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    Rehoboth Beach, DE. (Formerly from CA.)
  1. Well, yeah, as a resident I agree about the traffic. Particularly on Highway One, which resembles a parking lot. But that brings up the other problem: the parking! There ain't none! But, as you said later, if you can park and hoof it, things are much better. I'm working at one of the grocery stores now, on the highway. Prices are lower there. (Of course, that means facing the traffic on the highway, and probably losing your parking place at your home base...) Any restaurant in Rehoboth, on Saturday night during the season, faced with a large party, will not shine their best. It's too
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate all the help.
  3. Does anyone have restaurant suggestions for the fair city of Annapolis? Heck, I'll even take suggestions if you think the city stinks. I'm looking for restaurants in three different catagories. First, places where a couple can enjoy a very good dinner together. Der Brucer and I like a wide variety of foods...think of this as the anything goes catagory. Second, places where we can take der Brucer's daughter for lunch. This gets trickier, because she will not eat chicken and is allergic to shellfish. But she works in the area and we'd like to get together with her on occasion. Third, trick
  4. Way back in April of 2003, in a General Forum thread, I posted the following: There was a time, in the 50's and 60's, when gay restaurants were something of a necessity. If two gay men, or two lesbians, wanted to have a nice dinner, they might not get served, or at best be seated at a table in the center of the room instead of a booth. So, we had places of our own. I can remember the Carriage Trade, the Toy Tiger, the Garden District, the Academy, the Frog Pond, David's, the Little Shrimp, the Venture Inn, all in the Los Angeles area, my home town. Of these, only the Venture Inn seems to be in
  5. Earlier, Malawry posted (and for some reason, I cannot get the quote function to work correctly here) Which reminds me, it's about time for me to find out what's going on in the Rehoboth Beach restaurant scene this year! I'll be posting soon.
  6. For that matter, this section of EGullet is "D.C. & DelMarVa". Am I, a resident of the "Del" part of that title, supposed to claim second-class citizenship simply because I don't live in DC? And what of those who live in Baltimore? Here in Rehoboth Beach, the newspaper racks include papers from DC, Baltimore, Wilmington...and the New York Times! What the hell is that doing here? Fact is, der Brucer and I take occasional day trips to all of those places, both for business and pleasure. It's all part of our "neighborhood."
  7. Or, better yet, you could all come over to Rehoboth Beach to try the ORIGINAL Dogfish Head location first, and then use that as a comparison for the new joints!
  8. Dogfish Head has been one of the favorite places on Rehoboth Blvd. for years. Good grub, great beer...pretty good spirits, too! Der Brucer loves their hot rum and cider these winter months.
  9. Sadly, I believe the problem lies in NYC, not with DC. NYC is a media center, the most important one in the USA if not the world. This makes that city our key opinion-maker. How people often perceive DC and other cities is filtered through the NYC editorial offices. Making things more difficult is NYC's own perception of itself as where the best of everything can be found. I know people in NYC who refuse to even consider leaving their city, firm in the belief that everything should come to them. Ultimately, this is a provincial attitude, and nowhere near as cosmopolitan as that city claim
  10. I haven't tried the restaurant, since I usually fondue at home. However, here's a link to their website: http://www.meltingpot.com/
  11. So, here I am, a fiscally conservative (but socially moderate) Republican, and I have to wonder...with all the money being spent on this Inauguration, they can't afford electricity? Or is the candlelight dinner to hide the food?
  12. As long as I'm here, I'd better put in a New Years Eve report. Der Brucer and I spent the night at Cafe Zeus, (37 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth Beach, 302 226-0400), where chef Charles Davidson did served us a marvelous six-course meal. There were appetizers of seared fois gras, chorizo-stuffed mushroom caps, and roasted Brie. There were lobster bisque and potato/shallot soup, roasted duck with a raspberry and lemon sauce, and lobster Newberg. There was prime rib and roast venison, salads with roquefort and apples and almonds, chocolate truffle mousse, and roasted pears in pastry. And the New
  13. Thank-you for the kind words. I don't think I'd be very good as a restaurant critic, as I like to get to know the owners, not a good practice for a critic. And I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my mouth shut about faults, which isn't a good idea for a rag like exp; they usually need to keep their advertisers happy (hence the sycophantic reviews over at Camp Rehoboth). Interviewing the owners and chefs might be an idea, however... Der Brucer and I didn't get over to the Iguana Grill this summer. We're looking forward to the Purple Parrot's new digs. The new space will be at 134 Rehoboth Av
  14. Are there any good places to eat near the Arena Theater? We'll be in town for the opening of Hallelujah, Baby!, and I've a hunch a grumbly stomach in the middle of the first act wouldn't be appreciated.
  15. We will be spending the meal with my illegal half's family, and his daughter is doing most of the cooking. She has requested I make the sweet potatoes with marshmallows . Der Brucer, in turn, wants me to fix a side of creamed onions. And I'll be roasting a Smithfield ham, some of which (by no means all) will be going with us to the dinner. It debrines in the kitchen sink as I write. We'll also be supplying the wine. The big topic of discussion at the Thanksgiving table this year? Handling Christmas. Der Brucer's ex-wife, the mother of his daughter, is coming from California, and th
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