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Hello from Delhi!

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Hi Guys,


I am a foodie who loves travelling a-lot. So I always use to travel to the new spots in¬†the find of something interesting¬†to eat & enjoy with my partnerūüėÜ.

Also love cooking so I am here to share me experience or suggestions of restaurants, recipes & different cuisines & dishes around the world. In same will also be needing advice for new food spots, dishes or more.




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Im looking forward to eating about your culinary adventures


At home and around the block.


BTW :  there is a Cult here , small or large   that appreciate pics.


lots of pics.    just saying .

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Welcome to eG.  My husband and I love Indian food and are delighted, as Canadians, that we have access to Indian restaurants and Indian ingredients always and have been for decades.  

The sad thing about the local Indian restaurants is that there are only expensive ones now in our nearby city.  There should be inexpensive Indian restaurants...and indeed there used to be our favourite one which we went to regularly.  Good food.  Nothing fancy.  But that's just my particular city.  And so, we now make our own only. 


My Aunt was stationed in Delhi some of the time during WWII.   Now that goes back a bit.

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learn, learn, learn...


Life in the Meadows and Rivers

Cheers & Chocolates

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