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The Brandy Library (NYC)


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Not sure if this topic has been covered before...

Last weekend we were in NY and went to the Brandy Library in Tribeca after dinner, and really enjoyed it!

I had a Marc D'alsace, the taste of which I haven't had since visiting there.

Delicious, and not as firewater as it smells/sounds!

$9, not bad!

They also had a Marc D'Bourgogne on the list.

Others in my party had a Calvados, and a 14 year old Armagnac...

The list was great, and could be expensive or not, depending on what you order!

We're mid 40's and up, it was nice seeing a lot of, how do I admit it, "younger" people in there enjoying brandy! It was a nice mix of age. Very comfortable place.

Philly Francophiles

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The Brandy Library is a true GEM in Tribeca. They have a couple of hundred bottles on the wall; not just brandy, but pick your favorite rum. scotch, bourbon, or rye, and they'll have it. The walls surrounding the entire room are literally lined with bottles from top to bottom...the selection is extraordinary.

Ask for Ethan, who is a walking encyclopedia. Ask him to share his thoughts on any particular bottling, and he'll offer an A-1 flavor profile on it. He is conducting a series of classes on various spirits which certainly look worthwhile.

For more information on it, click here. It's become one of my favorite places to enjoy a civilized libation, and is well worth the trip.


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