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  1. I had to do a double-take, but I thought Frank Bruni's cameo appearance in there at the end was pretty clever. Just as she's presenting the duck to her dinner guests... Audrey
  2. I would never refer to Stevia as garbage. Stevia is extremely beneficial to diabetics and others who are insulin sensitive, in that it flat-lines at -0- on the Glycemic index. Splenda / sucralose is chlorinated. Stevia is derrived from a plant, which makes it vegan-friendly, as well as having -0- carbs and -0- calories. There are a number of factors to keep in mind when using it. The flavor profile of stevia can greatly vary from brand to brand. I've personally tested a dozen different brands and was very surprised at how vastly different they were. I found Nu Naturals to be one of th
  3. I have stackable units at Pegu; double 650 units. I love the cubes and have been working with them for over 10 years now, but the older model machines that I've had experience with could certainly be tempermental at times. I always felt so ashamed whenever the units went down and I had to resort to using the "replacement ice"---it dimishes the entire cocktail experience; so ghetto. I look forward to going forward with a newer model. But even with that, I will still continue to work with stackables. They offer me a great deal more security-- during the times when one unit goes down, at l
  4. I already told Joe what I wanted for Christmas..... ....a KD machine with interchangable molds.....any size cube you want, just pop the mold in, and its all yours. You want to go from a 1.25" to a a 2.25" cube for 3 hours of production? Why not. ....and KD could make the bennies just on the custom-molds alone. Joe? Audrey
  5. I want to add that I walked into that kitchen on a number of occasions throughout the week, and was completely blown away by the level of dedication coming from their operation. The walls were stacked with cases and cases of fruit, and when I looked inside the walk-in, there were gallons upon gallons of different cocktails with the various seminar names & times written on each. And speaking of juicers, what they didn't mention is that the sunkist broke on the way down to NOLA, and they managed to McGuyver it back into working condition---utilizing pieces of aluminum baking pans moulded i
  6. I was there as well. I love the place! Matty Gee (former of M&H) is behind the concept, and he has created a wonderful space with a lot of warmth to it. I think Matty's vision is to have a nice place to go, where the cocktail menu is simple, yet perfectly executed---but without any sort of pretension. I've known Matty for a number of years now, and not only is he a great bartender and a true gentleman, but also a bit of a romantic. There is a large, blow-up of an old photograph hanging on the wall in the middle of the room, circa 1940/50's--it's of a couple very much in love, both loo
  7. I heard that a batch of Plymouth sloe gin is being steeped for the US market as we speak... ...the timing might be January / February 08. ...and that a popular restaurant chain had already approached them to snatch up 30,000 cases of it. Audrey
  8. .....A few authentic ones on the thread itself certainly couldn't hurt
  9. When, after reading the Suze thread, you henceforth initiate an email exchange with the good folks at Pernod-Ricard USA to see if they would consider bringing more of their wonderful product in from France for your American friends in need..... Status: Pending
  10. Sounds weird, but, (utilizing your favorite Mary mix...sans spirit), prepare with (good quality) champagne the same way you would prepare a mimosa. A nice, savory alternative. Audrey
  11. A few of us from Pegu attended Matt's service yesterday in Teaneck. I met his parents, Jim & Dora, and we talked for a little while. It is easy to see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree; they are very, very special people. Really intelligent, gentle, & loving folks. There were a number of photographs of Matt displayed around the room, and it was very warming to be able to take a look at them. Matt's father showed me his favorite picture---Matt was sitting down on the steps outside of their house in Cape Cod. The sun was beaming down on his face, and he was looking up di
  12. I agree. Gerry's is one of the best places around; you'll find most everything there. Audrey
  13. Phil just handed me the prettiest Ramos fizz ever. And then he (knowingly) asked, "you wanted the cardamom on top, right? (it'something I have a weakness for) yea, when you stare at your cocktail in loving admiration for at least 2 minutes, and then spend a good 10 - 15 seconds nosing it, the way you would smell your newborn nephew / niece, then you know you're in a strange place. The head....it was like a guinness poking up a good 1/2" over the rim. Pure art. Audrey
  14. Yea, Rob Roy, of course. I was so deep into my rant at that point that there was just no coming back But I think you get the concept. Audrey Edited to acclimate to the increased amount of oxygen to my brain after stepping down from the soapbox
  15. When you "accidentally" run out of peach liqueur on Saturday nights so you have to "86" it. No peach liqueur = no Sex On The Beach drinks or "Woo Woo shots. It does seem to arrive quickly from the distributor for the rest of the week, though. Audrey
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