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Historic Brewing and Wine Books.

The Old Foodie

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This could just as easily go into the Wine forum, but for those of you who are interested, there are some nineteenth century brewing, wine-making and related books online and FREE at <a href= "http://books.google.com/">Google Books</a>.

Here are a few I have found so far:

Key to Gray's ale brewer's assistant By James Gray; 1848

The British Wine-maker, and Domestic Brewer: A Complete, Practical, and Easy Treatise on the Art... By W. H. Roberts, of Edinburgh W H Roberts; 1835

The Complete Practical Brewer; Or Plain, Accurate, and Thorough Instructions in the Art of... By Marcus Lafayette Byrn; 1852

The vintner's, brewer's, spirit merchant's, and licensed victualler's guide; by a practical man By Vintner; 1826

Clarke's Complete Cellarman: The Publican and Innkeeper's Practical Guide, and Wine and Spirit... By William Clarke, 1830

If you go to Advanced Search and put "wine" or "beer" into the subject line you get a lot more.

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