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  1. For myself, as the teapot increases the teaspoons decrease. Otherwise, as you have noted, the tea is far too strong. My guideline is 2-2.5 grams per 237 ml. That said, I'm not that strict with my measurements. Water temp is more important to me.
  2. Jules in Gastown and Crave on Main. I've grown tired of high end dining.
  3. Pair Bistro around 10th and Alma. All local or as close as you can get West Coast cuisine. Great service, staff that know the growing location of almost all the products used in the dishes and a well thoughtout wine list that includes many small and unknown BC wines. My favorite place to take European and US visitors and they are always impressed by the quality and freshness of the plates. Similar to Aurora Bistro but better.
  4. That was more than a spank, but, she calls it as she sees it. It reads as though part way through the evening they may have discovered who she is( no charge for the drinks and free sweets) but, too late. Ball was dropped. Restaurants need to treat ALL folks better or they just stop showing up.
  5. "T"


    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......that's sexy pizza. Cheers to you.
  6. Japafries. Is this a good thing? Wait. Japanese poutine. Japafries with tonkatsu mayo and tofu. Japapou. Poujap. Nah, that sounds a bit South Asian. All joking aside I wish them all the best.
  7. I would love to taste and post comments on this tea.
  8. I agree with Sonja. Enough said.
  9. My sister brought a doz over tonight for our yearly Oyama cassoulet night. An odd choice for dessert but whatthehell. We all thought they were good but not worth the wait. Dinner on the other hand was great along with the wines. Conde de Vimeoso 2004, Baron deOna Riserva 1998, Ch d' Aydie2000and a Selvapiana Riserva Bucerhiale 2001 finishing with Talisker 10 and Couer de Lion Calvados xo. Glad i have the day off on tuesday.
  10. Yeah, lots of kid noise but isn't that the point? Kid friendly. Right time, right place and great food. Picture of the owner in the new edition of Eat Magazine as well.
  11. Pan fry with butter, garlic, shallots, white wine on toast. It put a smile on my wifes face which put a smile on my face.
  12. I met a guy last week off Granville who just sold some chantrelles to West and was sorting his mushrooms in the trunk of his car. We started talking about picking, I pick matsutakes only, and he offered to give me some for free. I declined but said give me $10.00 worth. He then pulled out a bag and gave me 2 lbs for my ten. Now I wish I asked him for his phone number. They were delish!!!!
  13. Good. It's about time cooks get a wage worth working for.
  14. After I read your comments I thought I would go myself with my wife and son. He was there with his oma and opa last week and they all had a good experience. I found everone to be very receptive and the food to be quite tasty and well priced. I see what you mean about the open door but at the end of the day parents do need to be responsible for their own children. Give them another try. We need more places like this on the Drive. Hell, we need a lot more places on this Drive.
  15. Ahhh Pu'erh teas. One needs to aproach this tea the same way the wine world embraces properly aged wines. Good Pu'erh tea is most often aged. Anywhere from 5 years to well over 100 years old. I am by no means an expert on these teas but I have had much 10, 18 and currently drinking 25 year old Pu'her's. I was once at a tasting where I was served 100 year old Pu'erh from a client of mine who was interested in my opinion on this tea. Pu'erh is a tea to sit down with and examine the path of ones life. Such is Barolo to wine drinkers. A beverage to contemplate. I know. Blah, blah, blah.
  16. I have a frother similar to this one. Frabosck??? I think the brand is called. I sold the Frieling frother at my store but never got around to trying it. I'm sure it will work as well as the one I have. These type are the best for frothing milk. Thick, rich and creamy.
  17. I was there last night and the wild mushrooms and brioche then the oyster special were standouts. Parkside is my go to room in this city. For me they can do no wrong. You guys rock 8 days a week!!!!!
  18. Was that not too salty? Oyster with Proscuitto. I would have been worried about over salt. I guess that's why I'm not a chef The combo sounds divine if they can control the salt mmmmm. <still wonders why EG does not have a drool emoticon> ← I had the oysters on the weekend and I thought they were the best item I had that night. The food and service at Parkside make it my favorite room in this city.
  19. Anytime the NYT writes a positive article on tea it must be looked upon, from those of us in the biz, with an approving nod and a thankfull smile. But, for those who truely enjoy tea the same way wine, whisky/whiskey and brandy lovers enjoy those beverages, tea in the loose form is the only way to go. I know the arguements about the messy dealings of wet leaves and assorted complications and how teabags are sooooo much simpler in this stressfull and "oh where do I find the time" world we chose to make for ourselves. And this is the beauty of orthadox loose leaf tea. It forces one to take the time to prepare properly and enjoy fully. Think of it as naptime for adults. A nice break in the day.
  20. Sounds like you have all the fun in vancouver Bill. The Elegancia 12(which is new for Mac, it was always vintage dated before), is my daily pour. I always have a litre or two in the cabinet. Cheers, Steve
  21. Plus Cuppa Joe, too! I think there's still room for more of an artisan (dare I say 'upmarket'?) coffee place around Main & B'way. The coffee at SoMa, while in a nice room with decent staff, is not well-made and of the dusty-cardboardish variety. Cuppa Joe is rather generic and boring. The best coffee around is at Lugz, still not superb but quite decent, but the room could use some sort of focus (ie- more chairs, better layout) or at least a good scrubbin'. If the new place were to do an Origins program, or follow an Artigiano route, I think they'd do quite well. Either way, Main & B'way seems to be sittin' & sippin' central and I don't think the saturation of the block would hurt them. Different strokes, right? k. ← You speak the truth brutha After living off Main in Loftland for 10 years and recently moving the "Drive" yawwwn...... I must confess I miss the ol' hood much. I miss being a few blocks away from aurora as well. Main is by far the hip area in the city. Yaletown are are for pretenders. Main is today, what Joy Division was and is for post modern R&R. What the Drive is missing is a fine dining room yet casual. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.........Whata think Kurtisk??? Pardon the presumptuousness, Elijah Craig 18 is damn fine Bourbon. I blame the whisk(e)y. Cheers, Steve
  22. Ling: For what it's worth I would look into the Liberty Wine courses taught by Tyler Dawson. He has one of the better palates in the city and has a true passion for wine and passing on his knowledge to those who seek it. I have done both the ISG level 1&2 and after the fact have been thinking that Tylers way of aproaching wine tasting and understanding to be much more organic and terrior focussed than how others approach the subject. Not knocking Mark D's teaching methods at all, but Tyler takes a different view to how the subject can be embraced. Look into it before you lay our money down. PM me if you want more ............uncensored info. BTW I do not work for Liberty anymore. Cheers, Steve
  23. I'll check Drive Organics tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. Say hi to T for me. That is, assuming I recognize that dog. If by chance I'm wrong then as usual I blame it on the wine T
  24. Unfortunately Sausis on West Broadway just closed up. They had a great ventilated indoor cigar room. In the winter we usually go to the Reef on Main. They crank the heat for us. One year we were on the deck smoking Cubans and Hondurans and sippin' rum while snow was cascading down along Man Street. They had it so warm we were just in T-shirts.
  25. "T"

    French dinner

    Talk to Joe at Les Amis. He knows his cheese and which wines to pair with them. Most likely he'll aim you towards wine from the Alsace. Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy!!!!
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