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Frozen Meals


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my boyfriend is always buying mama celeste pizza's - usually cheese. He always wants me to "jazz" it up for him by sprinkling oregano on it. Gross

Most of the frozen food I buy is vegetarian related. I love morningstar chik'n patties, fake sausage crumbles, etc. Don't worry, I eat meat...but morningstar's vegetarian take on meat tastes almost as good.

I also buy alot of frozen green beans & wax beans, mixed veggies, cauliflower, broccoli, and peas. Frozen fruit is also good when you want to make a quick smoothie.

Now in my freezer I have a lot of frozen fish : unagi, unagi w/tomago, salmon, and cut up portions of belt fish

oh and if i'm lazy and hungry there is nothing better than stouffer's french bread pizza :biggrin:

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