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"Bush Family Cookbook"


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you know....on review of the recipe - maybe i misunderstood the fishy jello.

looking at the recipe it doesn't mentioned flavored jello being used - jsut gelatin.

maybe it would be so bad.   I mean what was really tweaking me was the idea of artificial fruit flavor mixed with fish.  that just seems wrong.  unless that artificial flavor is lemon and it is unsweetened.

Maybe someone other than a shiksa should be replying, but in case you didn't know, fish gelatin is substituted for gelatin made from the customary animals for kosher products; they are generally accepted as pareve if not by all.

Marshmallows from Israel containing fish gelatin are found in greater frequency in natural food stores and supermarkets because there are vegetarians who consume fish...and shoppers who like the nice short list of natural ingredients on the packaging.

well gelatin derived from fishbones is one thing. Lime flavored jello mixed with canned tuna is quite another.

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George H.W. Bush grew up in Connecticut and attended Greenwich Country Day, Andover and Yale.  He moved to Texas and lived there for a good part of his adult life, but he's certainly not native stock.

I will point out that most people who live in Texas for any length of time, from thereon generally refer to themselves as a Texan - deservedly so. :biggrin:

Ah, see, in New York, we have standards for this sort of thing... :laugh::wink:

Most New Yawkas are from someplace else!

but then--everybody gotta be from someplace!

But, then, a native New Yorker may never concede that anyone else is a true New Yorker...sort of like what TPO says about Maine!

No, no, no. He can say he is FROM Texas, but Texan he is not. Nor can you be unless you are a native, preferably of 5-6 generations. We do count that kind of thing around here.

As for Babs cooking, well they did live in Midland for many, many years and GW lived there from the time he was 2 til he went off to school in Yankeeland. Being born and raised in Midland myself, I know that Ms. Bush had the choice of a Safeway or the PigglyWiggly to do her shopping. Not a whole lot of other choices.

The climate there is not really suitable for large-scale gardening unless you have a LOT of water, so a lot of backyard gardening was for a few tomatoes, etc.

My mother grew up in an even smaller West Texas town ( heck, Midland was the big city!) and every Halloween she still makes the same punch she made from her high school days. It consists of strong tea, canned OJ, canned pineapple juice (Texsun brand) and ginger ale. I asked her one year why she made it with canned and she said "where in the world would we have gotten fresh?".

Bush Sr. likes to get his bbq fix here in Houston at Otto's. They have a lunch special named after him.

If you can't act fit to eat like folks, you can just set here and eat in the kitchen - Calpurnia

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Bush Sr. likes to get his bbq fix here in Houston at Otto's.  They have a lunch special named after him.

Does it have Jello salad on the side? :wink:

Seriously, what's in it?

ETA: Seek and ye shall find.

The Bush Special is at the bottom of the page. Sliced beef, links, ribs, potato salad and beans.

Edited by Megan Blocker (log)

"We had dry martinis; great wing-shaped glasses of perfumed fire, tangy as the early morning air." - Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado

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I've never come across Jello salad (whether green or of any other color) with cottage cheese, and I have a hard time imagining it.

So my question is the following one: the cottage cheese is mixed homogeneously into the Jello, or there are lumps of cottage cheese within the Jello?

(Just trying to get a better image here of what it actually is)

Sources available online suggest there are all sorts of way to make this delicious salad.

Perhaps the most vivid image can be provided first by a souvenir pin from Salt Lake City rather than a photograph. Go down to the third row, first object on the far left.

Note the white chunks :wacko: suspended in the green cubes.

How on earth did you find that link? What is most hilarious about all this is that this particular grandmother is Jewish, and lived in NY at a time when integration (AKA acting as WASPy as possible) was the thing. So the green jello may well have been an aspirational dish.

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