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  1. flour here, I have repeatedly tried corn but it just does not do it for me. Have not had the masa, but it sounds gooood.
  2. How I wish, there are going to be some major withdrawel symptoms on my part once employed in my cubicle. Lookout eG, everything one wanted to know about Schaumburg eating!
  3. As mentioned it has been awhile since I last had a Mr. Beef Italian beef sandwich. Much better than I remember. But I feel confident in stating Johnnie's is the best because after Mr. Beef I drove west on North Ave until I stopped to get a Johnnie's. Johnnie's is a better beef, has a deeper spice taste. However, maybe as it was towards the end of the lunch rush, but my sandwich had way too many bits/pcs of beef rather than slices. Therefore it was not a firm beef texture like I like. I've been to Johnnie's enough to know my sandwich was not the norm, but if it had been my first time, I would have been disappointed.
  4. It has been awhile since I've been to Mr. Beef, but I'm headed there today for lunch as it seems eG has a love affair with them. (need to give Mr. Beef a try today to be able to stick to my guns about Johnnie's.)
  5. Sweet Willie

    Bitter Beers

    Victory Brewing Co. makes a couple bitters that are draft only. They also list some Chicago taverns (Clark Street Alehouse, Hopleaf, Jak's Tap, The Map Room) as serving some of their products. Just maybe, one will have some. some local info, thanks bigbear.
  6. Over Labor day weekend we went through 3 bottles of Jagermeister w/some friends. One of the buddies had a shot that was 2/3 Red Bull and 1/3 Jager. I think he called it a Jager Bomb, no surprise I'm not sure of the name Jager or tequila sure has been the choice when shots of alcohol are involved. on a side note, we played the Jager Olympics. One event was to have a canoe w/an iced bottle of Jager in it anchored out in the lake. On a waverunner, one had to saddle alongside the canoe, pour a shot, come back to the pier, show others you had a full shot, do the shot, then do an antler dance on the waverunner. It was a timed event, quite fun. But after awhile woo boy! http://www.jager.com/ edited to add: lest anyone get the wrong idea, this is NOT my normal weekend! On second thought........
  7. my wife fully agrees w/you. We are generally Coke product people as well when making a soft drink choice.
  8. Suck it up to an extent if I was the only input in ordering the wine. By to an extent I have only once asked that a bottle be removed and asked for the wine list to order a different wine. I chose it and it was awful but it went back none the less. Usually it may not be what I was looking for, but I chalk that up to my own limited experience so it is my responsibility.
  9. There is a Q & A section on eGullet that might help, see here: http://forums.egullet.org/show.php/act/ST/...T/f/108/t/27260
  10. Wife is dairy free. I've read that blending in tofu can create a creamy texture to a sauce. Any ideas on creating "cream" sauces w/o dairy?
  11. Sweet Willie

    Taro taro taro

    Whoa! did not know that. In Hawaii I love taro burgers, seemed to be mashed taro w/seasonings, served on a bun w/lettuce, tomato, mayo. Great stuff. Sorry I don't have a recipe though.
  12. No correlation between the two that I’ve seen.
  13. Oh my! did the other diners? edited to add: if you would rather the world see the episode than discussing it here, I fully understand.
  14. THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly. Not everyone is such a foodie as ourselves. I view LEY as (hopefully) a stepping stone on one's foodie education.
  15. I have a gift cert from Restaurant.com to MK that I need to use, Thanks for the input. BTW, these certs are sold on EBAY and can be had for 30% of their value. My $25 cert was about $8.
  16. Is "Check, Please" still on PBS? If and when I do see an episode it always seems to be a rerun.
  17. edited to add: nevermind, just saw the pinned FAQ's
  18. I could not find this site, is it still in operation?
  19. Sweet Willie

    Bitter Beers

    If given a choice I always choose the bitter beer, anyone else? My favorite is XXXX Bitter from Australia, tops on my list, VERY tough to find in the US, if anyone does please email me, I'm tired of paying $30+ for a case of beer shipped from Oz. I was in bitter heaven in London pubs as well. Any on tap bitter beer in the US?
  20. My Pop will love this, his beer and fiber in one drink!
  21. Ronnie, if you don't get an email from me in a few days on this subject, remind me, I do have the sites somewhere.
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