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King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread

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Thickly sliced and sauteed in butter till crisp on both sides topped with vanilla ice cream and honey or fresh fruit. Also like it as gooey bread pudding with coconut syrup or hard sauce. YUMMM! Okay, I also like eating it straight out of the package (for some reason it tastes better when you tear as opposed to  slicing):biggrin:

No one has yet mentioned haupia french toast! You make some haupia and put it between 2 thick slices of sweet bread (or take one really thick piece of bread and cut a pocket in the middle) and dip in custard like regular french toast. Top with coconut or guava syrup. Absolutely scrumptious.



Your posting brought back a memory of where I most often enjoyed "Kings Sweet Bread" it was as featured at the "Wailana Coffee Shop" 24/7 every day.

Served as "Hawaiian French Toast" it was cut into wedges, then stuffed with "Guava Jam" and dusted Sugar and with a side of Guava or Pancake Syrup.

It was served all the time and it wasn't unusual to see customers ordering this specialty at this very busy restaurant that was open twenty four hours, often a gathering place for Hotel/Restaurant workers after work since it was one of the few places in Waikiki that offered free parking.


I don't say that I do. But don't let it get around that I don't.

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