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HUGE Lot 750+ Vintage and New Candy Chocolate Lollipop Molds


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I have a huge inventory of chocolate molds that I purchased from a closed down chocolate shop for $1000. I was going to open my own but am not doing so anymore. I now have 12+ boxes of plastic chocolate/lollipop/candy molds in my basement that could use a new home! Some of them are vintage, rare, hard to find!

Over 750 vintage plastic candy/chocolate molds available. Molds for every major holiday, occasion, milestone, and more! Mold brands include Choklit Mold Limited, Concepts in Candy, Life of the Party, Make n Mold, CK Molds, ILA SPFLD Molds, Apollo, and East Coast Mold Manufacturing. I have an excel spreadsheet with all of the inventory  - see it hosted here:https://pdfhost.io/v/GaBu5r3C8_Candy_Mold_Inventory

The listing for the entire lot is here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/304771006474 for pickup in Providence, RI.

I am willing to split them up, ship some, etc. if people are interested in specific molds or not the full lot. I don't want them to go to waste, there are some gems in there!!!!image.thumb.jpeg.4fd1c63f4b0a3e5e34b551cf667e8557.jpegD4F0C5EF-49B0-459D-A646-D38EEFF05B2D_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.358030d2585ab895ccfea7f4852a8437.jpeg0162C19B-BE2A-4161-A049-B4F9FA23C0A4_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.e24b47dbf335ad2b13682b3324df9360.jpeg177BE80A-999A-450C-A2A9-28063B20E3B5_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.6c2f101632910677eed8ddb1406c3ce5.jpeg670E480C-3B88-4221-90BD-9F35157BE5FE_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.7a30ee33a75d24451e02f7cb525713ba.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.d8679d18b130f714ad0eaf3c4be128ea.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.1467d815e5378b97cd3118bd49950854.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.2ee3545b1da1ef986c6de282d096bf09.jpeg

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