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  1. good you set the record straight on this fish being night caught. I laughed pretty hard when I read the descriptor.
  2. Sweet Willie


    same here on both counts.
  3. welcome to eGullet. Heck of a first post. huge disconnect, no, but a disconnect yes. It is $, pretty plain and simple why someone would want more. I would prefer not to hear the "I am more holy because EVERYTHING in my life has been not about the $" bullshit line. I'm surprised that BK offered $ to Bayless. I would believe that the "average" BK patron really does not know Bayless and if the feedback from this board is typical, the quality food sensitive person is not going to try BK just because Bayless endorsed it. This will not change my going to his restuarant.
  4. What are some worthwhile German foodstuffs to bring back from Germany to the states?
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    skip it, seriously. One of those dishes that sounds good but in reality. The skins of the birds inside does not get crisp (my largest complaint). Flavor was nothing special, I prefer the birds on their own rather than all together.
  6. I've made juleps at home and they are good, but they don't come close to savoring one on a hot Derby day looking at those green spires!
  7. very wise advice. I've been burned too many times going w/in the first two weeks of a restaurant opening.
  8. Hello, meeting up with some folks in London. One of whom works very close to the Green Park Tube stop. Would like to dine in this area (Mayfair, I believe?) but don't have a clue where. Only requirements are it must be casual (slacks, shirt, nothing more dressy than that) and no Italian. Would prefer ethnic or something w/local flavor. Thanks in advance. Willie
  9. I went there w/my family after I graduated from Cornell.
  10. Sweet Willie

    Bitter Beers

    yes Castlemaine. Now I'm confused. I was under the impression that there were basically two regions in Oz in terms of bitter beer drinking. Victoria Bitter was referred to by those who despised it as VB or "Very Bad" beer XXXX was referred to by those who despised it as the can has to be marked XXXX or else the morons who prefer it would not know how to recognize it. The two times to Oz I noticed (what I perceived) as distint regions for preferring one over the other bitter.
  11. If you don't remember, how do you KNOW it was less exciting than the Jager Olmpics!
  12. While standing one must put their hands (antlers) to their head and turn once around or if on a wave runner, one hand is on the throttle turning the waverunner in a circle and the other hand is doing a 1/2 antler. It is really just a way of making an already intoxicated person who forgets to do an antler dance even more drunk w/a penalty shot for forgetting.
  13. forgot to add: Chiu Quon Bakery has two locations, one in Chicago's Chinatown and another in what I call Chicago's Vietnamtown which is Argyle street on the north side of Chicago. The reason I am recommending Chiu Quon Bakery is I've found that they speak more English and have more signs in English than the other bakeries in the area so it is a good stop to see what Chinese pastries and sweets are offered. Plus the store is better lit than others as well. Simply view the cases and their yummy contents. Perhaps a pastry filled w/walnut bean paste, a sesame dough ball filled w/sweet bean paste (one of my favorites), or a coconut tart. If you have been to Hong Kong, you may have seen the Egg Tarts “Egg tarts are a little small open face tart (3' diameter and 1' deep) which have a sweet egg custardy filling. When fresh out of the oven they smell like a cross between fresh brioche and crème caramel.” Chiu Quon serves the egg tarts and if you get them when they are fresh out of the oven, MAN!, there are few sweets that are better. The tarts really do need to be warm. Heating them in my oven worked well. Chiu Quon Bakery 1127 W. Argyle - phone: 773.907.8888 2242 S. Wentworth – phone: 312.225.6608
  14. I though Shofar was more of a west coast kosher brand?
  15. Yeah Superdawg I did not know they possibly make their own dogs. Superdawg is a spring tradition for my wife and I. When it warms up the first part of the year, we take a convertible out of storage and hit the Superdawg drive-inn. Fresh air (reasonably ) and great dogs.
  16. Thank god there's another Sox fan here. My daughter did the "OOOH-EEE-OOOH MAA-GGGLLII-OOO"cheer for everyone the other night and no one knew what she was doing. Just to clarify, it is my lack of interest in/disdain for pro sports that left me clueless to your daughter's chant. I did grow up a Sox fan; Grandpa wouldn't have had it any other way. back to topic, the fries did suck at Mr. Beef. thin, wimpy strings w/no crisp to them.
  17. You've Got Mail (Email) I've used this acronym on other boards and looks like I assumed incorrectly that is was used on eG as well.
  18. keep it for next time the Chicago Group meets. I'd like to see it.
  19. Last time I was there it was Friday (after 1 or 2pm) and Saturday. I was underwhelmed by the duck fat fries (I expected a rich deep taste to the fries that I did not detect) but it has been awhile so a revisit is in order at some point.
  20. I'm pretty sure that the folks of eG would like to see the term become very identifiable. so use away. As for the topic, I prefer the ying/yang approach mentioned above, I try to appreciate both "sides" of the food spectrum.
  21. YGM! My whole family clan will be in town this weekend. Willie
  22. The pastries from the Hippo Bakery located inside the large Japanese grocery store called Mitsuwa (corner Arlington Hts & Algonquin Rd) has some incredible buttery, flakey, slight crisp, pastries I've had in the Chicago area. very consistent operation. anyone else have a recommendation?
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    two ?'s. 1. Is cilantro native to a region of Mex cooking? 2. I remember reading somewhere that 25% of diners think cilantro tastes almost like soap. Do you love it or hate it? It is love for me.
  24. Thread title: Wine drinkers are more fertile, Another reason to drink... or maybe another reason not to drink!
  25. It has been awhile, but a place called "el patio" I believe, we really enjoyed it. Not on the ocean, it was on the rooftop of a 4-6 story building. No roof, just the open air.
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