers a wonderful service to the community.
  12. i think the terms are interchangeable. i would say that high ratios of buckwheat in anything is an aquired taste. sometimes it is added to bread dough in minute quantities to give some added dimension.
  13. http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/hom...ack=1&cset=true no good pics though like on the cover of the home and garden section. his wife is beautiful.
  14. artisanbaker

    Per Se

    don't forget time for las vegas. you will not be disappointed by your meal based upon what i witnessed. the team is very tight. even if chef benno is running the show you will be taken care of. if he wasn't doing an excellent job he would not be in that position. it can't hurt to set up the tour in advance. the place is immaculate.
  15. i have a good pic if a moderator can contact me. it's albert adria making sorbet.
  16. use a whisk and it will pass through, leaving you with any tiny pieces of starch or egg white. pour it in while it is hot and whisk immediately
  17. it also makes for a good joke by feeding it to the apprentices
  18. add them to products that are relatively sweet and in the mouth they will combine to have a powerful chocolate taste. example: meringues nougatine the biscotti idea is good since biscotti is usually pretty sweet.
  19. This is a good thread. I had some Bernachon chocolates this week that a colleague brought back from the World Cup Lyon thing. There was as good as I remember.
  20. we do 3oz portions for a 2.5in x 1in use a good preferment 78%+ hydration but medium developed dough little first fermentation time is fine (20 min) it will be very very sticky
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