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Kosher meat on line ?

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A friend of mine is Kosher.  he is not a great cook if even that


but he has started to grill and asks me to look into some Kosher meat on line.  he lives in


the East Bay and there is a kosher butcher there, but the meat is terrible 


I can attest to that.  at a local Tj's he has found Kosher Rib-eys and he has grilled them and found them to be


delicious to his owns taste , BBQ technique aside


he is looking for an over all high quality butcher on line that is ale Kosher


Ive found a few via google :


https://www.growandbehold.com/lamb-chops/  for some nice looking loin lamb chops


https://www.growandbehold.com  in general










but no loin chops


he understand the added expense of On-Line , but whishes to make the most of it interim of flavor


mostly lamb , loin , possible shoulder chops


but he grilled a SC from the KB locally and found it to be all grizzle.



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@rotuts I am an outsider looking in, however I believe the loin cannot be eaten because of the sciatic nerve.  If the sciatic nerve is dissected out the loin may or may not be Kosher depending on one's beliefs.


Once I invited some strictly observant Iranian-Jewish friends for dinner.  From the library I obtained a book on Kosher practices.  They were surprised at how different this Eurocentric book was from their own Kosher practices.  I also once attempted to feed a visiting Israeli customer who disputed the jurisdiction of the local rabbi who had tried to help.


Good luck.  You'll need it.


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my firend is looking for chops like this ;




can't say what they are called .  pic , for review purposes from one of the Kosher on-lines above


kosher is always more expensive , and on-line really really expensive.


i have no interest kosher per se , but am helping a friend.


I doubt anyone here has bought from any of these places


if they are kosher , they might be living in a ' kosher area ' and work with what they can get


after a few daya


illl suggest my friend visit these refs, look at the cost , and the total cost w shipping


ask for 1 1/2 " chops as above , and remember the pics on the web are staged


Ill ask him to look into ' satisfaction garauteed " 


and try to get something from the west coast anther than the east.

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to more or less complete this discussion for those Kosher on the W Coast :


I found this place for my friend :




I did have some pleasant discussions with two Kosher Meat Emporiums on the E. Coast


but the shipping costs to the W coast where Outstanding.

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