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Yannick Alleno’s Celery Root Extraction Sauce


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I’m a big Alleno fan and have been wanting to do this for awhile. He makes sauces from vegetables and meat by cooking them sous vide and then cryoconcentrating them with a centrifuge to extract the pure flavor of the product. I don’t have a centrifuge so I made it work without. 
Started with 1kg of Celery Root and 600g of water and seeled it with my FoodSaver. Then I cooked it for 12hrs at 83C. After that it comes out and cools for 2 hours before straining through a #200 sieve. That liquid goes in an ice cream maker until it freezes and becomes a grainy ice mixture. I put that mixture in a chilled bowl strainer over a pot and put it all in the fridge. As it thawed, the celery root extract thawed quicker than the water, leaving the water in the strainer and the extract below in the pot. After over 24 hours I put the ice in the strainer in one freezer bag to re-freeze and thaw again and the extract in another bag to re-freeze and thaw again. 
The taste is incredibly pure celery root with a bit of a minerally flavor. It lasts a LONG time on the palate and has some thickness to it. 
Actual time I had to spend doing anything was very little. Still a lot of time for not a ton of yield, but absolutely worth it to me. Can’t wait to concentrate the flavor further and pair it with a dish or two. 






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