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    Cranberry sauce

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!! I LOVE just plain cranberry sauce, no oranges, no nuts, just the berries and sauce PLEASE.
  2. It was my final night in AMS and I was walking back to my hotel and really had no idea what I was going to eat for dinner. I choose to let fate take me where it wanted to. I finally stopped in front of a Japanese restaurant and thought some sushi and a soba dish would be a great meal. While looking closer at the menu, I noticed a Malaysian section which I have never seen in the states on a Japanese menu. One of the choices was lamb w/black pepper sauce. Sounded yummy. The lamb dish was almost nirvana. The black pepper sauce was tangy,robust w/o being over powering. For those of you who have dined in Singapore and had the black pepper crabs, this was almost the same delicious sauce used in Singapore. The lamb was actually rack of lamb that had been sliced into chops and stir-fried w/the onions, green pepper and the heavenly sauce. As I mentioned this dish was nirvana served over steamed rice. I did have some sushi appetizers and they were very good and fresh. This great restaurant is near the city center. Hayashi Japanese Restaurant, Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 6, 1012 NH Amsterdam. phone: 020-528 78 18 Open from 5pm to 11:30pm
  3. Bruges, a tiny, touristy, but beautiful town about 60 miles northwest of Brussels, is the capital of moules frites-mussels in a shalloty broth w/perfectly crisp French fries. Since we can not live by the bivalve alone, we go to The Hobbit. This cozy den….features all-you-can-eat platters of barbecued dry-rubbed spareribs (ribbetjes) for about $13 – a reminder that the South exists not just in America. from Saveur magazine Jan/Feb 2003.
  4. Flew into Nashville and were hungry. Drove right out of Nashville international onto Donelson Pike a mile to the Bar-B-Cutie BBQ restaurant located at 501 Donelson Pike. The BBQ was good, sure hit the spot. http://www.bar-b-cutie.com/ Did the walking tour of downtown historic Nashville and for some reason we both were in the mood for oysters, great oysters in the middle of the US! So we stopped by Joe’s Crab Shack at 123 2nd Ave. I’m not a fan of places like Joe’s, but it was late afternoon before the evening rush so we had good service. I am however a fan of oysters and these were very fresh and we were very impressed. So good that we had to have another dozen. Went to see the Parthenon (very cool), Vanderbilt U and other west end sites. We love our deli and headed to Noshville New York Delicatessen located at 1918 Broadway. Noshville bills itself an NYC deli. Obviously nothing can compare to true NYC deli, but Noshville does deli proud. My turkey reuben was good and so was my wife’s corned beef and chopped chicken liver sandwich. Both were very good sandwiches and NYC huge. Pickles on the table were delicious. Only disappointment was the Matzo ball soup. The Matzo was very mushy and did not have the good flavor we were hoping for. http://noshville.citysearch.com/1.html Next morning we went to the Pancake Pantry located very close to Vanderbilt U at 1796 21st Ave S. I had fresh blueberry pancakes that were very good. Syrup is homemade and was a bit runny, but tasty. Wife’s omelet was good. Supposedly there are huge waits for the Pancake Pantry, but we got there at 6:45am on a Saturday and were easily seated. We had decided to head south to do some antique shopping and see some of the old plantation homes south of Nashville near Franklin TN. Always in the mood for BBQ, we spotted Herbert’s BBQ as we got of the expressway near Franklin, located at 111 Royal Oaks Blvd. Herbert’s was terrific. Really enjoyed the dry spice ribs and links. Chicken was just OK. The afternoon was so full of activity that we headed for a massage at Illusions Spa, located 5115 Harding Road 615.352.4464 http://www.illusionssalon.com/ Very good masseuses here, we were not disappointed. We then headed over to the Opryland Hotel. While huge and somewhat impressive, I did not observe many people smiling as they were there. There was a feeling of mediocrity throughout. By now it was late (8pm) and we really were not up for the effort to go dine at some of the restaurants we had researched. Our hotel was near the airport off of Donelson Pike so we dined at Darfons Restaurant located at 2810 Elm Hill Pike (just north of Nashville Int. Airport). In no way is Darfons the type of restaurant that we would normally search out. After the GREAT oysters at Joe’s we were again in the mood for some more so we ordered a dozen at Darfons. Again, we were very pleased at the quality and freshness. Two for two with oysters in Nashville, I would have never guessed. I ordered my Cobb salad w/the mustard soy dressing which was a topper of a delicious salad. My wife’s pancetta and shrimp pasta dish was outstanding as well. What dumb luck to stumble into this place. I looked up Darfons for reviews and some people gave it a thumbs down, those that gave it a thumbs up either ate salads or pasta, which is what we had, just an FYI. We flew out at 6:30am the next morning so that is it for our Nashville dining experiences. Did not make any meat n 3 places, we will next time.
  5. Was headed on my way back to Chicago from Cincinnati when I got jonesen for BBQ. The idea of making a 5 hour detour to Owensboro Kentucky to visit the Moonlite BBQ crossed my mind. Seeing as I had the time, a beautiful Volvo 860 as a car rental and it just happened to come with the Hertz GPS Neverlost system in the car, I thought this was the perfect time to make such a detour. I just entered the address for the Moonlite into the GPS system outside of Cincinnati and it steered me right to the Moonlite. I have seen the Moonlite written up in many places. They are know for good BBQ and are one of the only that I've read that serve Mutton BBQ. Being a lamb/mutton as well as a BBQ lover, I thought that the BBQ mutton would be a culinary highlight for me. Sorry to report, the mutton just did not hold the BBQ flavor that brisket or pork does. It was good, but the sliced pork was better. On your table are two bottles of sauce. One is a black pepper, tomato based BBQ sauce that goes very well w/the meats. The other is a Worsteshire/Vinegar based sauce for the mutton, this sauce was almost all water and not anything special. BBQ buffets served 11am-2pm and 4pm-9pm. According to the Moonlite flyer I picked up in the restaurant, the buffet serves BBQ mutton, pork, ribs, chicken, ham and beef. When I was there, only BBQ mutton, pork and chicken was present on the buffet, which for lunch cost me less than $8 w/tax. The sliced pork (shoulder) was my favorite meat here, the brisket was next, then the chicken and finally the mutton (did I already tell you I was disappointed w/the mutton???). Moonlite BBQ Inn 2840 West Parrish Avenue Owensboro, KY 42301 Phone: 270.684.8143 Hours: Mon-Saturday 9am-9pm Sun 10am-3pm
  6. Sweet Willie


