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  1. We went to Nom Nom with friends last Saturday night, it was great! Also had the spicy ramen. Their spider crab in a bun was excellent too...
  2. Wow, thanks everyone! Busboy, I emailed you separately... Here's a link to our B&B, just in case: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7193 Merci, Susan & Sam
  3. Anything new or old and good- in the Nice area? We like bistros better than high end restaurants... We'll be staying in Juan-les-Pins in early May, then traveling the coast road (I think?) to Cassis, where we've been many times. Thanks!
  4. Anything new on St. John? We'll be there in two weeks...we are from Philly and love offal, but are going with others from Wokingham who are not at all adventurous. Thanks!
  5. Just came back from 8 of us eating at Le Bec tonight. For their $40 anniversary special, 4 courses, and $40 wine specials to boot. Appetizers and main courses were the highlight. I had a delicious chilled pea soup with almond ice cream...other apps included grilled octopus with blueberries (it worked!) and a tomato and watermelon salad. For the main course I had quail stuffed with sausage, very good, served with white beans...others had flat iron steak with pea pomme puree and a shallot marmalade that melted in your mouth. There was also a poached salmon in olive oil. There was then a laughable cheese course, it was embarrassing actually! The teeniest tiniest miniscule -not even a sliver of manchego with two teeny tiny slivers of bread and two grapes. More like an amuse. For the dessert cart, we were instructed we could have up to 3 choices. I had a grand marnier souffle, a flourless chocolate cake and a coconut, caramel mango something. I've been to Le Bec a few other times, and everyone goes on about this dessert cart. Must be me....they are okay, but a bunch of tarts and cakes don't do it for me. So I really enjoyed the app and the entree...the wines we had were delicious...a white bordeaux and a pinot. We just had a glass of wine each to start, and 3 bottles of their special rate wine, and some coffees/espressos- and it still came out to $175 per couple including tip. Don't know how that happened! It was packed. The special is during the week from 5-6:30 only for $40. You can also order the more expensive menus if you'd like. Perrier seemed more relaxed than usual.
  6. We love love love Sonata, have been there quite a lot. They need a review by Laban, I've recommended it a few times on his live chat, but he hasn't yet. Very creative Chef and Pastry Chef, really good people with creative and very good food.
  7. Mr. Tarte Tatin made garlic scape pesto but used pistachios as the nut in them. OMG!
  8. Don't forget the Please Touch Museum. I think its the best option for the kids. Food wise-there's really nothing up there, in the park. But it is a great place for kids!
  9. I know there are plenty of excellent CSA's here in Philly. We have been members of different ones for the past 15 years at least. Anyway, full disclosure, we are hosting at our house in Northern Liberties- a pick up this year. Wimer Organics. http://www.wimersorganics.com Wed pickup from 5:30-7:00, we're totally looking forward to it. Love to hear about other experiences with CSA's.
  10. My love of farmer's markets and local food- has me (in my spare time) helping out at farmer's markets as a substitute helper. I'll be at the Piazza tomorrow, Saturday, March 20 working at Mark Skinner's meat stand: Natural Meadows. 10 a.m-2 p.m. Come by and introduce yourself! Susan (Mrs. Tarte Tatin)
  11. We ate at Sonata last night for the second time. A very nice little BYOB in Liberties Walk, a block from our house. The Chef cooks very French bistro-ish, I had foie gras, then potato crusted black cod over cabbage, then three made in house ice creams/sorbet: caramel, coffee and pineapple. Mr. Tarte Tatin had a lovely portion and taste of pork belly, followed by a beautifully cooked chicken with mash and chard. He had a rhubarb and apple strudel that was delicious. Both were prix fixe 3 courses at $31. I think Chef/Owner should be getting more attention..I believe his name is Mark Tropea or similar. Nice man, very creative. Your list of suggestions was extensive and lovely, Jeff!
  12. Sam has an amazing flourless chocolate cake if you'd like the recipe. It's something like a pound of butter, a pound of chocolate and 8 eggs. Decadent.
  13. Busboy: Not sure if I can promote our B&B on this site, cut me out if you need to, but our place is called "French Philly" on Airbnb.
  14. L'avant Gout. Very good. Or, if you'd like a Brasserie, Marty isn't too bad. Very pretty to boot.
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