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The New Book

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Dear David: I find the news of your new book, It's All American Food, some of the best I've read in quite some time. A few questions about the project

a) What made you decide to write this book at this time?

b) What special discoveries that you hadn't expected did you come across while doing your research?

and c) Since no project like this can be pulled off without some help in the research department, did you make any new friends along the way that you'd like us to know about?

We'll not discriminate great from small.

No, we'll serve anyone - meaning anyone -

And to anyone at all!

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a) I am FASCINATED by all the food we eat everyday in America.....that people NEVER talk about. This is my Valentine to Hellman's mayonnaise, Italian-American food, San Diego fish tacos, Chicago hot dogs, etc.....

b) My favorite discovery: New Mexico Chile Relleno Casserole!--in which the chiles are not fried, but placed in a casserole with a custardy topping and baked. It is YUM!

c) I had an incredible team of developer/testers. I've written a little something about each of them in the book's acknowledgements......


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