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Hello from Montana

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I don't know what prompted me to finally join- I've been lurking at least 2 decades now (seriously, watched FatGuy making lunches, followed so many foodblogs in their heydays) and decided to finally start contributing.

I cook gluten free because I have to- I cant fathom anyone doing it by choice-and have been GF for nearly 20 years. (I am still searching for the perfect Ritz replacement).

My partner and I are hunters (he more than I) of all sorts of big game and fowl (water and upland), and fishermen (my family was actually commercial fishermen in the Great Lakes). I am half a gardener with raspberries, haskaps and strawberries (giving the veg garden a break this year). 95% of our protein is from animals we have harvested in one way or another. (elk, moose, mountain lion, black bear are all residents of the freezers currently. Lots of birds and fish as well round out the supplies.)

I love cookbooks, especially the old timey church books that are spiral bound, and anything with a good story. I don't bake because I do not enjoy it, still have envy over the gorgeous creations tho!  I am a canner, a smoker (food, not tobacco), and hate milk but love all the cheese.

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Hunter, fisherwoman, gardener and cook in Montana.

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Welcome! It sounds like you'll fit right in!


We have a number of other hunters and fisherfolk here, as well as would-be hunters and fisherfolk who love to read about it. It's also good to see more gluten-free folks joining in. I am lucky enough not to need GF food, but a number of our members do -- and my daughter in law is one of them, always on the search for good recipes or substitutes.


Given how long you've lurked, you probably have a clear idea of where and how to post -- but if you have questions, feel free to contact a host (I am one) by Personal Messenger.


Raspberries and strawberries I know and love, but what are haskaps?

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50 minutes ago, Smithy said:

 but what are haskaps?

Thank you Smithy.

Haskaps are elongated berries grown on bushes, very blue/purple in color, and are for those of us that don't have acidic enough soil for blueberries! Flavor wise they have a zing and taste a bit like a blueberry crossed with a raspberry. Another name for them is honeyberry. I have 3 varieties, you must have 2 different yet compatible varieties to pollinate. I have yet to grow enough for anything other than eating straight off the bushes, they take a few years to get established but the bushes are productive for decades.


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Hunter, fisherwoman, gardener and cook in Montana.

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thank you for finally joining 


Im hopefully you will contribute your experience 


in adding your local bounty 


to your plate.


looking forward to your future posts .


Many of us   ( I ) love pics.


thank you advance

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