    anyone try any of the white ports?
  7. Sweet Willie


    agreed. Baby steps, we're getting there.
  8. That Eat-Rite does look good, wonder if they serve the loose meat (sloppy joes) that the Maid Rite places do? I liked the link you provided, gotta love those old neon signs for some of those places. PLEASE let me know how those fried-brain sandwiches are if you do get the chance, I'm thinking of making a trip to St. Louis just to try those and some BBQ. I had read about this place as well in the St. Louis area, called Gator Flats
  9. I've had three kinds: reg Pom, Blueberry and Pom, Mango and Pom Mango Pomwas by far the best. Blueberry Pom was quite good. Regular Pom I really did not care for.
  10. Will be in Ireland next week, of course am looking forward to Guiness. Are there others to try?
  11. I’ve read about fried brain sandwiches in St. Louis. The opening paragraph to Lycos.com Travel on St. Louis is the following: When they're not boasting about their city and chiding tourists who call it "St. Louie," locals at the pubs along Route 66 merrily toast the Cardinals over tasty fried-brain sandwiches. It's a St. Louis thing. Two places I believe serve the fried brain sandwiches are: CAFÉ MANHATTAN Dieckmeyer’s Anyone had one? And how was it?
  12. She must be back on duty as this event is now listed on the calendar
  13. YES!! I have wanted to try Sugar, great idea, but I believe it will be tough to get in later, no?
  14. Sweet Willie


    I believe a must for dining enthusiasts while in Honolulu is Alan Wong's Restaurant. Located at 1857 S. King Street, 3rd floor (take elevator, valet parking $3), Honolulu, HI. Location is west of McCully/King. Phone: 808.949.2526 reservations a must. If reservations are full, you might try to ask for the small (4) person seating at a bar that overlooks the kitchen, did not notice this seating option until we were leaving the restaurant. Chef Wong is a MASTER at using local Hawaiian food with Asian/French touches. See a sampling of one of his dinner menus: http://www.alanwongs.com/kingstreet/ksdinner.html Everything was perfect except where noted. For appetizers our family had: "Hot" California Rolls, Da Bag, Duck Nacho Main Courses were: Ginger Crusted Onaga (mainstay on menu, terrific), Mac/Coconut crusted Lamb, Steamed Bowl of Shell fish(the weak dish on the menu), Seared Yellowfin Ahi Waitstaff was attentive w/o being intrusive. We did feel the need to reserve a table in advance of our arriving on the island, so we did so three weeks before.
  15. I would vote for either early to beat the "rush" or late to indulge in the night
  16. I tried to add this to the calender list, but kept receiving a "I wasn't authorized to do so" type messege. Does it take a moderator to add an item to the eG Calender?
  17. I have that one on my list, it sounds so romantic. Did you have dinner there or just drinks? What kind of food is it? We dined and had drinks, many drinks in fact after the dinner was over as the setting was too perfect. Continental and Mexican were the cuisines served.
  18. THAT is an understatement. much Mahalo
  19. YOU FIRST! Maybe the PT would make a good hearst
  20. Did a search, not too much on Molokai. did find the following: My father owns Kamoi Snack-n-Go, a local-style snack shop on Molokai (Icee, ice cream, seeds, chips, candies, sodas, etc.)--the only non-Honolulu location of Dave's Ice Cream. We ate ice cream six days in a row--lychee (twice), green tea, Hawaiian rocky road, mac nut, vanilla, haupia/coconut (twice), cotton candy. The employees even top the ice cream with free samples of li hing mui. No really good plate lunches on Molokai (however, Kanemitsu Bakery is not to be missed).(posted by Kimo) Anyone have suggestions for Molokai?
  21. jzipay Welcome to eGullet. I have posted on a few very good places in Cincinnati. Just to let you know there is a search function near the top of the page. use Cincinnati as the keyword and you will find mine and others suggestions. There is terrific Indian in Cincinnati.
  22. Just bought some goat yesterday. The Jamaican curries sound good, anyone have a recipe?
  23. recipies from places reviewed: http://www.wttw.com/checkplease/supperclub...recipesa2z.html
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